Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hurry Up Day....

Been up since 7 going non-stop. Prepping two lasagnes, making spinach dip, baking cookies, etc. All the while, the Hubbs is "Sick" i.e. has a cold and little Miss S has been ultra cranky. I have been non-stop getting ready for the in-laws tonight. Things we (I) still need to do:

1) Set table
2) Get drinks chilled and organized
3) Get appetizers ready
4) Vacuum
5) Clean kitchen
5) Sweep/swiffer
6) Take shower
7) Fold Laundry
8) Manage to veg on the couch for 5 minutes before I put on my best "hostess with the mostess" attitude.

I love Christmas, but hosting really makes things stressful. Good thing we will be at my parents house tomorrow. I couldn't entertain again. I think I am too much of a rookie, or something. At least my presents are all wrapped, darnit.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and I hope Santa is good to everyone.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not Enough Minutes in the Day!

Why is the Christmas season so short? We try to cram in so many things in such a little time frame. It is crazy that we put so many things on ourselves. This year is stressful. At least two nights a week I am going out shopping. I made the mistake of window shopping first to see what I wanted to buy people thinking I would go back and buy the items whe the prices were lower. Now that plan is totally backfiring as I am only 50% done with my shopping and merely a week before Christmas. I don’t really know when I will be finished. Maybe this weekend? But then I will have to compete with all the other assholes like myself who procrastinated.

Last night I witnessed a teenager get busted for shop lifting as he tried to exit Macys. At first I was all “yeah, get that punk!”, then I got all soft and figured he was shoplifting to give it as a gift since times are tough and maybe he didn’t have the money but really wanted his younger brother to have that perfect present. Probably not, but now that I am a mom at times I get soft over things that I wouldn’t normally be. Or there are times that I get way pissed over something whereas before it wouldn’t bother me. Like people opening the door for you. It is amazing to me when people don’t open a door for you when you are pushing a stroller and trying to maneuver you and an odd shaped stroller in as well. Just mind boggling.

I haven’t done any baking or watched a Christmas movie from beginning to end. I have participated in heavy amounts of eating, with all kinds of belly aches to go along with them. I have been able to frequent a couple holiday parties. But you can only go to so many of those before being burned out.

This weekend all I want to do is keep it low key, go see Christmas lights, watch some movies and maybe make a batch of cookies.

Oh, and none of my presents are wrapped. And the best thing so far this season is that our stupid cat has decided our new expensive area rug is her new clawing area. I have sprayed this vinegar/lemon juice smelling stuff all over it and she doesn’t care. Hubbs is threatening to give her away (he won’t, but he still kidds). It’s stressing me out. Does anyone have solutions for getting a cat to stop scratching something it shouldn’t?

But hey, our Christmas tree still looks darn good!
Ahhh…the holidays.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Big Man

A first meeting of the Big Man....Not so sure what to think of it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The 12 Days of Christmas

If I was forced to sing (I don’t sing, I lip sync, no one wants to hear this voice) “The 12 Days of Christmas” I would re-write the lyrics to sing about what I really want (or just some of my favorite things) and not what some Yahoo wanted back in 1823. Here goes…la la la la!

On the first day of Christmas My True love brings to me- one black leather Kate Spade purse

On the second day of Christmas my true love brings to me- two hours of napping uninterrupted (no dogs barking, phone ringing, doorbell, etc.)

On the third day of Christmas my true love brings to me- The Ted Kenndy memoir, True Compass (hey, it’s MY version of the song).

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love brings to me- A scarf, in CASHMERE!

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love brings to me- 5 Diamond Rings!!!! Okay, this simple yet gorgeous necklace would do.
On the sixth day of Christmas my true love brings to me- A box of Nehaus Chocolates. These are way too fancy, not your grandma’s Russell Stover. I had a box of these on my night table when I was a VIP-wannabe at the Bryant Park Hotel a couple of years back. Let me tell you, I savored every last one, morsel by morsel.

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love brings to me- This awesome pea coat. Because I LOVE a great coat and my current black coat has seen better days.

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love brings to me- A beautiful bouquet like this! Who wouldn’t want to stare at this instead of a computer screen all day? Does anyone watch 30 Rock and notice Jack’s awesome flowers on his desk every week?
On the ninth day of Christmas my true love brings to me- A deep tissue massage to work out all those kinks from my everyday stress of being, well, me.

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love brings to me- This Paula Deen cookbook, who doesn’t like eating comfort food every day?
Are we out of days yet?

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love brings to me- This eye cream to erase those premature under eye lines I have recently noticed in some of my fucking pictures! It must have been the lighting…

On the twelfth day of Christmas by true love brings to me- These cozy thermal pj’s to snuggle up in under my Slanket while I watch Christmas Vacation on repeat.

Sing along now!

P.S. I don't own a Slanket or a Snuggie. That was a joke. What is the point of those things when you can just wear your robe backwards to have the same effect?

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Time of My Life

We have just entered a new phase with Sonya. Now that she is walking I feel like I have a little sidekick. We are a little duo the two of us. She follows me around. I look for her, she looks for me. It really clicked for me the other day when I was getting ready in the morning. Hubbs was “watching” her in the office and she walked right into our bedroom and was watching me getting ready. I turned around to get something and there she was! I love the sound of her feet as they go pitter patter through the house. Hide n’ seek has never been more fun for me. I am realizing how much fun this age is. She keeps me on my feet, always getting into things, constantly exploring what is in that cabinet or around that bend. But then, she will come to a rest and lay her head on us to rest for a second. I never thought she would ever get to be a cuddler. And now, with the flip of a switch, she snuggles. And I love it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

‘Tis the Season For…

-Tights and Boots
-An extra cup of coffee to get you through the day
-Taking Airborne every morning and night
-Scarfs, plaid, solid, striped, polka dots- if it’s a scarf, I want it on my neck! Preferably cashmere.
-Headbands to hide the front of head frizz due to freezing and moist morning fog
-Warming up the car for 20 minutes
-Extra hand lotion for my poor, neglected hands*
-Soup and anything having to do with a Crockpot
-Overloading on goodies that coworkers bring in from home
-$200+/month electricity bills
-Wet paws running across the floor
-Dumb ass drivers cutting in front of you to get their coffee at Starbucks
-Bing, Wham, U2, Frank, Mariah and so many others singing the classics all day and everyday
-Wearing plaid and getting away with it.

*My hands are in poor condition. I would like to chalk it up to years of hard work in the fields, but really I just didn’t take care of them until now. My hands probably look 10 years older than I am. That being said I am currently using Aveeno Intensive Hand Therapy but would like to know if anyone has some recommendations on others. I have used a number of others and I still haven’t found “the one” to not only give me intense moisture but also help make them look younger.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Scrooge McDuck

After four and half days of eating, shopping, wine swirling and slurping and chasing after my wobbly almost 13 month old, this sister is back in the work seat.

WORK. Such a bad word this time of year. Since it is now the Christmas season all I plan on doing is eat, shop, bake some treats, eat some cheeseball, drink sweet red drinks that taste like pomegranate and go down way too quickly, watch holiday movies, admire the Christmas tree and maybe read a book or two. As you can see with all of these things I am planning, work really does not fit in to that mix. I think business should just shut down for the month of December. Well, businesses that are not retailers, of course. But, the reality is that I will be working. Thankfully I will be taking off time around the holidays to participate in many of the activities mentioned above.

