Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is what Sick Looks Like

People. I am in the trenches of Flu-Ville. I have never been this permanently cranky from being sick. Today I was home with little one. My patience was thin, the garage door got stuck going down, the internet and cable decided to call it a day at noon, then when emptying the dishwasher, I dropped one of my Riedel "O" glasses which led to millions of little pieces of glass scattered all over the place. At Target the bed skirt I went to get, was out. Go figure. What I did do a lot of? Watch the squirrels in our backyard tease our dog and cat inside the house. Oh, and watch footage of that big ass storm hitting the Mid West. That alone, is keeping things in perspective.

This is Lucy who is currently sitting at my side waiting for me to drop some popcorn.

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