Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Tad Late

For this pregnancy I am way behind with my nesting. I haven't taken one belly shot and I am 26 weeks! I haven't done a thing to the nursery for little man. In fact, the room is still a disaster zone housing piles of laundry, random boxes, dissassembled crib and changing table.

We have a lot of work to do. But it isn't a weekend of working hard can't do! I do know what I want to do for the design. I found this sports theme nursery on Pottery Barn Kids. We already have bedding but it isn't so theme'y, just navy and blue plaid with stars on the sheets.

I will be having a shower with this pregnancy which is pretty cool. I didn't really expect one but my party planning sister in law offered to host one since I would still need some things so of course I couldn't turn her down!

I am also contemplating doing a maternity photography session in the next several weeks. I took tons of belly shots with Miss S but didn't have maternity shots taken and think I might as well this time around because it is going to be my last one!

Am I way behind or is this normal with Baby #2?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Compress This- Need Fashion Advice

As I mentioned in my last post, this pregnancy has been rough. One of the most embarassing issues so far is the fact that my right ankle is now home to a combo of vericose and spider veins. I also have smaller patches throughout the same leg. I am mortified as my legs are one of my better assets. I am self concious about it when I wear shoes that don't cover my feet, which aside from boots, is everything! I don't know what I am going to do during the summer. Just grin and bear it, wear an ace bandage or a maxi skirt every day.

My docs say that it should get better after the baby is born however, I already plan on marching down to the nearest laser center within a few months of delivery to get them zapped. I am normally not that vain (no pun intended) or superficial but since people can see them with normal shoes, it is making me obsessed.

At my last check up, my OBGYN recommended wearing compression stockings to help things not get worse. So of course, being desparate I ran to the surgical supply place and threw down $80 on a custom pair. I now wear them all day long which still doesn't help with the shoe problem. In fact, stockings poking out of my shoes are actually a lot more obvious than the situation itself. Needless to say, if I wear tights or boots, there is no problem. However, I don't know if I can physically wear dresses or boots every day until May 3rd.... I love me some flats and heels... and is it even appropriate to wear boots so much?
Just call me Blanche.
 Meanwhile, I have started exercising more to help with circulation and been drinking a lot more water. However, I am terrified to see what they look like in another 16 weeks. I just need some suggestions as these mofos are driving me mad!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pregnancy Must Haves

This pregnancy is ROUGH! Second time around is not easy. I have had so many ailments that I feel like an old lady! But, there still isn't anything better than feeling your baby kick all day long! Now that I have dug out from the holidays and finally wrapped up being sick and being kicked in the butt by the stomach flu I feel like things are coming together. I got to thinking about things that I have to have this pregnancy, some are craving related... some are just a requirement to have in the house. So without further ado:

1) Pineapple: Whether fresh or canned, I love pineapple. Something about the acidity and sweetness that makes me feel like I am having dessert at the end of the day without eating too many calories.

2) Oatmeal: This was a morning staple when pregnant with Miss S and has proudly made it's comeback. I like it plain, no sugar: just cinnamon, raisons and bananas.

3) Donuts: I love donuts preggo or not preggo, but this time it is all I can think about. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water and I need to find a glazed old fashioned now! I am trying to cut back on my sweet intake after the holidays, but this recent craving is hard to battle. So far I have only indulged in 2 donuts since being pregnant. That is how much self control I have.

4) Pretzels: Again, I wanted them with Miss S too. I prefer the Safeway brand the best. They taste fresher than Rold Gold and are more salty, which is nice.

5) Cereal: I am typically not much of a cereal eater, but I think because I crave sweets so much right now that having a bowl of Cheerios or Kix is kind of a way to satisfy my sweet tooth. We'll see how long I fool myself.

6) Apples and peanut butter: Seriously my favorite snack that always fills me up. I regularly bust this out around 3 p.m. at work when I need something to curb me over.

7) Fruity Mentos Gum: Again, this is a band-aid to help solve my sweet tooth, but I only start popping another piece into my mouth so I don't know how much of a fix it is.

8) Lemon Water: I got into this before being pregnant. I prefer it luke warm so I can drink it faster. I love it, it's so refreshing.

9) Craisins: Love them and just tried the Pomegranate Craisins and they were very tasty too.

