Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Love the Smell of Dreft

Seriously, I do. At first it smelled weird to me, but now it smells so clean. Taking a look around the house here is where we stand...
Number of loads of laundry which need to be folded: 4
Height in feet of the dirty laundry in our closet: 3
Stacks of maternity clothes which need to be boxed up and put away: 5
Dishwasher waiting to be emptied: 1
Pounds of chili which needs to be eaten in the refrigerator or else I just wasted a crap load of food: 2
Number of dogs which need to be walked: 1
Thank you cards that are awaiting to be sent: 4
Christmas presents that are waiting to be put away: Too many to count
Number of garbage's to be emptied: 3
Bathrooms that need cleaning: 3
You get the picture. And in protest of doing anything house related we will be celebrating the New Year tonight with friends while I drink my first glass of bubbly in....well, about a year!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays

I can not believe Christmas has come and gone. Sonya had her first Christmas! It was so much fun opening up all of the fun toys and clothes she got. This year we got some good memories, in particular, when I hosted Christmas Eve and I made the worst lasagna ever by adding two cups extra of wine to the sauce. I have made the dish dozens of times but for some reason my breastfeeding brain was in full swing. Everyone was getting tanked just off the pasta and not their glasses of wine! I think I owe my family an apology. Here are some pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

O Christmas tree...

Hubbs' brother and his girlfriend
My little gift!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cutie Patootie

Here are some recent pics of Sonya around the house, I tried to capture her smiling but only got a half smile from her and from our Christmas party we went to last night.

Smiley Smilerson!

Seriously... can she be any cuter?
Next to the dessert table where I was nibbling on EVERYTHING!

Sonya with her cousin Ava who is 4 weeks older.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weighing In- Part 2

The female body truly is amazing. I never really realized this until I pushed out a 9 lb. 5 oz. baby out of my Hoo Ha 6 weeks ago. Being pregnant truly was awesome but labor itself, even more amazing. I know, it was so freaking painful I thought someone had started a fire in my abdomen and back, but it was still cool. But I am getting away from the point of this post (well, it's not really a point, but the Birth Story is a whole other post).

I gained 35 lbs. during pregnancy, perfectly normal for my pre-pregnancy weight. Towards the last couple of weeks I was getting very bloated and full of fluids. Once I got home from the hospital I had lost 20 lbs. A couple more days and 5 more were off and I have slowly but surely been losing the weight since. I weighed myself this a.m. and I am only three lbs. away from my pre-pregnancy weight which I figured was pretty much the same since my milk jug boobs have probably added 3 lbs. Anyhoo, I have not been dieting and probably am eating more now than when I was pregnant. I ate extremely healthy and rarely splurged on ice cream, etc. when preggers so maybe that had something to do with it.

So basically I am almost back to normal except for my hips which might be a bit wider now, which I am totally okay with. I also need to tone my abs too but have been kind of waiting (also using as an excuse) until I got the "go ahead" on exercise from my OBGYN at the 6 week post appt., which she now has done. So that is that! I am very lucky that I lost the weight so quickly. But I also was very diligent when pregnant not to eat whatever I wanted and really focused on healthy things. Plus I exercised which I know had something to do with it. Oh yeah, I believe breast feeding is a big part of it too since you are burning tons of calories.

So at my family's Christmas party this weekend I plan on celebrating the bounce back (in my pre-preggers jeans) by putting down the carrot sticks and drinking a glass of bubbly and nibbling on not just one or two stuffed mushrooms and cookies, but heck I might even get crazy and have three....or four.

Schedule Smedule

So everyone (mom's I know) have been asking me if Sonya is now on a schedule. She is barely 6 weeks old, is she supposed to be on a schedule? Anyhoo, from what I hear, apparently she is. She does have a pretty similar pattern/routine that she does each day, however it does vary. The biggest issue I am having for her is that she does not take lengthy naps during the day (at least an hour) when we are at home. She will only take long naps if I get her into the car seat carrier and go someplace. In that case she will sometimes sleep up to 4 hours!

I am reading the Baby Whisperer which has been recommended my many people. I think the premise is pretty reasonable but the no rocking before sleep and no eating before sleep rules are much tougher, especially when it seems like she will not calm down unless I rock or bounce her or feed her. I don't know. Today I have decided not to go anywhere just to see if I can start putting her down for actual nap times in her bassinet or crib. Hopefully I will be successful at least one time!