This week I am hoping I can cleverly maneuver my husband out of the house to get a Christmas tree. I might have to bribe him with sugar cookies (always his weakness) or that I will scrape the ice of his windshield one of these mornings. I am leaning towards the sugar cookies. Outdoor stuff is for men. Each year, getting a tree is like pulling teeth. I did not marry a Mr. Clause that is for sure More like Scrooge (Mickey's Christmas Carol version). So I make up for his boringness by my crap load of Christmas spirit (a la Bob Cratchit) and constant egg nog buzz. I don’t know why he doesn’t like getting the tree so much. Maybe it could be that I always have have him retrieve the cat from climbing up the trunk every morning or that he steps his foot into a broken ornament everyday due to mentioned cat taking them off the branches or that this same outlaw cat somehow spills the tree water onto the skirt all the freaking time. Nope, I can’t think of why he doesn’t like getting the tree. Or maybe that he was raised in a Jewish family has something to do with it? Hmm……

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Full of Thanks

It's post Thanksgiving. The turkey coma has worn off, I have caught up on some zzz's and that slight Prosseco buzz is fading. But it is still the holiday weekend, thus not too late for my reasons that I am thankful this year.
-My little unit of Miss S and Hubbs. We are doing mighty fine if you ask me. If there were Four Legged Races, we would win! Hubbs and I are a total team and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our Miss S is the apple of our eye. We are such proud parents, its insane.
-My mom. Because she's my best friend (after Hubbs). She gives it to me straight, is always there for me when I am happy or sad and is the worlds greatest grandma to Miss S. Seriously, without her, I would be one lost mom.
-The rest of my family. They are all great too.
-My dog and cat. Because they give us just enough grief (late night puke fests, endless gas, expensive vet bills) to keep things interesting around this joint.
-Our house, it's cozy and I like it.
-My CHI flat iron. It takes me from cowlick crazy lady to smooth operator in 10 minutes flat.
-My job. Seriously, it might give me a headache a lot, majority of the time I enjoy it and the people in it.
-Mad Men. Before I met Don Draper and Roger Sterling, I was a lifeless wallflower and roses did not smell right. Now I am a changed woman. The life of the party, am known to toss back scotch on the rocks whenever I shall please, have great fashion sense and a knack for one-liners (Okay, not all of those things are true).
Aight fools, off to sit my ass on the couch and eat some chips.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I Never Realized I Can Do Onehanded….

…While carrying a 25 lb. 1 year old

1) Empty the dishwasher
2) Feed the dog
3) Feed the cat
4) Make my bed
5) Cook dinner
6) Eat dinner
7) Make a pot of coffee
8) Make cup of coffee
9) Put my jacket on
10) Put my shoes on
11) Type an e-mail
12) Look for the cat under the bed
13) Bring cat in from outside after she escapes
14) Open a bottle of wine
15) Start a load of laundry
16) Bring in groceries from the car

Really, I don’t hold her THAT much, but of course there are just times where you have to multi task. She would rather be walking instead of be held (most the time). She actually has become quite the cuddler these days. Which I am ELATED about, I might add.

Last weekend Miss S starting patting her ear. I shrugged it off as more freaking teeth coming in (there are) since for the most part she was in an okay mood. On Monday morning she was super fussy with no fever and the same with that night. Tuesday morning, fussy again but over the top fussy with no fever. I took her to daycare and drove to work with a feeling in my gut that she had an ear infection, despite her lack of fever. Got her in that evening with the doctor. She had a 102 temp and ear infection. She has been on some antibiotics and keeping her on the Tylenol when needed and she is getting better very slowly. Of course this all went down while Hubbs’ was away on a short business trip. Last week was stressful, to say the least.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Skin Spends

I recently decided to invest more of my money into my skincare. I have always had pretty normal skin. Oily and slightly pimply in the teenage years, and in the twenties less oily and more dry. My skincare regimen will typically consist of just a cleanser and moisturizer with a moisturizer & sunblock for the day. I have been wearing sunblock on my face since I was probably 18 or so. I am fair skinned, have had my share of sunburns when I was stupid and in high school, but realized when I was early on in college that no matter how hard I tried, I would always be the fair one and not the bronzed and tan girl I wanted to look like. Then it felt unfair that I was so white. Now I actually like it. I know that those with the tan skin now, will be showing those first signs of aging much earlier than me. Back to my skin care regimen. I realized that I have been wasting money on drugstore products that don’t leave my face much different. I’ve used the Neutrogena Antioxidant products, Olay of Olay Regenerist, Aveeno and more Neutrogena. The cleansers are typically lackluster and the moisterizers never really feel like they are totally moisturizing my face. So I decided to invest in some Philosophy and purchased the “Make Up Optional Kit” for dry, sensitive skin. I have used this line before and I think I liked it but didn’t buy it again once I ran out because I probably bought a purse instead. I am realizing that I don’t want to be one of those Botox junkies in my forties, so am hereby taking my skincare more seriously. The fact that I have been using sunblock for so long is super critical, but I think having nicer products will be better in the long run.

I am also now committing to drinking more water everyday, with my aluminum water bottle. Also I am devoting to drink at least one cup of green tea a day. I am back to taking my multi-vitamins at night. It feels great to be focusing on this again, and I haven’t even received my new products yet!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday Bash

Okay, so a bit out of order. Still crafting my summary/letter for the past year. Here are some pictures of the festivities of Miss S's birthday party this past Saturday.

P.S. Not sure why these pictures are looking so goofy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Mouse, that is.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Loogy Nation

I have been sick for about two weeks. Just an annoying and pesky cold. I thought it was over with about 5 days in, and then it reared its ugly head AGAIN and I can’t seem to shake this dark junk in my nose, throat and lungs. My eyes are itchy and I don’t know how to hock up loogies. I’m gross. What can I say, it's a loogy nation at home.

Sonya still has a crackly cough, had a bout of horrendous diaper rash which I think was sparked by spaghetti I gave her. Maybe too much acidity? I used Bordeaux Butt Paste, didn’t work. Desitin burned her tooshy too much (poor thing) and Aveeno cream was just too gentle. My mom finally dropped off some Rosebud Salve which seems to be working. An oldie but goodie!

I recently discovered an awesome toy store in our town. It has the coolest things. I went in yesterday on my lunch and wanted to buy everything but had to contain myself since Miss S’s birthday is this weekend! That is a whole other post.

It has been hard for me to blog at work lately due to my new flat screen monitor which easily displays Blogger when I in it. So what I just started was writing my posts in Word and then dropping them right into Blogger to cut down on the time I am in it. I know, so sneaky folks. Who am I fooling? And blogging at night after Miss S is in bed is just not realistic lately. I have been running errands at the night hours or working on unpacking or just sitting my ass on the couch to sip on some Carmenere.

Aight fools. I need to post pics from Halloween. I will do that before this weekend because I have a monster of a post coming up in just three days... In THREE DAYS I will be posting her 1st Birthday Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I Learned Traveling with My 11 Month old

1) Coordinating flight times around nap time is money
2) Take advantage of the airlines and request a couple extra plastic drink cups for your baby to play with
3) Bring plenty of useful toys. Not just lead laced ones from the dollar store such as a pink pig sponge.
4) Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize
5) $12 umbrella strollers from Target are not made for anyone taller than 4 feet tall
6) The Family Line at the Security Check Point is not that VIP-ish. In fact it is sometimes more of a pain in the ass depending on the number of squirrelly kids and sleep deprived parents are in front of you slowing things down.
7) Traveling with other people (i.e. other family members) is a life saver
8) Pack n’ Plays are a pain in the ass to carry folded up
9) McDonalds French fries taste like heaven on earth to your child
10) Your “no bare feet on hotel room floors” goes out the window immediately
11) Sticking to nap times is money
12) Bring a thermometer in case your baby has a raging fever at midnight the night before you are supposed to fly back
13) Raisins are the gift from God.
14) No matter how hard you try not to be, eventually you will be “that family” that childless passengers glare at on the plane. Heck I used to be one of them.
15) Airplane bathrooms are not contusive to changing your baby’s diapers
16) Check your baby food or else you are going to get grief, I know big DUH, but I forgot folks, I forgot!!!
17) Despite a hectic trip, my little one still was a doll and beautiful all dressed up for the wedding. Despite being sick and getting another tooth, she was the ultimate trooper.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Steps

Wow. A week and a half. That is how long I have been absent from the blogosphere? A whole lot has been going on. Maybe the reason why I have been MIA.

1) Sonya took her first steps. And we got to witness it TOGETHER and clap together as a family. Just like I had always pictured it. Has she walked since? Not so much. One step here, one step there. I think she prefers crawling at this point as she can really pick up speed on all fours.

2) we moved. All in and settled. Except I still can't find where that Baby Einstein DVD went, and how did this tube of cat medication end up in the same box as my face cream? Why are dishtowels in with my shoes? Apparently, there was no rational when packing. It was all in and whatever can fits in the box is getting packed up!

3) All three of us are now sick. Hubbs has a sore throat. I have a nasty cold and Miss S has a bad cough and nice thick snot.

4) We are due to fly to Orange County on Saturday for a family member's wedding. All I care about is getting Miss S better. I am home today with her. The two of us are peas in a pod. sniffling and feeling like crap.

Okay, she's up from her nap. Off to Babies R Us to get her a walker. Can't believe I haven't purchased one yet.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pandemonium Larry!