10) Apple Chips: I just picked up a giant bag from Costco on Saturday and am already half way through. Love that they aren't full of calories and good for you too!

So that sums up what is in my pantry/refrigerator at all times. I was originally going to go with things other than food, but I guess we'll save that for another post.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What to Wear: Maternity Edition

This belly is getting big. So big that at just shy of 19 weeks I am scared to see what I'm going to look like at 39 weeks, especially since Miss S was 9.5 lbs! Yes, that is correct. As I have mentioned before, each day is like a new day of discovery on how the heck I am going to dress for work. Weekends are easy (LEGGINGS), the weekdays, not so much. I ordered some stuff from GAP and Old Navy to get me covered. This is me looking 6 months prego, my iPhone camera is not capturing my true glory.

Don't you love the sun shining through the shutters? Makes my shirt looked striped!
Tunic: GAP Maternity
Navy Blue Leggings: Forever 21
Navy Blue Scarf: Target
Argyle Socks: Macys
Grey Boots: Steve Madden

Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Can You Hear Me?

Santa, hope you are reading this, I have officially compiled my wish list this holiday season. After last year I realize I need to do this or else :) In order of priority:
Kate Spade Tudor City Stacey Wallet in Spearmint

Clarins Hand & Nail Cream
GAP Cozy Bar-Stripe Scrarf

Tiny Gold Heart Necklace this one I found on Etsy

What is everyone else asking from Santa this year? Of course besides the healthy family, friends and a year of wealth?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preggers Fashion

Like most pregnant ladies, I feel it is hard to dress with a bun in the oven. I am almost 17 weeks yet totally have a belly, can't button any of my pants, Bella Bands ride up and are so uncomfortable. Basically on the weekends I live in leggings. I mean, I seriously don't get out of them. For the work week I have to be a lot more creative. So far I wear dresses probably 3 out of 5 days a week. I love wearing dresses in general but now they are the only things that seem to feel comfortable. I am not wearing maternity dresses though. I am trying to pull off non-maternity clothes for as long as possible since maternity clothes seem to run so freaking large.

I did just place a substantial order with Gap and Old Navy to get me started with some basics. Unfortanetly all of the clothes I have from being preggers with Miss S are summer clothes. Not exactly going to work.

So this is what I am rocking while 17 weeks prego. Still trying to look chic but comfortable at the same time. I received a compliment so hopefully I pulled it off. Don't mind the back drop. Only full length mirror is in Miss S' room!
Cardigan: Old Navy
Blouse: Old Navy
Skinny Jeans: Gap (with Bella Band)
Leopard heels: Steve Madden

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tis the Season

For eating yummy things like this number on the Southern Living cover. My new addiction, btw. Also, since I've got a Bun in the Oven, it's all I can do to not think about cinnamon buns in the oven. True story.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm back....

Wow, really did I take that long of a break? I can honestly say I just ran out of time and things to say. I can't say that I have more time now or more stuff to talk about, but I will say that I missed the blogosphere. I missed my 4 commenters, missed being able to discuss random thoughts, post outfits (or at least be motivated to post my outfits), but I just decided, I needed to get back at it.

So without boring everyone of what I've been up to. Let me just tell you about that things are basically the same around these places, except that I am 15 weeks preggo with Baby #2. Hubbs and I are very excited. Hubbs and I talked about a sibling for Miss S for awhile but since our little one is so spirited we decided to just wait it out until we were ready.

This pregnancy seems a lot like my first but different at the same time. I don't have the time this go around to scour maternity clothes online. I just am making my non-maternity clothes work as long as possible because my old maternity clothes already seem outdated and were all for the summer.

We are going to find out what we are having but the big date isn't until Mid December so we will find out just in time for Christmas. What is also cool to see is that some of bloggers I have been reading for awhile, are all pregnant too! So excited for everyone!

I am thinking about changing the name of my blog. But I am not sure to what yet... but stay tuned. My goal is to post a couple times a week. I need to look at it as not like a chore, but as an outlet for me to express myself. Expressing is good.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Favorites Friday

I've been absent, I know. Work is been too busy and I haven't found an ounce of time for anything. So let's get back into it with a Favorites Friday. Here are some of my favorites for Spring.

