Monday, November 30, 2009

Scrooge McDuck

After four and half days of eating, shopping, wine swirling and slurping and chasing after my wobbly almost 13 month old, this sister is back in the work seat.

WORK. Such a bad word this time of year. Since it is now the Christmas season all I plan on doing is eat, shop, bake some treats, eat some cheeseball, drink sweet red drinks that taste like pomegranate and go down way too quickly, watch holiday movies, admire the Christmas tree and maybe read a book or two. As you can see with all of these things I am planning, work really does not fit in to that mix. I think business should just shut down for the month of December. Well, businesses that are not retailers, of course. But, the reality is that I will be working. Thankfully I will be taking off time around the holidays to participate in many of the activities mentioned above.

This week I am hoping I can cleverly maneuver my husband out of the house to get a Christmas tree. I might have to bribe him with sugar cookies (always his weakness) or that I will scrape the ice of his windshield one of these mornings. I am leaning towards the sugar cookies. Outdoor stuff is for men. Each year, getting a tree is like pulling teeth. I did not marry a Mr. Clause that is for sure More like Scrooge (Mickey's Christmas Carol version). So I make up for his boringness by my crap load of Christmas spirit (a la Bob Cratchit) and constant egg nog buzz. I don’t know why he doesn’t like getting the tree so much. Maybe it could be that I always have have him retrieve the cat from climbing up the trunk every morning or that he steps his foot into a broken ornament everyday due to mentioned cat taking them off the branches or that this same outlaw cat somehow spills the tree water onto the skirt all the freaking time. Nope, I can’t think of why he doesn’t like getting the tree. Or maybe that he was raised in a Jewish family has something to do with it? Hmm……

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

Husby is the same during the holidays. It's like pulling teeth to get him to do something festive. I however make him, it is one thing to say no to me it is another to say no to our kids.

He will be hanging lights, listening to carols, wrapping presents, decorating a tree and watching xmas movies for the next 18 years. Whether he likes it or not.