I am in a panic. Full on panic. This Swine Flu business is making me sick with anxiety. What the heck is a mom to do? Normally, I don't give a rats ass about the regular flu, but this???? Has me freaking the f^&* out. I don't care if I get it, I will kick it's flu-ass, but I am worried about my girl getting it. Plus, we are Flying.On.An.Airplane in a mere two weeks to So Cal. We will have to be in the dirty airports, in a stuffy plane with recycled air spewing in our faces. Sonya will want to mouth everything in her site. There is not enough Purell in the world to keep up with that one. I am totally not one of those people against vaccines. But I am a bit uneasy about this vaccine they have (which they don't have yet for her age in our city). Today on Good Morning America they were discussing how they would be looking for side effects on the first users of the vaccine. Um... no thanks. She hasn't had her flu shot yet either because our office ran out. WTF???? Are you moms out there freaking like me or am I just getting my knickers in a knot?

Jiff- You know health care- are you giving Bayley the shots????

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall All Around Us

-Within a week we have used our air conditioner and our heater. Sonya is back in her sleep sack at night and we have thrown an extra blanket on our bed.
-The new season of SNL has started up. Sat night belonged to my heartthrob Ryan Reynolds. So hot. He might be in my Top 5.
-Saturday we moved a load of crap over to our new house. On Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch with my bro and sister in law and my nieces and my mom. It was fun. Miss S enjoyed looking at the cows and chickens.
-I had an important meeting I was stressing over today at work. A lot of the Big Wigs were there and I thought I would have to "talk numbers" about some of my brands, but my boss did majority of the talking, so I didn't sweat much. Although, some serious thought went int what I should wear. I was going to wear a gray and black shift from Target with some patent faux Croc pumps, but figured that might be a bit too sexy, so I settled on a very Michelle Obama-ish outfit. very cute. Wide leg black/gray slacks, tucked in fitted black collared blouse, open bright blue longer cardigan, long black beaded necklace and those same heels. My motto with work attire is dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Which I pretty much do, if I do say so myself.
-Miss S is standing unassisted. UNASSISTED!!! When did this happen? Overnight! It was Overnight! Hubbs thinks she will be walking within a couple of weeks. We'll see.
- I mailed out invitations for Miss S's FIRST BIRTHDAY party. She is almost a toddler!!! This must of happened overnight too. I can not believe it. She is such a doll.

Alright, I'm out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cuddle Club

On Monday nights I snuggle with my daughter. Because the rest of the week the Cuddle Club only lasts for 5 minutes.

Miss S is a limited snuggler so any chance I get to be in the Cuddle Club, I jump at it. I think that on Mondays she may go through withdrawals of not having her mom around while at daycare. So on Monday nights, she takes a long time to get to sleep. Instead of dozing off quickly, she hollers and whines until I go in there and get her out of the crib and she immediately rests her head on my chest. I of course, can't resist this so I sink into the rocker and snuggle with her. She dozes then wakes up, looks at me, even touches my face, just to make sure I am there. She does this over and over for about 20 minutes, before I put her back in the crib and she falls asleep.

My niece Ava, who is exactly one month older than Miss S, is a total cuddler (both go to daycare, so that is not an argument). She rests her head on her parents shoulder all the time and will even fall asleep on them even when there is activity going on, whether it be a party, tv, etc. Not Miss S. She would rather be all into everything. She pushes off Hubbs and I and no matter how hard we try to snuggle, she does not want anything to do with it..... Unless she is super sleepy in her room before bedtime, she will cuddle. I think she is slowly getting better at mellowing down. It hurts our feelings sometimes, but I recently realized when I googled this, that, heck, tons of kids don't cuddle! Apparently, this is normal. Kids either cuddle or they don't. I just hope, she will be a more active member of the Cuddle Club someday. Anyone have tips?

"What's all this talk about cuddling?"

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

So as I mentioned before, we are moving. And this time I am really going through stuff to toss. My mom is notorious for dropping off boxes of stuff for me. Not boxes of useful items, but boxes of crap. Crap consisting of old keepsake items such as: prom corsages, old school notebooks, diaries, projects, dress up jewelry, nick knacks, etc. Yesterday, while rifling through one of the many crap boxes, I came across a good stack of letters. Letters from old friends and boyfriends. I read through some of them and realized one thing.

1) High school was full of petty crap. I found some notes in response to notes I HAD WRITTEN to friends that were just ridiculous! And the best part? I don't remember any of this crap happening, which basically means I let things roll off my back very easily. Which, I guess is good yet somewhat rare for a girl to do in high school.

So I kept some of the ones that are petty, just for whenever I want a good laugh. I kept all of the letters from Hubbs in the early days, but tossed all the other crap out. I felt guilty at first, but realized, I just couldn't see myself pulling out a box or two on a rainy day and going through all of it. I always told myself I would, which is why I passed them along each time we moved. Now, I am purging.

Do you typically toss or keep?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Pouring

Why does it seem that when it rains, it always has to pour? Right when we decided we are settled in our house, we get up and and decide to move!!!! Move in three weeks to be exact. Move the weekend after my niece's first birthday and the weekend before we go to Orange County for hubbs' uncle's wedding. Weekend after that is Halloween followed by Miss S's birthday weekend! Before you know it will be time to gain 5 pounds at Thanksgiving, we'll be getting a Christmas tree and I will be trying to keep a walking baby (not yet walking but I am sure she will by then) from pulling the tree over, unwrapping all the presents and eating ornaments.

Phew! Did everyone get all that? Yup, Fall always seems to be crazy. I love the fall but there is always so much going on that it whizzes right by. I could go on and on about the mayhem mentioned above but instead have decided to fill you in on the following:

1) I am skinny. Very skinny. I regularly get comments from co-workers and family that I am skinnier than before I had Miss S. I have always been thin with a nice rack. Now I am just thin with a mediocre rack. My waist is narrow, my ass non-existent and my abs, well, they have never looked this good. My secret? Quiet simply, having a kid and crazy job. Eating just isn't a priority for me and some days it gets to be 2 or 3 in the afternoon and realize I haven't had lunch, then eat something and since it was so late in the day I don't get hungry at dinner time. However, most days I eat regular meals. I have really good metabolism. My parents and brother are thin (well not so much my dad these days due to his appreciation for his nightly micro-brew(s). I know I need to add on a couple L B's. however, it just doesn't' seem to happen. Not sure if that my metabolism is extra fast now or something. I am not going to go out and binge on fast food just to add some junk to my trunk, that just isn't healthy, but I do indulge now more than I used to. Maybe it is going to slow down eventually. Until then, you will find me at Baskin Robbins enjoying that extra scoop.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a Feeling

I peared through the smudged windows, craning my neck to see the skyline tucked below the plane as we descended into JFK. The sky was gray with bright sun rays poking through the clouds. I was sitting on the wrong side so I didn't see much, but I still had goosebumps with the excitement, visualizing the skyscrapers below, the bustling city that I had always dreamed of visiting, and now I actually was.

My boss told me "Your going to New York" and I didn't blink an eye. It would be the first city on a trip of whirlwind meetings, and I got to go along. There were a couple other colleagues going as well. I hadn't flown by myself before and wanted to try to go with someone else, however, they were going out later in the day and knowing that I only had two nights in the city I didn't want miss out on any time to explore. I took the first flight out of SFO on that Sunday which brought me in to JFK around 3:00.

I was nervous with anticipation as I got into the Town Car I had arranged with the car service. The entire trip from the airport to the city, I was nervously peering out the windows, at all the other drivers racing past us. My driver talked angrily on the phone but I didn't care. I only cared about seeing that skyline I had been waiting my whole life to see.

We came around the bend. There it was. Gleaming before me next to the bright Fall Sky. It almost took the breath right out of me. I will never forget it.

My hotel was right next to the W and Waldorf Astoria. I immediately checked in and barely was in my room 5 minutes before I went back downstairs and out on to the street. Having no direction or even a map. Just my purse.

It was blustery cold. The first weekend in November. It was the day of the New York Marathon. Runners were all over the place as they finished up, the dispersed out on to the streets in Midtown. I went to a cafe where I ordered a sandwich and coffee. I sat by myself and watched the people walk by on the streets. I set back out. I actually looked like I belonged there. Wearing some great jeans, brown heeled boots and a dark green tweed pea coat with a ribbon belt.

I dug my hands into my pockets and pressed ahead. The wind kicked my hair in all directions. It was getting dark, but people were all around. I had no idea where I was headed but have never felt safer.