White Pants: I had the perfect pair last summer from Banana Republic, however, I washed them and failed to take out the hot pink Post-It note out of the pocket. Basically, I now have a pair of pastel pink pants, which, unless you are in Kindergarten, I haven't found to be a flattering color. This pair from GAP look to be perfect to wear with wedges through the Spring & Summer months.
Essie in Sugar Daddy: Until recenlty I thought that the only time I could pull off nail polish was if I went to get an actual manicure. I found this perfect color that I can put on myself and not see any mess ups. And to be honest, the consistency is really nice so it actually looks perfect right off the bat.

Loreal Sublime Bronze AirBrush: I am Norwegian and German which translates to: one white ass chick. So I fake it through the warmer months with self tanner.  I usually try a couple of them each year and this is the first one. I prefer the sprays because it doesn't leave a thick layer subject to streaking and also provides a more even look. This one also doesn't stink.
Bright Flats: Just picked up this pair from Target last week and I love them. Teal is the perfect color combo to pink, yellow, red, camel, brown,  black, white, pretty much everything. We all know my love for flats. Here is the pair for you to show off your cute pedicures too!
Aviators: I love Aviator sunglasses. I will take them any day over the big plastic version (not that they look bad) but to me, Aviators look chic and sexy and especially on those days at work when I have a big meeting and am looking fly, just putting them on gives me Instant Confidence. True Story. I am actually on the hunt for some new ones. I have a pair of really nice D&G aviators that have gotten bent while in the hands of a little toddler girl I know... so must get a new pair! Might just stick to the originals this time....
Tina Fey: I have been on the Tina Fay bandwagon before there was a bandwagon. I've always admired her talent, wit, and ability to hold it down in a boys club. As soon as I heard she was putting a book out, I knew I had to get it. Just ordered it on Amazon and I can't wait to start reading it this weekend.

What are your Spring essential Favorites?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bathing Beauty

It's April which means there is about one more month before I will be at the pool. One month to update my swimsuit collection. I am a simpleton when it comes to bathing suits. I stick to solid color bikinis that look good on my fair skin- black, brown navy... however this year I feel like venturing out of my comfort zone. Maybe throw in a little print or different style of bathing suit... I haven't worn a one piece since I was about 10- scratch that 16 when I was a lifeguard and wore a red Speedo (this was during the Baywatch days).

This summer I will be taking Miss S to swim lessons. So my question is, is it appropriate to wear a bikini while I take her to the mommy & me class? Should I wear a one piece for that purpose only? I am a huge proponent of the bikini, however, maybe I need to tone it down? Here are some cute styles I saw at J.Crew, which is always known for their swimwear quality.

Always a sucker for sear sucker!

This is my favorite. Love the ruffles, love the Navy- Surprise!

A little outside the box, but I just love ruffles!

Perfect for a BBQ, 4th of July or a vacation in Cape Cod

A simple one piece with of course, ruffles.

Had to throw a striped one for good measure. I like the straps on this one.
Clearly you see I am simple when it comes to bathing suits. I like classic styles and cuts that will look good for a long time.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Liz Claiborne for JCPenney?

While reading the latest issue of Real Simple (one of my faves), I noticed some advertisements for Liz Claiborne's new line at JCPenney. Actually, I don't know if it's new, I just know that the ads and the clothes caught my eye.

First off, our JCPenney is a little worse for wear.

Second off, I haven't shopped at a JCPenney since I was 7 when I used to order outfits through a catalogue my grandma would give me to choose from for Christmas or Birthdays.

Third, I typically associate Liz Claiborne with  women my mom's age.

However, the ads sucked me in and I guess I became what the Creative Agency behind the ads, wanted me to be....sold. So sold, that I actually checked out JCPenney online to see if I could find the cute little pink dress in the ad , however.... not in my size. Some of the other items, didn't look as cute as the ad, duh, but hey it looks like Liz Claiborne has helped JCP's profits soar. That's the business side of my brain talking now. So this partnership doesn't seem to be bad for the retailer.
I couldn't find the ad online, but here is one picture of a pink blouse that I thought was cute. The ads were a mix between the latest Tommy Hilfiger and the Kate Spade- Bryce Howard Dallas print ad campaigns.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Rain Edition

I almost got washed away by sheets of rain on my way to work today. So with that in mind, I decided to post a Thankful Thursday- Rain Edition.

