Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peeing my Pants

Thank you to Multi-Tasking Mama and Christy who pointed how out that maybe I have just been peeing my pants lately hence the reason for the amniotic fluid trips to the hospital. If that is the case I need to get me a plastic sheet on our bed! I am sure hubbs would love to hear I was possibly wetting the bed in the middle of the night, especially on our brand new mattress. Hey, at least it's warm, right?

He he, some pee slippage or not, I watched two movies today and did not even take a shower but did take two walks. Did a couple loads of laundry and fell asleep on the couch and woke up to Patty laying on my belly. She only wants to lay on my belly, which really is not that comfortable considering the amount of heartburn I still get. She must know that the baby is coming soon or something.

Tomorrow is the day. Supposed to go to my brother and sister in law's house to answer the door for trick or treaters while also hanging out with our nieces. As much as I love being around them, I am really hoping I will be in labor instead!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two More Days...

Had another false alarm today. Thought I was leaking amniotic fluid, again. Was in and out of the hospital within an hour and 20. Starting to recognize the nurses by now and even know the drill when I get there. Anyhoo, having tons of contractions just none with pain and not close enough together. In the meantime, my father in law sent us a bassinet/cradle for next to our bed. Originally I was planning on the baby sleeping in the crib right away or using our pack n' play next to the bed. He saw that plan and said "hell no, you need a bassinet" so he sent us one. It is super cute and I think it will work out better.

Also, when I was at Target yesterday I picked up two blazers for $15 bucks each! They were on sale. One is dark plaid and the other is short sleeved black and tweed. Super cute! I am sure I looked funny trying them on with my big belly. People must of thought I was nuts.

Ummm.... just remembered I was going to make baked apples for dessert. Must do that before I fall asleep.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coffee, Weather, and Shopping

How much am I loving the fact that all of the tasty holiday coffee creamers are now in stores? Right now I am drinking my decaf coffee with my Pumpkin Spice creamer, not exactly Startbuck's but a nice treat for these cool fall mornings.

Speaking of weather, we are finally supposed to get some rain this week. I am thrilled because I love cool weather. I love the first big rain of the season when the leaves are still falling and you can smell all of the chimneys in the neighborhood.

I can't help but notice how many freaking cute shoes are out this year. Especially boots. I am eyeing these bad boys right now. The sweater selection is also super large. I think I might need to pick up this and this.

Plans for today? You guessed it, off to Target to get detergent or something....

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I am just down right grumpy.

What am I grumpy about?

-That it was about a week ago that we were headed to the hospital thinking that "this is it!" and here we are still waiting.
-That it is Sunday night and NOTHING is on TV.
-That another week of hanging around the house is coming and I can not handle anymore t.v. watching.
-That it is still warm outside when it is almost November.
-That I can not seem to sleep good at night and wake up at all hours to either pee or get comfortable.
-I am grumpy about the fact that people keep calling to see if the baby has arrived. I know, they are just doing it because they care.
-I am grumpy about the way that I can't fit into shirts anymore without exposing a portion of my belly because it is so low.

I think it is rather apparent I am READY to go into labor and have the baby anytime. Seriously. Bring it on. I can do it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Housewife

I have officially completed three weeks of maternity leave with my due date in just one more week. Of course I would love an earlier arrival. The first week or two I filled my days with random things, washing baby clothes, baking, Target trips, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. Now I simply am out of things to do. Granted, I am always cleaning, but my projects are mostly done (except for the picture organization project which just can not seem to motivate me). I just finished my book One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell (good, I recommend it). So now here I sit, a housewife. Clinging to the stories of hubbs daily happenings because they are much more interesting than the four A Baby Story episodes I watched and the two loads of laundry I ran.
At least the house will be ready when the baby does come!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's a Major Award!*

Stephanie gave me an award the other day but I have been eating too many things to cause heartburn to realize I needed to follow up on my duty as a recipient. Anyways, thanks Stephanie! I love your blog, you are always so calm and sweet!

Part of accepting the award is (I took the driections straight from Steph because I am lazy):
-displaying the award
-linking back to the person who gave it to you
-paying it forward & nominating 7 blogs
-adding links to those seven blogs
-leaving comments on their blog telling them you gave them an award
-enjoying the award

Besides Stephanie's blog, I throughoghly enjoy and nominate the following:

Cakerwakers: She is such a good writer and I love her dry sense of humor

Lost in Transation: Very relatable blog, I seem to have a bunch in common with this fashion savvy and real gal.

Multi-Tasking Mama: Just started reading this one and I love everything she has to say

Yellow Polka Dotted Slugs: Such a genuine and sweet girl, her posts always seem to warm me up

Just Jiff: Down to earth and real, this lady is tackling it all!