I noticed some bright lights ahead. It was Rockefeller Center. I picked up my strut and raced ahead. I took my camera out and in my moment of excitement took a couple of pictures of the Radio City Music Hall/ 30 Rock Sign. That moment, I will never forget. It was a moment of independence. No one knew me. I was alone in the big city, all by myself. I felt such adrenalin. Such excitement, I can still feel it to this day, and every other time I go to my city, my love, New York. I was only 24. And I felt like I had the world ahead of me.

I didn't have much time so I headed back to the hotel where I was to meet with my boss and some executives who came in early. We were going to dinner to Nobu in TriBeCa. At dinner we noshed on the best Japanese food I had ever had and drank bottle after bottle of the finest Sonoma Cabs and Burgundy Pinot Noirs. At one point at dinner I noticed Claire Danes eating with a friend. And a couple seats over, George Lucas and his girlfriend.

We met up for drinks a the bar at the W the next night. We were amongst "Suits" of Wall Street. The waitresses were straight off the runway. We drank champagne and enjoyed the sights.

The next day we were off to Chicago. I bid farewell to the city that I knew I would get a chance to meet someday. Vowing, I would be back soon. And I did, barely six months later I was back for a week for more business.

It has been a year and a half since my last trip. I want to go back. I need to go back. This time with the Hubbs. He needs to see how the city makes you feel. The city that has the greatest energy. The city that makes you feel at home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to the Grind

Trying to work from home while handling conference calls and work fire drills, indigestion, diarrhea all over crib, doctor's appt. for me, doctor's appt. for Miss S, dinner at our favorite pizza place, pass out on couch, bed.

Donuts, bagels, laundry, park, tantrum on train at park, back home, nap, mom naps, dad naps, burritos for dinner, State of Play (good, had to pause it three times so Hubbs could explain what the heck was happening), pass out on couch

Blueberry pancakes, Target, Safeway, long naps, cleaning bathrooms, more naps, Ribs at brother and sister in laws, Pinot Gris, endless toys for Miss S to play with, Miss S in the bath with her cousins, home and pass out, followed by more indigestion

Tortillas and eggs, mall with mom and Miss S, naps, off to hubbs' grandparents for pizza and salad, Miss S was bored with the lack of baby things to get into at their house, home, Mad Men on TiVo and more indigestion

Up at the crack of dawn, get self ready, Miss S ready, Hubbs is long gone on to work, schedule cat to get into vet, back at work playing catch up, wearing cute dress, great hair day, more indigestion.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Know You Are A Mom When....

-You show up to work and realize your underwear is inside-out
-You have to explain to your co-worker that the diaper in your car really is clean and fell out of the diaper bag en route to daycare
-You get teary eyed when you drop off your little one to daycare and notice a toddler crying because he wants his mommy

Since giving birth I have had a hard time digesting really big meals, or they go right through me. This usually happens after we go out to eat and I order a hamburger. Something about the grease has been bugging me. A couple months back I got sick from eating a hamburger and fries and assumed it was food poisoning. Yesterday at a work lunch, I ordered a gigantic burger with fries and immediately following I felt like I was ridiculously stuffed. I had no appetite at dinner and sometime in the evening I got nauseous and ended up puking for four hours off and on. I woke up today feeling horrible, slightly nauseous but was able to pull myself together to get myself and Sonya ready to get to work since hubbs left super early. I have splitting pain across my back shoulder blades. Could I have gallbladder issues? Has anyone ever heard of symptoms like that?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Current Events

Sonya has a cold with yellow snot and everything. Glad I am working from home with her today so she can take it easy and rest up.
I have a 3 year old's birthday party to attend with Miss S tomorrow, we'll see if we end up going, guess it depends on if she still has a cold. Don't want to get other kiddies sick too. Hubbs will be attending a golf extragaganza.

My big toe nail has cracked half way down. It doesn't hurt...yet, I am sure I will stub my toe on something which will then yank back the crack thus resulting in serious F-Bombs.

We are going to Target today to get more toys. Miss S is starting to get bored with a lot of her toys so it is out with the old, in with the new!

I finally got my eyebrows waxed yesterday. Phew! They look so much better and I don't look like I have been living in the Amazon.

It is hotter than heck around these parts, the worst part, it's H-U-M-I-D. Our heat is usually dry so I don't know how to handle myself around this moisture.

Aight, the little one is up from her midday nap. Enjoy the weekend!

"I want more toys!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Green with Envy

I have noticed many bloggers out there who have incredible photo taking skills. I mean, they should be paid for taking such fine shots. How come I can't have skills like that? I am green with envy. I try to be artistic with my photos but after a couple attempts decide that heck, I might as well pay someone to do that.

It was decided this past weekend that I am to refocus energy into meal planning. Lately, as I bitch about a lot on this blog, I have been doing such boring and uncreative meals. How many times can you do raviolis? And the kicker? I am a good cook. Seriously. I am. You eat at my house? You are eating comfort foot. No gourmet shit here. I cook things that stick to your ribs, dammit. Stuff that you can walk away from the table and say "damn, that was grub!". Last night I busted out Tamale Pie, straight from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, but the 1963 version!!! The book was my grandma's and the recipes are so funny, and sometimes horrifying (Spam & Noddle Casserole?) but there are some great tried and true recipes that are timeless, such as Tamale Pie.

Sonya now says Dog, Cat and today she said Tractor when she was watching the Baby Einstein Old MacDonald DVD. So cute.

I think my eye site is going downhill. I have worn reading glasses since I was 7, but being back at work has shown me that my eyes really suck now, especially when I look into the distance. So today I am wearing these Versace glasses in silver and already I feel so much better. I have an appt. in a couple weeks to get my eyes checked out and see if I need a stronger prescription. Exciting, I know.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Eyebrows Need To Be Waxed & Other Things About Me

My eyebrows look like overgrown shrubs in front of an office building, okay, an exaggeration, but still, they are annoying the shit out of me. My lady can't get me in until Weds. Apparently there are a lot of other hairy people out there too.

I always have an orchid in the kitchen and toss and replace it as soon as the blooms fall off. Orchids make me feel for a minute like I am somewhat sophisticated. Plus they will bloom for a couple of months at a time so I totally get my bang for the buck.

I think I should invest in GAP Inc. as I seriously think I can shop for the entire family from Banana, GAP and Old Navy without having to go anywhere else.

Our house needs to be deep cleaned so bad, but I keep hoping that one day I am going to come home from work and magically a fairy maid has cleaned the house.

I finally got caught up on all of the MAD MEN Season 1 episodes. Now I need to cram in Season 2 so I can actually watch the Season 3 episodes now that they are airing. It is such an awesome show for the clothes, the culture, the language, the way it captures the era and of course, I don't mind watching me some Don Draper, ah har har har.

Grilled cheese sandwiches have crept into our weekly dinner menu a lot more lately. It's usually on Thursday nights that I do the whole head scratch, realize that I forgot to take chicken or something out of the freezer and resort to good ol grilled cheese.

I think I yelled at Hubbs in the middle of the night last night because he was breathing loud. I was sleep talking, of course :)

I weigh three pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. I have been at this weight since 4 months postpartum. I actually think I look better now than before minus the fact that I am now a whole cup size smaller and smaller around too. Weird how childbirth does that to you.

Peace out!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I met up with an old friend yesterday for lunch. We had a falling out back in our college days and recently reconnected at a mutual friend's wedding. He was one of my best pals back in high school. Looking back on it, I had three close guy friends which I rotated through the years. Of course I had girl friends, but I just got a long better with the guys. They didn't get jealous and catty like those girls did.

So anyways, it was fun seeing this old friend. He used to be a heavy drinker, would be a jerk when he was drunk (which I think is why we stopped talking) and could be just obnoxious, but the most of the time he cracked me up with his humor and wit. It was nice to see he has really matured and has settled down with his long time girlfriend. He asked me what it was like now being a parent, and it made me think for a minute.

This is something I think about all the time, but it is just so hard to get the words right and out correctly. But it just came to me.

Each day I wake up happy. I am happy about the day ahead, week ahead, even months and years ahead. Because now that we have Sonya, problems I might of stressed over a year ago, just don't faze me as much anymore. I look forward to everything. When I get down, I just think of her smiling face and the three of us as a little family unit. It is so strong, it is what makes me happy. After dropping Sonya off at daycare, I pass by an elementary school where parents hold their kindergartner's hands as they prance up the walkway. Watching them, brings a smile to my face. Such a simple thing, but just so wonderful.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Someone is Lagging in the Blogging Department....