Rain Boots: I don't have Hunter Boots, however, after this rain season I think they are due for next year. Instead I rock my rain boots from Century 21 I picked up when I was in NYC and stuck in a rainstorm. I've already received plenty of compliments on them today.

Rain Jacket: While not fancy, I picked up this ultra light weight rain jacket from Old Navy last Spring and I wear it a ton. I am not an umbrella girl, I usually already have my hands full and they never seem to keep me as dry as when I just use a hood. Hoods are money.

Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Hair Spray: This works really well in wet conditions. I hate flat ironing my hair and then it getting frizzy or limp as soon an ounce of moisture touches it. I found this sucker a couple of months ago and it is my hair spray staple. It works- true story.

Cover Girl Powder: Again, totally not a fancy item, but I keep it in my purse. Since I do rely on my hood my face gets a bit slick in the rain. This sucker fixes it all and brings me back to normal in 2 seconds.
Sofia Blanc de Blancs: Of course, what is best at the end of a waterlogged day? A little bubbly. This one is not fancy, but for a girl who's favorite alcoholic beverage is bubbles, this gets the job done, and looks pretty too!

What do you rely on when there are hurricane conditions outside?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Fling

The weather on the west coast has been horrendous. It sure as heck does not feel like Spring, maybe a bit more like January. It was my Birfday on Saturday. It also poured all day long. Hubbs and I had a date night where we participated in a little Happy Hour and then tried a new French bistro. I then enjoyed some awesome carrot cake cupcakes that Hubbs picked up for me, my favorite. I somewhat followed the March Madness games but realized I was going crazy calculating possible outcomes. I am hovering towards the top of the pool, but we all know how quickly things can change. 

I did make it by the Gap Friends & Family Sale and picked up little S and Hubbs some gear. Oh, and I got a belt.  I bought Miss S some Spring clothes, but really it's hard to think about Spring when there is a forecast for torrential downpours for the next 10 days. Some things that I am vying for Spring, when this weather clears up.

This looks like black but it's navy.Nothing more chic to me than Navy. I prefer it over black any day.
These look like the perfect Spring staple to wear with skirts and my favorite-cropped pants!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Bliss

Okay, so I feel like my few and far between posts of late have only been of me bitching about being sick. Well, ain't that the truth. Since we moved I have been sick off and on and so has Hubbs, and little S. My cough just now seems to be going away (but not without the help of a little Codeine to help me sleep through it all). I finally feel like I am getting back to normal.

And without further ado... my b-day is just a week and a half away so I of course need to share what is on my wish-wish-wish list. For some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to upload pics, so I am linking, which is so not cool.

A new popcorn popper. I make a bowl of air popped popcorn almost every night. It is the best, but my cheapo popper from Walmart is on it's last leg. I am thinking I need a slight upgrade. I was looking at the fancier Cusinart, but it didn't get good reviews. This one looks like it will get the job done right.

Some casual wedges. I need a comfy pair to wear with skirts, etc. for the upcoming warm weather season. These in Navy look cute and practical.

This purse looks oh so pretty... and a great selection for spring & summer.

And of course no new purse would be complete without a nice wallet to go along with it. I love the red one of these.

Now I need to catch up on all my blogs!

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Plague

I think it was a week ago that I might of bragged about no one in the house being sick anymore. Karma is a bitch.  Because not even 24 hours later I was hit with the nastiest flu. It is now in my lungs and I sound like a tired sealion on the docks of the SF Bay.

So, my outfits have been lame, my hair a mess from the fever sweating, and through it all I have taken my ass to work. I know, I'm such a moran. But today, I am going  home early. Because something has to give.... and it can't be my sanity.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Reasons Why I Like Spring

I think we might be done battling the last round of flu in the house and I finally have a minute to take a breather and check out what's been going on. You know it's been a crazy week when you don't have a chance to check US Weekly and learn from Hubbs that Jessica Alba is pregnant and Ashlee Simpson is getting divorced. Seriously... it's been THAT nuts.So let's talk about the season that is peeking it's head out around here. Well not the past few days (brrrrrr), but will be here before I know it.