Kickyboots: Her stories about her two daughters always crack me up

Misguided Mommy: One of the blogs I have been reading the longest, always good for a nice laugh!

*Title taken from A Christmas Story for anyone who watches it on TNT for 24 hours starting on Christmas Eve. The BEST Christmas movie.

The Waiting Game

Okay, false start. Apparently I am in still in pre-labor or early labor. Lost the mucus plug/bloody show so that's a sign but my contractions have calmed down a bit, although still strong but painless. I have looked up every stinking symptom of labor in the book. Every slight cramp or feeling of indigestion has me wondering "is this it!!!???" I keep having some stupid idea that I won't know when labor is actually starting. Yeah, alright. Today I go see my doctor so maybe she can tell me if I am getting any freaking closer.

In the meantime I have eaten spicy food, pineapple, taken 19 walks (which Lucy is loving by the way), wolfed down pizza, massaged my pressure points, hanky panky and tried to stay as active as possible.

Also, hubbs made a new and exciting purchase. We got the Nikon D60 camera so now we can take fancy photos like some of you bloggers out there that are super talented and stuff. To test out the camera, we took a little nature walk around the neighborhood yesterday. Mid-photo shoot a 12 year old girl came riding by on her Vespa look alike mini bike and stopped and watched hubbs take photos. Kind of awkward. So here are some photos, 38 1/2 weeks!

So obviously we need to read the manual a bit more to check out all of the camera's features, plus maybe even take some classes. But still, the camera is cool.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It May be Starting....

Had contractions 5 minutes apart since last night. Not painful, just uncomfortable. Thought I was leaking amniotic fluid so we went to the hospital where they said I was not and I was only dilated to 2 cm. and barely 60% effaced. Now back home trying to move things a long. Going to go for a walk, eat some spicy food and pineapple. We'll see if that gets the real contractions going or not!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Got it at Ross!

We bought a new bed last weekend. No more squishing into a Queen size any longer, nope we will now be sleeping peacefully and comfortably in our new Euro King size bed. Anyhoo, with buying a new bed comes the buying of the new bedding. Feeling like a bargain shopper I set out to Ross where I found a mattress pad, down comforter and hotel collection sheet set for a grand total of $107.00! Then at Macy's I found a duvet cover on sale and seriously discounted for $30! Now I just need to find a bed skirt and some shams. Unfortunately, everything is available in Cal King, not Euro King so that has been making things a bit more difficult. Oh well, at least I am saving money!

Oh yeah, I have two weeks (2) until my due date. Cra-zeee!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still Pregnant

Yep, still here. With my basketball belly in all of it's glory. Went to the doctor's yesterday and I was 1 centimeter dilated and 50% effaced. Still having tons of contractions so we'll see if our little one will want to make an early appearance!

Got into the nesting mode yesterday, finally. Started reorganizing the closet, cleaning out other closets and throwing out more things for Goodwill. I even whipped up a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which were absolutely scrumptious, if I do say so myself.

The hospital bag is about packed. I still need to squeeze in a pedicure and use up a prenatal massage gift certificate. Gotta get my pampering in!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kind of Nesting

So now that I am home I figured I would be a ball of fire organizing photo albums, alphabetizing my spice cupboard, making casseroles to freeze for later, etc. but in all actuality, all I have been doing is running damn errands. I think in one week I have made it to Target at least 3 times. Getting what? Oh, maybe some toothpaste, Corn Chex, curtain rod, Halloween candy and a sweater dress. Clearly items which required three trips.

I just don't have the drive to do the crazy nesting things I have been hearing pregnant women do prior to going into labor. I do have a couple of home projects to tackle this week and I did put out my Halloween/Harvest decorations, so that counts for something. Plus I have been doing endless loads of laundry, cleaning and made two loaves of pumpkin bread! I guess everyone is different. All I know is that no project can take that long where I miss lunch because I learned my lesson last week when I was shopping for a birthday present over the lunch time hour. I had to high tail it out of Macys because my hands were shaking and I knew my stomach needed food soon or else it would be me and McDonalds for a lunch date, which just was not going to fly.

In other news, Lucy has apparently discovered that our bed is the comfiest thing since the couches downstairs. She spends her days passed out on our bed, literally all day long. Hubbs put together the pack n' play this weekend as well as the stroller and infant car seat. Getting closer!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Niece

My niece arrived on Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. Her name is Ava Elizabeth. It was just Sunday that hubbs was telling Lisa to get ready for the baby because she was coming soon! Sure enough, she came 12 days early. She is such a doll. Lisa was great during the labor and delivery. I visited her yesterday right when they were introducing my other niece Leah to her new little sister. It was soo freaking cute. All she wanted to do was to just hold her "new baby sister!".