.....and it is MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I give myself a big fat "F" for sucking at updating and posting. How are you all so good at getting on everyday? I just 1) feel like my happenings are barely fodder enough for a post 2) Just don't have the damn time to write, read and comment. Work has been busy, home life has been busy, and oh yeah, we went to VEGAS!

Yes, my friend(s), we went to Vegas. First trip away from the little one. We spent two nights in the City of Sin where we ate, gambled (I was hot at Black Jack!) saw Le Reve @ The Wynn, lounged at the pool, ate more, had massive indigestion, walked, walked, walked, ate and sipped on cocktails.

A couple things I noticed and thought about in Vegas:
1) What Recession?
2) I thought things are supposed to quiet down on Sunday & Monday nights?
3) Damn, someone turn down the heat!
4) People still smoke? What is this '86?
5) The skanks come out at night....the skanks come out at night.
6) I did not realize that kids were aloud in casinos at 11 p.m. at night when other babies and toddlers are nestled in their cozy beds, oh wait, that is just due to irresponsible parents trying to have an adult vacation but brought their kids along because they couldn't find a babysitter. Jerk offs.
7) This must be a really expensive cut of canned tuna for this sandwich to be $15 at a food court.
8) Sweet Toby Keith Bar & Grill at Harrahs! Are you serious? Wow. Only had to walk through Harrah's due to the Monorail stop letting us off their. Three minutes too long if you ask me. No offense to those who like a) Toby Keith b) Toby Keith's Bar & Grill c) Harrah's
9) I wonder if I could pull off clear heels outside of a strip club. No, we did not go to strip club. It wasn't THAT kind of trip.
10) Is that a man or a woman?
11) Craftsteak, where have you been all my life, your filet mignon is divine!
Okay, I really will try to be better at being a more neighborly blogger. I have been losing my mojo. I am now back at em people!

Friday, August 7, 2009

9 Months

Dear Sonya,
I can't believe you are 9 months old today. How the time has flown by. Each day my heart is so full of love for you. Each day, I can't believe how much fun you are. Oh, the things that crack you up. When Puss or Lucy are in the room, you crawl right over to them to pat and pet. Your love of peek a boo and hide n' seek is hilarious. Your squeals of delight when you find me around the corner and when I sneak up on you are just priceless. I could listen to your giggles all day long. Today you said Dog as I pointed Lucy out to you. You are so smart.

You not only love to giggle, you love to play and get into everything. I know when I see that twinkle in your eye and you purse you lips, you are about to take off crawling to find something you shouldn't play with. You are constantly on the go. Pulling yourself up to the couch is your hobby. You eat anything and everything, even if you don't like something, you will at least try it. Your favorites are peaches and avocado, and you recently discovered ice cream.

I recently was watching some home videos of you when you were a newborn. How little you were! With those big cheeks and black hair and your steel grey/blue eyes. Now your cheeks are a little less pudgy but a dimple has appeared on your left cheek and your hair is a honey brown with a hint of red in the sun. Your eyes are a beautiful green hazel. You have two teeth on the bottom and two teeth on top. And your favorite toy is the squeaky wood monkey your Gigi got you for Easter.

Your dad and I are so in love with you. You make every day something to look forward to. Everyday brings a new adventure. You are my love, my life, my girl.

All Up in a Nutshell

Fair with the family, Sonya's first ice cream cone, messy faces, dinner with the in laws, visit with my sister in law, strategy meetings, corn flake chicken and smashed red potatoes, stacks of laundry lined up in the master bedroom, a constipated baby, shopping with my mom and Sonya, working late at night on the laptop, ignoring laundry in dryer, planning meetings, Rigatoni at a Italian restaurant with hubb's dad and brother, working at home with a mischievous 9 month old who can't get enough of testing her mom. How I love her.

Friday, July 31, 2009

My New Addiction

I never, ever, ever, ever thought I would be writing this.... I have an addiction and I will blame it on my hubbs who purchased my XM for my car. The drug of choice? Howard Stern. I am a closet addict. Yes, I am. There are days I am appalled by what I hear, days that I thoroughly agree with his opinions, and days that I simply have to change the channel, but I continue to go back everyday to get my fix.

I used to hate him. Hubbs listened to him and I thought he was revolting. And really, he is. There is no denying it. However, he has some really good points, funny side kicks and I love the guests he gets. How many times am I bored with the canned answers of celebrities on Live with Regis and Kelly but as soon as they go on Howard, they are funny, crass and say things that make me like them more or less.

You should of seen the face my mom made when I told her I listened to him. "Howard Stern is disgusting Stef". I know he is, but once you start listening you can't turn away. Is it sad that hubbs and I discuss the guests and happenings of the show at dinner time? Do I need an intervention? Obviously, I don't listen to him with Sonya in the car. I don't want her first words to be Whisky Tango Foxtrot if you know what I mean.

So there you have it. The cat is out of the bag. I am hooked. Anyone else a fan? I know it goes against what a lot of women stand for, but I know it is in good fun and figure I could listen to someone way worse, like Rush Limbaugh or something :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Woodchuck, Could Chuck, Could Chuck Wood... or a Crib Rail

So, we have a wood chuck on our hands, in the form of a plump, dimpled and grinning 8 month old. We discovered our little creature in the act on Tuesday when I came in and found her standing up in her crib. I noticed white flecks all over her face and assumed it was maybe some dried formula? How lame am I? Then I looked down at the railing and saw bite marks all up and down the railing. Pour thing is teething like crazy. She has three, THREE!!!, teeth coming through on top and probably a fourth right behind them. She has been pissed, and so would I. I have been giving her Orajel and teething toys, but the only things that seem to work are baby Tylenol and Motrin.

Daycare was closed all last week. Hubbs did Daddy Daycare 2009 on Monday and Tuesday and I was home with her Weds-Friday. I worked from home intermittently, but really it was nice to stick my middle finger up at them for awhile as I am getting burnt out. Back to the swing of things tomorrow. Yuck. I think Sonya will be ready to go back too. I think she is way more stimulated at Daycare, even if I take her to the park, on walks, around the mall, Target, etc. to get her out. She still prefers hanging out with her kiddy friends.

This weekend has come and gone so quickly once again. We went to a graduation party, out to breakfast, ran errands, used up my Gymbucks at Gymboree (they must have the smartest marketing team ever) and did my regular Sunday grocery shopping. Enchiladas for dinner followed by some play time and then the Next Food Network Star!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gettin' All Girly

My Girly Peanut at 8 months.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Things I have done this week therefore requiring me to not blog:

1) Started vacuuming the downstairs but stopped when Run's House came on t.v. thus leaving Dyson vacuum in living room for two days
2) Watered outside plants over and over to prevent them from drooping during the intense heat
3) Went swimming with hubbs and Sonya at the brother in law's house after work
4) Started one load of laundry when in reality I needed to do 10 loads- that one load is still sitting in dryer waiting to be folded
5) Admired the new rug for Sonya's room that I got on sale at Pottery Barn Kids
6) Played with Sonya on new rug
7) Engaged in countless games of Peek a Boo, Hide and Seek and cuddle time with the Sonya girl
8) Made spinach and Parmesan ravioli's that were a bit too rich for me
9) Sat on couch
10) Washed 547 bottles
11) Made a batch of baby food
12) Watched Sonya make faces at homemade chicken, peas and carrots dinner. Who knew she would like Nature's Best better?
13) Left cat's puke sit on carpet for two days until my mom saw it and was so disgusted that she took care of it herself
14) Read Rattled! before bed and was not impressed
15) Sat on couch again
16) Oh yeah, I worked.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Four Years

Four years ago today, I was 23 years old and walking down the aisle to the man of my dreams. I remember the way he looked at me as he got his first glimpse of his glowing bride. I will never forget that moment- his look of awe and genuine love. That's my hubbs, and he hasn't stopped showing that for me ever since.

I have to admit I am quite lucky. I found my soul mate at a young age. We made it through the trials of college together, a nasty car accident, insecurities and just overall stress that it seemed natural we would get married to each other. We have now been together for over 9 years. It's crazy to me to realize that some people get married barely after a year of dating. I think about how I am still learning about what makes the hubb's tick and him too, learning about me.

