Friday, February 26, 2010

A Storm is a Brewin'

Hubbs is away tonight. My mom is coming over for a slumber party. Probably get our shop on (what we do best), purchase clothes for spring and then have to wait another month at least before I get to show them off due to a long winter. Oh yeah, and we miiiiigggghhhtttt even mix in some Fresh Choice. Because, no place pops off more than Fresh Choice on a Friday night. Kids eat free, and boy are they eatin....for free.

And it's stormin' outside. My boots are getting some serious wear this season. And I wore my hair curly twice this week just how Linz did last week. Curly hair seems to hold up better during moments of torrential downpours.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's Happenin' Hot Stuff

So when I go out of town, it usually takes me a long time to get caught back up when I return. I fell behind in my housework, grocery shopping, blog reading, and laundry and of course work. So although we have been back for over a week now, I just now am getting my bearings.

While I have been getting back on track…

1) Lucy has manifested chronic gas. We ran out of her fancy dog food one night and had to get her some Iams. So she has been gassing the house up. It has been so stinky I swear I am waking up at night because of it.
2) I received two new pairs of heels for work. I swear I went through a two year stretch where I didn’t buy any new work shoes. Needless to say this latest purchase was a score and both are cute.
3) I started reading Nanny Returns. It’s okay. Simple reading. Just like the first one.
4) Watched Inglorious Busterds and hated it.
5) My daughter refuses to eat chicken. No matter if I fry it, dice it, sauté it, drench it in cheese , she tastes it and spits it out quicker than I can sneeze. I am a poet!
6) I actually went on a three mile walk when we got a weekend of spring time weather. It was the most I have exercised in a long time. Well, if you don’t count chasing around a toddler which has kept my metabolism in check.
7) I have learned that CSI:Miami airs in Spanish right before I go to sleep. I was flipping the channels last night before dozing off and landed on the show thinking it was the real thing only to learn that it was in Spanish. I couldn’t stop laughing.
8) Brushing Miss S’s teeth has become a complete struggle. How do I get to brush them? She simply clamps her jaws together, turns her head the opposite way and grunts “no”! I need suggestions!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Rekindled Love Affair

When I was 24 I began a love affair. For the last (almost four years!) this affair as been off an on. But the passion has always been present. There has been the typical lust, excitement, newness, change, disagreements and obsession through the course of the relationship. Unlike many fleeting affairs, this affair has stood the test of time. And the Hubbs is okay with it.

It started back when I was naïve at 24. I was taken advantage of by the smell, the emotion, the freeness that is…. New York. Yup. My affair is with a city, not a man.

This past weekend, I introduced my hubby to my secret. He finally understood what I have been feeling these past four years. He got why certain songs make may bring me to tears: “New York, New York”, “Empire State of Mind”, and “Glamorous”. He recognized why I must watch movies such as “Ghostbusters”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “BIG” and “Home Alone 2” over and over again.

He gets it. For when I am New York I experience utter awe. I love the energy on the streets, how life is so much different than where I live. There are so many options on things to do and places to see. However, I run into some guilt (as with most affairs) over the money I spend shopping, or sometimes I feel guilty over the things I was not able to get to in time. Business brought me back to my Secret Lover on Saturday. It just so happened that business brought the Hubbs there too so we made it a mini-vacation. Miss S stayed with my parents and we were off. The weather was clear and freezing with an intense windchill. I made the mistake of not having a hat the first night as we wandered around Times Square. The next day I spend too much money at the street vendors for ear muffs, gloves and school boy sweater hats. But they so made the difference.

It was great to be reacquainted with my lover again. We picked up right where we left off and I am already planning our next meet up.

Anyone else have secret obsessions?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doing it all....

What a week this week is. Did that even make sense? I am taking a quick second to relax, down a cup full of Lemon Lime Airborne, maybe download some iTunes and then call it a night. The cycle of sick continues to spiral around and around. Just when our house was free of the stomach flu, little Miss S got a nasty cough which has morphed into the snotty-humidifier on every minute- conjested-cranky cold of the year. I in turn seem to be getting it, however, I continue to battle it out with a crap load of vitamins.

On top of the nasty cold, work has been so hectic. After Miss S is snuggled in for the night I am working. I can't even find time to go pee. Thats how crazed I have been. I am surprised I actually remembered to brush my teeth this morning.

Aight, I'm done rambling. A couple things that bring me comfort when I get sick:

- I love, love, love the Old Fashioned glazed donuts at Starbucks. Seriously, they are pure bliss in my mouth and instantly make me feel better.
-Listening to "We Are the World". How awesome was that song? I mean, Dionne Warwick, Steve Perry, Cyndi Lauper, ? Come on. It doesn't get any better than that. By the way. I love anything '80's.
-Christmas socks.
-Green tea. Bigelow makes a Jasmine Green Tea. It is so light and exotic tasting.
-Snuggles with my girl and kisses and giggles
-How I Met Your Mother