Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keep On Truckin'

So my second job this week has been finding a new daycare/preschool for Miss S. So stressful, I tell yah. Despite the stress, I am actually excited for this next chapter in her life. The options I have been looking at are with more kids her age. She is so active and smart that I want her to be constantly learning new things and not be bored. So I think things will be okay.

In other exciting news, Miss S has pee peed on the potty! The first was on Wednesday night and the second tonight! I am so excited, I really think we are on the right path!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Why are some weeks just easy and some weeks suck?

How come first thing on Monday I have to find out my daycare provider is picking up her family and moving out of state?

Why can't it be on a Friday so I can drink away my misery with Chardonnay?

Ok, I would just have a glass...

Why is it that I can't seem to find 2T sweatshirts anywhere? It's Nor Cal! We get fog in the a.m. and p.m. even in the summer, so can someone alert the stores that not everyone is hotter than Dallas?

Who decided that acid wash denim leggings were back in style because I sure as heck didn't!

Blue Steel a.k. Monday Evening Frustration
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elmo's Potty Time

Half assed attempts at Potty Training have been taking place for about two months now. By half assed, I mean putting Miss S on the toilet right before bath time and more frequently during the day on the weekends. I also bought her "Elmo's Potty Time" DVD since really, Elmo is like her hero. So I figured as soon as she watched it the first time she would race to the toilet, pee, wipe and flush and we were trained! Not so much.

While she will sit on the toilet at night, she is more interested in playing with the toilet paper roll and tossing the paper into the toilet. If I take it away she practically tries to yank the toilet roll holder off the wall and loses focus. Needless to say, no actual pee pee on the potty yet.

Miss S has accomplished most milestones early. I guess I figured I wouldn't need to do much and she would just get it. Granted, since this process began, she has learned to announce when she is going pee pee, just not before she actually goes. My goal is to have her trained by the time she is 2, which is four months away. I know she can do it, I just need to know of a better strategy, and I guess be better at making it a habit as something to work on harder. I don't want force her, but I just know she can do it and I know I can do it.

Any tried and true suggestions? I haven't really done too much research on this topic yet, but as of now I realize that four months away is really right around the corner.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Book Worm

So at the beginning of summer I said that I wanted to read four books. The first one up is The Girls from Ames.

I originally had seen this and passed over it because it is written by a guy and I figured what the heck does a guy know about girl friendships. Then I came upon it again and realized that the guy writing it actually interviewed the women for the book and that it was actually nonfiction. Plus the fact that both of my parents hail from the midwest (one from North Dakota, one from Iowa), I thought it would be interesting to tap into where they came from.

I started reading on Sunday and I am hooked. I thought I was hooked when I read The Help, but this one just is so good. Maybe because these women really are real. Each night this week, as soon as the dishes are done, the kitchen cleaned up and the house somewhat orderly, I plop down on the couch and stick my nose into the book.

The other night Hubbs was sitting next to me watching TV and made a funny comment. "I wish I had a good book to read, all I have is my stupid iPhone 4". Which on another note, he is obsessed with.