This past year we have gone through so much together. Our marriage has been tested but we have become so much stronger from the obstacles we have encountered. Maybe a little blessing named Sonya had something to do with it :) Having a baby together has been the most exhilarating thing I have ever experienced. To watch her grow and know that the two of us created her with our love, just fills my heart.

So enough of the sappiness. My man is my rock, my shrink, personal trainer when I want him to be, partner in crime, food critic that rarely criticizes, reality tv watching confidante, best friend, but most importantly my love.

Here's to many, many more together!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Someone slap me now!

Want to sleep right now. The last few nights have been interrupted either by Lucy barfing, Lucy barking at something super scary outside, like a leaf blowing by or Hubbs running down the stairs after Lucy to get her outside before she barfs. I am tired. So tired. I have gotten back onto drinking caffeine in the morning, only by accident. I bought regular instead of decaf the other day and have been drink the jet fuel since. I swear caffeine makes me more tired. It picks me up drops me before I can even say "damn!".

Our original plans for the 4th were to go up to the coast to our family's house. Then we changed our mind and decided to just keep it local. We both have Friday off so figured it would be a fabulous weekend to do all kinds of exotic and glamorous things, like get baby gates installed in the house (to prevent little snicklefritz from terrorizing), or wash the windows, pull weeds, scrub the grout on the kitchen tile or brush my hair 500 times. You get it. Realistically we will only get the baby gates up and then I will spend the rest of the weekend returning items at either Target or Macy's that Sonya has already outgrown, maybe going swimming, and then doing 357 loads of laundry and still not be done. The house will be partially cleaned and I might get some baby food made. But whatever, as long as I get to spend it with my girl and man, then I am happy!

Happy 4th of July!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Shout Out

I was born in 1982. It was also the year that the greatest album of all time was released. We all know it as Thriller. Despite the fact that I was only a tiny tot when it was put out, I grew up listening and busting out MJ moves to "Beat It", "Billie Jean", "Human Nature", etc. I loved watching the "Thriller" video, it not only scared me but also was amazing to me to watch the choreographed dance moves- something I had never seen before.

I danced many a high school dances to "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough" and can't help but crank up "PYT" when it is on the radio. To this day I still get chills as I hear "We are the World". His music was legendary, it was the backbone to so many great childhood memories. Despite his troubles in later years, I will always remember the King of Pop for his revolutionary dance moves, style setting fashion, and groundbreaking music, but most importantly for enhancing so many of my life experiences and memories.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is Here

Well, we all know that by now, but it has really just sunk in. Maybe it is finally having warm weather, the pool parties, the AC running in the evening, the sound of loud ass birds chirping in the early morning or just the late evenings of putting off the "to do" list to just relax and sip on some Sauvignon Blanc (from New Zealand preferably).

Last weekend was fun filled and packed. Saturday was spent at my cousin's son's Luau Birthday Pool Party. Sonya was all dolled up in her Hawaiian dress, then went swimming with her daddy in the huge pool, was a total natural and kicked her feet around in the water, and then she changed into her hula skirt and lei. We then were off to dinner with the hubbs' dad for Father's Day.

On Sunday we hosted breakfast for hubb's step dad and mom and grandparents for Father's Day. That evening we were off to my parent's house for a BBQ rib dinner to celebrate Father's Day with my dad. I am still recovering!

It was really fun to celebrate hubb's on Father's Day. It being his first, it was nice to reflect on all that he does for me and Sonya. It is crazy at how much of a natural he is. Really, I think he was brought to earth to be a dad. I love him so much, he always is there for me and Sonya and I couldn't imagine not being with him.

Speaking of dads.... sweet Jon Gosselin for being excited about the next chapter in your life. You are an ass and need to get over your early life crisis and pull those ridiculous earrings out of your ears. Kate, you know you were nasty to your husband, so don't act all surprised that he is over it, although he still should man up. They should of taken the damn show off the air and tried to work out their marriage. Seems kind of like they are giving up.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Collar Poppin'

What a worldwind lately! This week has been full of work, drinking glasses of wine to forget about work, cuddling with my girl, Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, and finally getting over my questionable stomach flu/food poisoning from last weekend. Here is a pic from a couple of weeks ago of my collar poppin' petunia.

Monday, June 15, 2009


What a waste of a weekend. Hubbs and I woke up on Saturday morning both sick from food poisoning. We figured it must of been the hamburgers we ate at a restaurant the night before. The day consisted of sleeping on the couch, trips to the toilet. My parents ended up watching Sonya because we literally had no energy and kept on getting sick. Yesterday we both started feeling better and I even made a batch of homemade spaghetti. I was fine until I ate dinner and once I did I got sick all over again. Today I am home where I have been sleeping the day away. I have had a bowl of cereal that is somewhat settled in my stomach.

During all of the sickness I watched Rachel Getting Married, which I hated. Way too depressing and herky jerky camera for me. Afterwards I finished off my Saturday night with a little Top Gun, which I always am in the mood for.

The word on the streets is that this could actually be stomach flu which might explain my 102 fever. Maybe a shower would make me feel better. That is if I can make it up the stairs. Wait, Adventures in Babysitting is on now. Shower can wait.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Sonya has been crawling for two weeks now. Three weeks ago she got her two bottom teeth. Her eyes are still dark blue, green. Will they stay that way? She gets so excited when she sees Lucy & Patty that she hauls her butt right over to them to get some pats in. Lucy can take it but Patty isn't so sure.

I have finally realized that weekends are just blowing by. From the minute I am up on Saturday morning it is "go-go-go" non stop until I hit the pillow on Sunday night. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

I am exhausted. So tired. What sucks is that I get a second wind when I get home in the evening and therefore end up staying up too late because I want to fart around on the Internet, read a magazine or watch a show, have a little of "me time".

Last Friday, three stray kittens wandered into my backyard. They were tiny, only about 5-6 weeks old. I ran over to the neighbor's house to see if they were theirs but they did not answer. By the time I got back (not even 3 minutes) they were gone. I think they crawled back under the fence to their yard, which is a huge lot with abandoned cars, a crappy house and a rundown barn. They are probably wild but I want to save them and make sure they have food. My parents said they would take one. Maybe I should go investigate on the property. It kind of reminds me of the house in The Sandlot with the dog.

Back to PowerPoint. I swear, that is all I am doing nowadays!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wake Me Up When It's 5:00

I am so tired. At my desk right now considering propping my eyelids up with toothpicks. I wonder if they have any in the break room. Hubbs is out of town on business. Whenever he is gone I sleep like absolute crap. It is weird, I am a super light sleeper when he is away. Usually it is because I am paranoid of intruders or something but my mom is staying with me to mellow me out and I still sleep shitty. Any little noise Sonya makes, I am up. The cat is so excited that hubbs is gone that she is determined to snuggle with me ALL NIGHT LONG. By snuggle, I mean meowing, pacing the bed trying to find a comfy spot and until she finally just plops down right on top of me or at my head and purrs. This is cute behavior, but not at 4 in the morning. I am tired. So tired.

I purchased a LeapFrog Laugh and Learn Musical Table with removable legs, that hey, those legs really aren't removable once you get them on. It is too tall for her so it took me googling this stupid model to realize that I would need a butter knife to get the legs out. It worked perfectly and she now loves her table.

Last night we had a bit of a scare. I went to go feed Lucy in the garage. I had Sonya in one arm on my hip and went to go scoop out the dog food when I accidentally stepped on Lucy's foot. She yelped and leaped out of the way which caused me to lose my balance and fall right on my ass hard, but I landed on her dog bed. Meanwhile, a weed eater and some roller blades* fell on my shoulder, all the while I had not loosened my grip on Sonya so she remained unscathed and completely unfazed over the commotion. Phew!

Gross, now feeling like last night's Chinese food is not agreeing with me at all. Maybe I should get a Sprite from the break room instead of toothpicks.

* In an attempt to get fit, the hubbs and I got rollerblades a couple of years back. They aren't used much, because...well, they are rollerblades. But when they are I make sure to rock bike shorts, mirrored Oakleys, and a bright pink Muscle Beach tank top with huge arm holes so you can see my sports bra underneath. I know fashion, fools.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I've Got the Funk

I have just been working on a powerpoint presentation all morning and need to take a breather. I have been really unhappy at work lately. My company is always reorganizing. I am constantly trying to move up to the next step in my career but there always seems to be some roadblock in the way. Reorganization, new management, hiring freeze, etc. In a way I really let it get to me. I am very competitive at work and need to always be #1. But in another sense, I enjoy having my flexible schedule right now. I work from home a couple days a week so I can spend more time with Sonya. If I got promoted, that could change.