Aside from Spring being the season of my birthday, there are a few more reasons why this season is a nice companion to Winter, Summer and Fall.. Like, fall it's an in between-er. Not yet warm, still wet, yet you can probably shed those tights and bare some leg, if you dare...especially my white legs. Here are some other reasons why I enjoy Spring.

-Cherry Blossoms, or really any blooming tree. Our new house has a blooming Tulip tree right outside our kitchen window, so while I do dishes I get to look at something pretty.

One day I will whitness the famed Cherry Blossoms in DC. Until then, I dream through pictures.

-New sunglasses. During Spring time I try to work in a new pair of shades.

These ones from Tory Burch would look fabulous with my usual Spring outfit of a trench, light pants, blousy top and canvas blazer.

-Potato Pancakes: I am so not Irish, however my mom can make a mean St. Patty's Day dinner. And the best part of that: Potato Pancakes. Seriously, I could eat my annual spud quota in one sitting. True story.
These ones below look just like the ones she makes, but taken from Food Network.

-March Madness: Last year I came THIS CLOSE to winning some sweet moola in my office pool. Really I don't follow college basketball, however, it is thrilling watching it all unfold, especially when some cash is involved.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Going Casual

We have been having some gorgeous weather lately. Very Spring Like. So of course, this means wearing lighter colors . Here is a little number I wore this past Friday. Perfect for a casual day in the office. Don't mind the blurry shot. Not sure what happened there.

 Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: GAP
Scarf: GAP
Jeans: GAP
Knee Socks: Charter Club
Belt: Who knows
Boots: Etienne Aigner

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to Me

I think this would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift, dontcha think? Normally I am not a red car kind of girl-but this one... this one I can do. I have a serious obsession with Volvos. I am on my first and see myself owning one from here on out. This could be a trade up? Um... wait back to reality....Just bought a house, remember?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saddle Up to the Bar

I mentioned here that our new house has a wet bar in the living room. While some people, those that may be civilized, would remove it, this bad boy ain't going nowhere. Because how many people can say they have a bar in their living room....? That's right. You can bet your fenced in trampolines that on any given Sunday during football season, any evening in Summer during baseball season, or heck, maybe just because, I will be fixing a cocktail or pouring a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Because I can. In the living room.

Again with the fame whore cat trying to sneak in a shot.

Cardigan: Old Navy
Plaid Blouse: GAP Outlet
Belt: Macy's
Skinny Pants: GAP
Ballet Flats: GAP
Necklace: F21

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is what Sick Looks Like

People. I am in the trenches of Flu-Ville. I have never been this permanently cranky from being sick. Today I was home with little one. My patience was thin, the garage door got stuck going down, the internet and cable decided to call it a day at noon, then when emptying the dishwasher, I dropped one of my Riedel "O" glasses which led to millions of little pieces of glass scattered all over the place. At Target the bed skirt I went to get, was out. Go figure. What I did do a lot of? Watch the squirrels in our backyard tease our dog and cat inside the house. Oh, and watch footage of that big ass storm hitting the Mid West. That alone, is keeping things in perspective.

This is Lucy who is currently sitting at my side waiting for me to drop some popcorn.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sick as a Dog

We moved! People, we moved! We. Are. In.  I made a first real meal and it feels like home! There is still so much unpacking to do. I just don't have the energy... been a bit under the weather. In fact, I feel like crap, but still drug myself to work today. I've been downing Emergen-C for the past few days, but it doesn't seem to be working. To keep my moving forward, I envision that I have a bouquet of flowers, similar to these sitting on my desk to look at.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moment of Nonsense

We are moving in T-2 days, work has been capital C "crazy" all week and my little one has a nasty cold. Because of that, I bring you this awesome card  from this amazing web-site called Bluntcard. Seriously fools, I am addicted to it.  I promise next week things might be more interesting. Maybe I will be posting paint colors, or tile swatches, or various photos of the lint lifted off the lint screen of our sweet new dryer.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Point

Hey Guess what? I still haven't packed much. We have 5 days until we move... my excuse is that I have to wait until Hubbs is done doing structural stuff before I deliver goods. But I did buy a new refrigerator! And a washer and dryer! And new bedding! At least the appliances will be delivered and we don't have to pack those.