She does sleep through the night so I can't stress too much. Also, hubbs weighed her the other day. She is almost at 12 lbs.! Her 3 month sleepers are almost too short, I started buying 6 month clothes yesterday. What a little porker! I love her. Need to post pics but I can't figure out how to load photos from our new camera to the computer. Will have hubbs take care of that tonight!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, yeah Work...

I brought Sonya into work today. It was good chatting with some of my coworkers and catching up for awhile. I also found out a couple of them are preggers now too, so we ended up talking pregnancy for a very long time. Little Sonya was dressed super warmly in her snuggly polar bear fleece, it snowed on the hills around here last night, which is pretty rare for these neck of the woods. She snoozed the entire time. I could tell some of my coworkers wanted to hold her, but I did not feel like policing them to wash their hands. I am anal about germs around her.

I was feeling a bit Betty Homemaker and came home and put a pot roast in the slow cooker. The recipe is from Paula Deen and is really good. Now I just need to greet hubbs at the door with a martini wearing my pearls and we'll be good to go.

I know, random post, but hey it's all I have in my head right now!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Nights Must be Crazy

Sonya sleeps through the night. She has been since the first week. That means that I am very refreshed every morning. It also means I wake up with boobs the size of 10 lb. bowling balls about to explode. So since she sleeps so much at night, she does not like to get naps in during the day unless we go some place. Something about her car seat and she is just so comfortable. We will run errands and she will snooze and snooze. If I am at home all day she will only cat nap.

The evenings are always crazy. She seems to be much more hungry and only wants to eat. Hubbs and I take turns soothing her by bouncing or by me busting out the boob. I heard evening crankiness is common because your milk supply goes down through the day.

I have an ongoing list of things that I need to do in my head. Fold laundry, finish addressing Christmas cards, print up photos, wrap presents, pack up maternity clothes, make cookies, etc. Hubbs and I have decided it might be time to hire a housekeeper. We will start out at once a month and see how that is. That will not be the only time it is cleaned, we will clean in between, but it will be a nice break. Having a housekeeper seems so luxurious to me. I have never had one before.

I have decided to be much better at reading my blogs and posting better. Coming up with topics has been a challenge, not to mention eating a full meal. Off to bed.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Weekend

Since our last post Sonya has been much better about me putting her down for a nap throughout the day. She is a sleeper at night in her bassinet, it is during the day that she sometimes is only comfortable while snuggled on me. Which I do love.

She has been starting to smile, which is all gums and pudgy cheeks. I truly melt every time she does it. Every little coo, grunt and squeal I am soaking in because I know they grow so quickly!

This weekend we went out to a local Taqueria on Friday night with her and then went to a real restaurant on Sat night with a friend. She woke up and we fed her a bottle of pumped milk there. She was perfect. We even took her out to breakfast yesterday. We had lofty plans to walk around the lake but since it never got out of the 40's we decided it was probably not the best idea, even if she was super bundled up. Here are some pics from Thanksgiving, she was wearing her first dress!

On the couch digesting after the big meal.

My cousin's daughter and Sonya. Sonya's look says "Get me out of here!"

My cousin Amy, her daughter Anna, my mom and Sonya

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Long Does it Take to Decorate a Tree?

Yesterday was crazy. Sonya did not want to sleep at all. She would fall asleep after nursing and I would transfer her to either her crib, the bouncer, the swing or pack n'play and within two minutes she woke up. Each time she fell asleep I raced into the living room to try and put up at least a couple more ornaments on our tree. At this rate the tree might be finished by Christmas (actually I finished it last night, two days after getting it).

She loves to sleep on me or the hubbs. Last night Hubbs busted out the Baby Bjorn which she loved. He folded laundry as she just chilled in the little seat.

Today we are going to Target to do some Christmas shopping and spend money on the usual things. I also will be picking up our holiday photo cards. They are adorable. It is a picture of three of us on Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it already feels like it was ages ago. I ate as much as a horse with the excuse I am burning 500 extra calories due to breast feeding. Either way, that second piece of apple pie which I opted not to endulge in, probably would of been a bad idea. We visited both of our families that day. Always a bit crazy when we try to do that. Next year we are going to one or the other.

I have not read my regular blogs in ages. Still learning how to multi-task with a newborn. Did I mention I love being a mommy? I love being with our little pumpkin. She is the apple of our eyes!