We took Sonya to the park yesterday. She loved the swings. Loved them. She would squeal in delight and kick her feet all around. While at the park I was witness to so many derelict parents not watching their kids. Little toddlers would go running by the swings where kids were obviously swinging and almost knocked over the little ones. The parents were barely even concerned! Then I looked over and saw a 5 year old girl swinging from a branch in a tree. Nice. Then a little boy (about 6) went walking by pushing a Bugaboo stroller with a toddler boy inside. The older boy slipped and knocked the stroller right into a cement ledge. The little boy was hysterical and crying but seemed to be okay. The mom had just been relaxing talking to her friend not paying attention. Dumbasses.

Yuck, now I need to get back to this PowerPoint. This has been a perfect sour Monday post. But at least I have the Gosselins to watch tonight. Good grief.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Bertha

People are popping out babies all over my work lately. Well, not literally. But within the last 8 months there have been 6 babies born that I know about, and there are probably many more. My old boss was pregnant and had her baby last night....2 1/2 weeks LATE!!!! WTF docs? How do you let your patient go that long? And the kicker? The baby was 10 lbs. 3 oz. That is heavier than the bowling balls I use at the bowling alley (because we all know I bowl a lot). I thought Sonya was big at 9.5 lbs. (which I pushed out, btw).

Anyhoo, this ex boss of mine had a c-section with her first child and was so determined to have a VBAC with her second, thus waiting as long as it took to have her baby. Once she was in labor the doctors realized the baby was too big to get out the "regular" way so she ended up having a c-section.... again. What is this 1904? Isn't it not normal to go past 42 weeks? I don't know. Just wanted to rant and rave for a minute. The most important part is that the baby is healthy and doing well....just big.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


On Friday I packed up Sonya, hubbs and and the three of us with my mom drove up to the coast to my aunt and uncle's house (the one's who passed away last Memorial Day weekend). Since it was the one year anniversary to the accident, all of the family gathered on Sunday to spread their ashes around their property. Then wildflower seeds were tossed over them so that flowers will be blooming all the time.

I thought it was going to be really hard for me to face my emotions that have been boiling up for so long. But it was thankfully, very refreshing to do this. Of course we had moments full of tears and sadness, but for the most part we had a really good time. Come to think of it, that was the most fun I have had in a very long time. I think my spirit has been cleansed. My cousin was amazing as difficult as it was for her. I am so thankful to have this family.

I spent the weekend eating, drinking and eating and drinking. Right when I say "no more food for me" apple pie is brought out and I end up eating a slice and polishing it off with a sliver of devil's food chocolate cake. Lay off! I'm Hungry!!!!

Sonya was a peach and the star of the show as always. How could she not? Look at this face.

I am so relieved this weekend is over, but boy did I have a great time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's been a year since this happened. After it occurred I did not talk about it much on here. I was preggers and simply did not want to focus on such a tragic thing. Also, I think since it was such an enormous emotional experience, I don't think I could fully take it all in. There is not one day that goes by that I don't think about it. For the past couple of months I have been consumed with thinking about it. I think because I tried to block it out for so long that my mind finally could not take it anymore.

Having something like that happen to you and your family puts things in perspective. It makes little bickering between the hubbs and I over a messy kitchen seem so trivial. This happening has made my family really band together. We do everything with my cousin and her family (she lost her husband and her parents- my aunt and uncle). She has been so remarkably strong, it is almost unbelievable. But despite us all getting closer, some people in my family are still stuck in their little bubble. It is so frustrating and irritating.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Lady Who Lunches

I am on vacation this week and therfore have filled up my social calendar. Well, not really, but it seemed cool to say that. Yesterday Sonya and I met up with an old friend from high school for coffee. She is married and has no kids and does not work much. More like 2 days a week. Must be nice, right? She's rich, so there you have it. Today I am "lunching" with another friend who just had a baby a little over a month ago. Tomorrow we plan on visiting the Wednesday night Farmer's Market. On Thursday I plan on working in another coffee date with another pal. After that, I'm all out of friends so good thing I don't have two weeks of vacation or else I would be screwed! Although we aren't doing much this week, it still is nice to just fart around with the little one, especially since the weather is nice. I could get used to this being off thing. Hubbs' definitely appreciates it. In fact, he was quite thrilled that I made him a fried egg sandwhich today. We get excited about the small things around here, people.

This weekend was hotter than heck. We ran the AC and tried to stay cool. We checked out the Rose Parade on Sat. morning. Sonya loved it and took in all of the different floats and bands walk by in her jogging stroller. On Sunday she had a "play date" with my friend who has an 8 month old. They have a cute baby pool that squirts up in different places. Sonya was all ready to go in her cute swim diaper (cloth swim diaper, trying to be a little green) and her adorable bathing suit. She had her 70 sun block on but when the time came to put her in the water, she wanted nothing to do with it. She burst into tears as soon as her feet touched it. I think it was too cold for her liking. I know, already a princess. Meanwhile, her friend had a blast playing in the water. Sonya was okay to play on the blanket but was just not into the water. I guess we just need to get a pool of our own so she gets used to unheated water.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Wrap Up

I have very fair skin (especially next to my Italian husband). I don't have the cool fair skin (like a Swedish girl) with the very light hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, no I have the medium blond hair (like a German girl), dark brows and lashes therefore I can look pasty. I am okay being fair, I don't think it is worth damaging my skin by sitting in the rays. But since it is almost summer and I have busted out the shorts and skirts I decided I needed a bit of color so I bought some self tanner. I have done the spray tan thing and I really liked it but at $25/pop I can't be doing that every week so I decided to go with the "do it yourself version". I got the Nuetrogena "Build a Tan" self tanner which is supposed to be more gradual. I applied it on Tuesday morning right out of the shower and within a couple of hours I could already see a noticeable difference. Maybe it were the dark streaks around my armpit or the patches of white skin on my knees. Either way it worked way quicker than I had anticipated. Despite the streakage I have reapplied since then and I definitely look a lot more sun kissed. I already feel more sexy with a little bit of a tan.

Sonya's bottom front teeth are cutting through. They are like sharp razor blades. She is going through bouts where she is in pain and must chew on everything. Yesterday, her daycare called me saying that she was having a hard time with the teething pain. Me, being such a good mom, forgot to send her her Tylenol and Orajel so hubbs had to bring them to her since he was working from home. They are taking forever to come through, I just wish to would do it already!

On Wednesday night she got up on her knees and proceeded to try and crawl. She wobbles around and pushes forward with her feet but still can't figure out what to do with those things called hands. I know she will be crawling so soon so I will be baby proofing the house this weekend.

How great was the Reunion of the Real Housewives of New York City? I couldn't stop watching it. That is definitely the most entertaining Real Housewives group out of the lot. I love Bethenny (most of the time). I am saddened the season is over but it's okay because Bravo quickly threw us the New Jersey housewives which look to be just plain tacky and a bit Soprano's-ish. Maybe it was when one of them says, in her Jersey accent "My family is thick as thieves". I don't know, but you can count on me watching it every Tuesday night this summer. Capeesh?

I am off all next week! Whoo Hoo! Company mandated vacation time. Don't have a problem with that! Okay, got to get back to work.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bulldozing the House

On Friday I discovered the sheer pleasure of having your house professionally cleaned. I decided as a Mother's Day gift to myself, I wasn't going to clean during the weekend when the weather was going to be so nice and all I would want to do would be to hang out with Sonya and hubbs. So after getting a couple of recommendations I was able to schedule a lady at the last minute.

I had been warned that this lady had "a crew" and would power through the house in an hour or so. I answered the door and there were 5 of them. Five women looking at me like "well?" I welcomed the crew and told the head lady what I wanted done, which was the basic cleaning. While I was telling her, the other women had already started cleaning out under the kitchen sink (which I pity them as it is a mess of extra paper and plastic grocery bags, cleaning supplies and coffee grounds since I always spill them every freaking morning). My house had been invaded in a matter of seconds and I immediately felt like an outsider in my own freaking house. Since there were so many of them there was pretty much a lady working her ass off at every corner of the house. I kept trying to dodge them with Sonya, determined to find a space where we could hang out and not feel like a loser that I was being lazy about not cleaning while these women literally, did my dirty work. Ha, that was fun to write.