However, check out these shoes that I uncovered while sorting through things that I should probably be packing. They are super old Alfani kitten heel tweed shoes, I have worn them probably less than 5 times. I used to love Alfani shoes for being so comfortable, but somewhere a long the line they changed up their quality.  More newer Alfani's tare the most uncomfortable things my tootsies touch.

Wow, how the burnt orange carpet at work really goes nicely with the shoes, dontcha think?

I don't wear pointy toed shoes much anymore. Not sure why, maybe it is my love of peep and round toes?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moving, Moving, Moving

I've mentioned in a previous post, that we were house hunting. Well, friends, we found a house and got the keys! To kick things off, Hubbs has been at the new house all weekend knocking down walls and what not to create a nice master suite, since before it was miniature.

The house is definetly one that has plenty of projects, but even with the 1970's light fixtures, formica in some areas of the kitchen countertops ???, and wet bar in the living room (which btw, is staying, because hello....wet bar in the living room!),  it is still a great house. It just means that when we are done doing these big projects, the house will be exactly the way we like.

We are so excited that just next weekend we will be in our new house! I am not excited about the packing I have yet to do... guess I should get on that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion Foot Fix

I have been having some foot issues. Particularily with my left foot and my heels are contributing to the problem- GASP! I've been ignoring this for awhile now because my feet still looked pretty (I have pretty feet, if I must say) so I just chalked the problem up to the actual heels but the truth is, each pair seems to enhance my problem. No matter if it is a cheap pair or nicer pair, at the end of the day, it's not fun. I have even been oblivious to the fact that I have altered my walk to help alleviate the pain. Again, this I am just finally realizing really isn't normal.

If I wear flats, my feet are much better, I whizz around with no worries, and especially, no ghetto limp. My mom pretty much put an intervention on my ass the other day, mandating that I wear more flats so the problem does not get worse.

I guess... if I have to. The truth is I love wearing flats, my issue is just finding the right pants to work well with them. Skinny jeans have definetly helped me in this area, however, I still don't have many "flat friendly" pants that LOOK GOOD. My  new favorite pair of pants are black cropped skinny jeans from GAP. I wear them all the time, with heels and with flats, they look so chic to me. Very Audrey Hepburn.

GAP just introduced some new cropped skinny styles that I can't wait to try out. And in case anyone is wondering, my shopping ban goes out the window on this factor because this is for the health of my feet. Here are some styles I am itching to get. They look to be super universal.
Cropped Slim Trousers in Flint Gray.

Cropped Skinny Trouser Jeans

Disclaimer: I wear heels probably 4 out 5 days a week at work. This problem is making me change up my work fashion game by reducing my heel days down to 3. I wear flats on weekends.  At this point I can't give up the style and look of heels, I just like them too much. Let's try baby steps, and then go from there.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black & White

While cleaning out my closet I came across this skirt from GAP sfrom several summers ago. I figured I would dust it off and pair it with some tights and call it a day. This pic is at the end of the day, hence the shiny and tired face. Let me just say I received many compliments on the outfit today, I think  florals in the winter cheer people up. What do you think?

Blouse: Old Navy
Skirt: GAP
Tights: Macy's
Heels: Jessica Simpson
Belt: Target

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morsels

Going into the new year my goal was to really follow a budget. After cleaning out my closet I realized there were things that I could really work into my rotation that have been sitting neglected for a long time. Of course, there were plenty of things I purged too. So I have been staying away from the stores, but that doesn't mean I haven't been looking online.  There are so many things I want/need for Spring  that I might just have to chip away at them slowly so I don't blow my budget in one fell swoop.

This looks like the perfect dress  from The LOFT for an upcoming March day wedding I will be attending. With a belted cardigan, tights and heels, it could be the perfect Winter to Spring transition dress.
Another floral number. This skirt from The Loft looks like it could be super universal and could go with many different colors.

I don't really think I need to say why I want this Kate Spade purse. It speaks for itself.
I am a trench coat junkie. I wear mine into the ground and my current one is on its last leg. This version from the GAP looks perfect for upcoming Spring downpours.

These bad boys from Nine West would look great with Spring pencil skirts and dreses all the way through summer. Just wish there was a peep toe to show off a cute pedicure.