Friday, July 9, 2010

Book Worm

So at the beginning of summer I said that I wanted to read four books. The first one up is The Girls from Ames.

I originally had seen this and passed over it because it is written by a guy and I figured what the heck does a guy know about girl friendships. Then I came upon it again and realized that the guy writing it actually interviewed the women for the book and that it was actually nonfiction. Plus the fact that both of my parents hail from the midwest (one from North Dakota, one from Iowa), I thought it would be interesting to tap into where they came from.

I started reading on Sunday and I am hooked. I thought I was hooked when I read The Help, but this one just is so good. Maybe because these women really are real. Each night this week, as soon as the dishes are done, the kitchen cleaned up and the house somewhat orderly, I plop down on the couch and stick my nose into the book.

The other night Hubbs was sitting next to me watching TV and made a funny comment. "I wish I had a good book to read, all I have is my stupid iPhone 4". Which on another note, he is obsessed with.


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