Being pregnant with my sister in law was really fun. She is only 2 weeks ahead of me so knowing that she has already given birth brings the reality that labor for me is just around the corner. Seeing the baby that was just in her tummy and that we talked about and shared stories about for the past 9 months hit me very strong. I am so excited for our baby to get here.

Meanwhile, I have been attempting to pack our hospital bag while shopping for a curtain rod for the cute nursery window valance, stocking up on any last minute baby necessities, purchased some post partum "comfy clothes" and two nursing bras, and gotten a facial. Next on the list, clean out my car and install infant car seat, put together pack n' play, bouncer, and monitor, shelves on nursery wall and clean the bathrooms. I imagine I will be completely done with my "to do" by the end of this weekend which will mean I will be prepared if our little one wants to come early too!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 2

Day 2 of maternity leave. Went to the OBGYN yesterday. Our baby is head down facing the right way and really low which is good. My sister in law Lisa lost her mucas plug yesterday. She is due on the 19th, but hubbs predicted today the day and at 8 a.m. I got a phone call she was having some pretty regular contractions. If the hubbs is correct that will be the second time he has called a birth day. Their first daughter, our niece, he predicted when she would be born as well and she was!

At the gas station the other day a young guy approached me saying that he and his girlfriend were taking a poll as to how far a long they thought I was. Apparently he thought I was 4 months a long and his girlfriend guessed 6 or 7 months (they had recently had a baby themselves). I was surprised by their rediculous guesses and laughed at their shocked facial expressions when I told them 9 months! I guess everyone shows differently.

I headed to Target on Saturday and was amazed at how busy it was. It was probably the busiest I had ever seen it, more than Christmas time. By looking at the mobs of shoppers, you would never guess our country is going through difficult financial times. Maybe they were just stocking up on Halloween candy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh Fun!

It is my official first day of maternity leave. I am so happy. I keep thinking I need to rush around to get the house cleaned because I will be going back to work tomorrow but then I remember.... oh, wait, I don't have to! So far I have a doctor's appt. scheduled and various errands, not to mention picking up my new Blackberry since I dropped my other one in the the dog's water bowl on Thurs. night.

Yesterday we went over to my brother and sister in law's house for a BBQ with the family. I made "Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding" which was a hit. My cousin brought her three kids, so with them and my niece it was a bit crazy! Here is a shot of Lisa and me, notice all of the toys all over the place in the background!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Career Thinking

Today is my last day before I take off 5 months for maternity leave. My company is very generous when it comes to mommy and baby bonding so I am taking advantage of all they offer. A couple of fellow co-workers who are also preggers or just had a baby are coming back sooner after their babies are born. My theory is that you don't ever get back the time after the baby is born and rushing to get back to work is not worth it to me, although they have they reasons.

However, my company is about to make some organizational changes, plus I have been working on getting a promotion forever now (my company is generous with maternity leave, however, stingy with promotions) and I can't help but worry that I will be overlooked while I am out or that my time away will effect how long it will take to get my promotion once I return. I know these worries will be out the door once the baby arrives, but I just wonder. A lot of people wait until they are at the top or almost at the top of their careers before they have kids. I knew I wanted to be a younger when I started having kids and with that you some times are not as established in your career as you would like. I have come a long way since graduating college, but I have even longer to go before I reach the top of my game. I am highly competitive at work and the thought of coworkers getting promoted before me because I have been out makes me fired up.

Anyways, I guess what I am trying to say is that I want my cake and eat it too. I want to be young with a baby and a blossoming career (which I know I will still get), but I can't help but wonder if I am going to be treated differently when I return because I am now a mother (even though still on my game and sharp as a fox). My boss is super cool and laid back and has already agreed that I can have a very flexible schedule and will promote me within a short period of time upon my return, but I keep worrying. Is this worry normal? Maybe these worries will be tossed out the window when I meet my little girl and I won't care about climbing the corporate ladder like I do now. I don't know. I guess I will find out, and at the end of the day what I care about the most is being with my hubby and my baby, and not about having the corner office.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall is Here!

So on Friday it is supposed to rain. Woo Hoo! How excited am I? Very excited. I actually love the cold fall and winter. Maybe because I am more of an indoorsy kind of gal and prefer to just curl up with a good book or watch a movie rather than take a hike or something. I love fall and winter clothes. Sweaters and scarves are what I live in. Tomorrow we are going over to our friend's house for dinner and I can not wait to bust out a fall dessert. I am thinking some sort of apple spice cake. Not sure.

In pregnancy related news, my maternity clothes are getting tighter and tighter. The fronts of my shirts are starting to creep up revealing the maternity waistband on my pants/skirts. I don't have any maternity cold weather clothes (sweaters, jackets) and will just have to tough it out for another 30 days or less.

Since it is my last three days of work before maternity leave and I am boycotting bringing my lunch and have decided to go out. I am wild, I know.