They were there for an hour and half. Once they left, I walked back into the house from the garage where I had been acting like Sonya and I were helping hubbs fix the lawn mower and it was like I had discovered a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I wanted to cue the harp, I could hear the music playing and birds chirping. My house looked freaking amazing. Baseboards sparkled, you could see through the glass door of our shower (they must of used Oxy Clean and not my Scrubbing Bubbles), our kitchen floor glimmered. It was such a great feeling to have your house so clean with the blink of your eyes. I immediately realized that I have been missing out.

Come to find out that a ton of people I know have regular housekeepers that come weekly or biweekly. Where the heck have I been? Am I the only one giving up hours on weekends to clean? I would love to have a regular housekeeper, I guess I could start by getting various quotes from people, but that sounds like a lot of work too. In the grand scheme of things, is it worth giving up some of my shopping money for a housekeeper? Any of you ladies use a housekeeper?

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Peanut

My Girl,

The past 6 months have flown by. Just yesterday your dad and I drove home from the hospital. You were asleep in your carseat in your snug 3 month sleeper, your dad driving super slow making sure not to drive into any potholes while I glanced around making sure the carseat was secure.

I never realized the love a mother could have for a child until I had you. Every day you take my breath away with your preciousness and your beauty. Sometimes I just stare at you as you sleep in your crib, sleeping so peacefully. When you fall asleep on my chest, I love to breathe in your fresh baby scent. I love that you look for me when I am not around you. You are such a momma's girl but you also have your daddy wrapped around your finger.

You make a funny crazy face when you get super giggly and frisky. It comes and it goes but I know when I see it, I know that frisky Sonya has come out to play! You are getting so big and so full of personality. You find my dancing hysterical, belly tickles hilarious, bouncing on the bed- the best thing ever and love to stare at yourself in any mirror.

You rolled over and smiled at 4 weeks, giggled and rolled to the other side at three months, and the milestones continue on. At four months you started crunchies and it has become your favorite trick to showoff when company is over. You now sit up with the help of your hands, push up on your chest and try to crawl. You babble "ma ma" when you get impatient in your exersaucer. As You love to eat carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and peaches. I keep trying new things every day. It is so fun.

There are so many things I have to look forward to with you. So many moments to share, memories to experience. I am loving every minute of it. For the first time in my life, I feel complete. I love every ounce of you. Your dad and I could not be happier. You are my everything.

Happy 6th Month Birthday Sonya!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rambling Rambles

Finally a spare moment to catch up and read some of my blogs. This week has been crazy, fools. Now I am camped out on the couch with the ol' laptop while hubbs watches I Am Legend. No thanks, I will pass on that.

Work has been nuts. Why are people always scheduling meetings? Don't they know that when I am in meetings I don't get anything done? Jerks.

It's been rainy lately but warm and humid. My hair has a constant 1/2 layer of frizz on top of my flat ironed straight hair and the cowlicks in my bangs are in full effect. I think bedhead would look better than this humid head.

I need to grocery shopping so bad. I keep on putting it off. We are down to just the minimum. There are only so may days that you can bring canned soup or PB & J on stale bread to work.

I have officially stopped breastfeeding. I must say I am a bit depressed about it. Being back at work really did a number on my supply (even with pumping) and Sonya was just too hungry for me to keep up. I slowly weaned down to mornings and nights and then once a day. I kept on wanting to hold on but realized I just needed to stop it. I feel guilty for some reason, like I should of tried to go on longer. If I wasn't working, I would of kept going for much longer, but that isn't the reality so why do I keep beating myself up about it? I really enjoyed breastfeeding. It was tough in the beginning but it was such a great feeling knowing that no matter what, it would always calm her down when she was wailing. I just can't stop thinking about it. Ugh. I need to leave it alone. Why are we so hard on ourselves?

All of this whining has led me right into some sugar cravings. Off to go ransack our pantry to look for some sweets, even if the only thing I have is Christmas candy or dried apricots.

Peace out.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hiding Things

Last night I attended a "Southern Living at Home" party hosted by my cousin. It was really fun, there was a huge turn out and my cousin had gourmet cupcakes from the cupcake shop. I sipped on some Sofia bubbly (so nice and easy to drink by the way) and hung out with my family and friends. A lady was there to show some of the items in the catalogue and then everyone figured out what they wanted to order. The items were pretty overpriced but pretty. I ended up buying a hurricane that was reasonably priced.

Someone made a comment about how they were going to have to sneak their purchases into the house so their husbands wouldn't see. Then a bunch of other ladies chimed in that they would have to do the same thing and that they usually fib about how much things cost so their husbands don't give them a hard time. I could and could not relate to these women. I grew up in a house where my dad questioned every item my mom purchased. She is now super sneaky about things she buys and it is so frustrating to me that she has to do that. It is not like she goes out and spends loads and loads of money, it is just little things here and there.

Hubbs on the other hand NEVER questions me about what I spend my money on. I am very lucky. He trusts that I am not charging up our credit cards. I like to bargain shop and now that I have one more person to buy for, am frequently coming home with various shopping bags. The only thing he ever says about it is that the bags take up room in our closet. Which is my fault because I let things just sit in the bag for a couple of days before I actually do something with the items.

He lets me shop and I let him purchase the random electronic stuff he always has to have (AppleTV, Blue Ray DVD player, HD video camera). Granted, he makes these purchases not very often. So it all balances out in the grand scheme of things.

So do your men care about what you buy or do they look the other way like my hubbs? Coming from a home where you had to sneak your goodies, I know how stressful it could be and am thankful that hubbs is so easy going.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


All this high school talk has had me start thinking about my roots. I live in the same town I was born and raised in. I moved away for 4 years for college but moved back right after graduating. I hated being gone from home.I gave birth to Sonya in the same hospital both me and Hubbs were born in. Hubbs and I went to the same high school. He was two years older and I didn't start dating him until the end of my senior year. His parents went to the same high school we went to and even had some of the same teachers we ended up having.

There have been times that we have discussed moving into a bigger metro area where there are greater opportunities. But those moments are fleeting because because we then realize how nice it is living where you grew up and close to family. Granted I continue to run into old classmates at Costco, the mall or Starbuck's, and rarely can remember their names and sometimes look like I just rolled out of bed.

The other day on my way to dropping off Sonya at Daycare I realize that a doctor's office complex that I pass every day was where one of my high school boyfriends and I would go to make out in his car at night. So cliche, I know. We were at dinner the other night at a restaurant and I realized I had gone to it prior to a dance with my date and a group of friends. Last Saturday, there was a group of Prom goers eating at the same place we were. It brought back so many memories that are getting more and more fuzzy with age.

Unlike a lot of people, I really enjoyed high school. If I could go back and relive some moments, I would in a heart beat. I was popular, preferred to be a spectator at sporting events rather than play them (unless you count JV Softball bench warming). I had plenty of friends and boyfriends. I was however, not a Mean Girl. I never participated in backstabbing, saying nasty things about people or left notes on anyone's car or had any left on mine for that matter. Plus people knew better than to mess with my '88 Ford Tempo, which was called the "Empo" because some douche bag ripped off the "T" at a party I was at. I can't remember how I explained that one to my dad. I was active in Student Government and loved going to dances and planning the rallies and talent shows. I was involved in high school programs through the YMCA. They all helped me build confidence and relationships with people at my school I might not have if I was not involved with those things. I feel I had a variety of friends in various clicks.

I think since my house was so dysfunctional I really focused on extra-curricular activities to help me not get cooped up at home. I always had a handful of guy friends who I hung out with regularly. I think their friendships also shielded me from getting caught up in drama that some of my girlfriends were always tangled up in. Probably why I only am in touch with about 2 people from high school. Once I met the hubbs I realized who my real friends were and through the years I have those two. And that's all I need. It's about quality, not quantity.

I am not saying I was perfect and that I did not have my insecure moments. I definitely gossiped like everyone else in the school, and know I was gossiped about too. But I rarely let it get to me. I knew I needed to have as much fun because time would just fly by.

My 10 Year Reunion is next June. Not sure if I will be attending. I don't really want to as our school's reunions are notoriously pathetic in both turnout and venue.

What I can say, is that I like having roots in this town. I like seeing something when I am driving and get taken back down memory lane to a wild night in high school, or even something earlier on. Passing the park where I swung on a swing for the first time. The lake where I was a lifeguard. The roller rink where I went to so many birthday parties. All those memories are things I will point out to my Sonya some day (just not the make-out spots) as we are driving around. I must say I am looking forward to it.