Monday, March 31, 2008


Things I Was Doing at Work While I Was Supposedly "Working"

1) Signed up at Fit Pregnancy online to receive the regular newsletters

2) Signed up at Baby Center online to receive the regular newsletter

3) Thought about what I was going to eat for lunch

4) Remembered I had brought left over pesto pasta and sighed happily

5) Thought about dinner with my mom tonight at our favorite Chinese restaurant

6) Browsed Gap maternity for some clothes to actually let me freaking breath

7) Searched for a good Swedish meatball recipe

8) Walked to the break room 4,000 times and acted like I was refilling my coffee mug, but in reality I just wanted to read the paper

9) Checked out the weather four times

10) Imagined myself on the elliptical machine and vowed that tomorrow I would be back in the gym.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big News!

I finally feel okay to say this....... I..... am..... preggers, knocked up, got a bun in the oven, expecting, etc. I am 9 weeks today. How did this happen you might wonder? Well, I don't feel like I need to go into the birds and the bees because, in all actuality, we know how this happened.

It has been a tight secret to keep. The only ones who know is the family, but that is it. Thinking about telling the boss this week so she can understand why I am always feeling like crap. She is a mom so hopefully she will be understanding.

The truth is, I started this blog to chronicle pregnancy. When I started it we were "not protecting", (I hate the word "trying"). So when I found out I was preggers, I wanted to make sure before I actually started documenting things. But after, two ultrasounds, feeling like crap, vuluptious boobies, crazy dreams and food aversions, I guess this thing is real and okay to start discussing.

I am thrilled, and excited. Some days it is all I can think about, some days I barely think about it. The hubbs is thrilled and has turned into quite the caretaker. Prior to being storked he did not cook. Now at least twice a week he makes me breakfast, helps out at dinner time and checks in to make sure I am eating my meat.

I never thought this pregnancy thing would be so confusing. I had no idea the amount of foods you could not eat! I am still ticked off about the no lunch meat rule! Come on. You know how good a ham and cheese sandwich sounds right now? On sourdough.

There are so many tests I need to take which check things with really long names that I don't understand. I just want to make sure I am doing everything right, but it seems so hard! No soft cheeses, no lunch meat, no cleaning the kitty litter (fine by me), no drinking (duh), little or no seafood, no aleve! I am prone to a mean headache and truly live off of Aleve, so having to suffer through headaches is hard. Although I have taken some Tylenol (because my doc said I could), they don't kick enough of my headache's ass.

Bottom line to all of this, now that I am storked, I worry about everything. To understand the intensity of my worry, I will list them in no particular order.

1) Sleeping on my stomach

2) Getting all my nutrients

3) I've been eating so much I worry I am going gain more than the 3-4 lbs. you are supposed to gain in the first trimester

4) I worry about the tylenol I have taken

5) I wash my hands 2,000 times a day, they are so dry that if I moved my hand across my face I would get a laceration

6) Tossing my cookies at work

7) Germs are now everywhere, wheras three months ago I firmly believed in the 5 second (heck 30 second rule)

8) Ignoring the fact I have to pee in the middle of the night and going back to sleep will cause a nasty UTI.

9) What people at work will think of me once the news gets out (which I am planning on doing when I start showing, except my boss)

10) And all things most mom's worry about, the scientific stuff.

Okay, that's it for today. I now have heartburn from that damn good Carl's Jr. dinner. Yes, Sunday dinner at Carl's Jr. I love being pregnant.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Crazy Kitty

In the shower this morning, hubbs came into the bathroom to tell me that Puss had dismantled the flowers which were on the kitchen counter. She had pulled each stem out and sat them on the counter for me to see when I came downstairs.

Before I got in the shower I heard her running around the house tearing things up. Her tail was super fat which means she is full of piss and vinegar. I always wonder how a cat can get so crazy. Does she wake up in the morning thinking "I need to get me some flowers and toss them onto the counter, then I need to sneak attack Lucy and then climb under the couches and look for anything I might of lost, i.e. pens, feathers, tin foil balls, etc." It literally is like she is on crack.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Love of Print, and I Don't Mean Clothes

I have the need, the need to read....

In the past year I have become addicted to all things news related. I love the news, scour various websites daily and am the first to know the latest to tell everyone in my office (although majority of the time I just read and absorb). It started out by reading Page Six in the NY Post to reading the entire thing. Then it went to New York Magazine (which is my favorite) then to the New Yorker, then to the Wall Street Journal then to CNN.... what is going on here? Am I really craving the outside world that much when I am at work? I was supposed to be a freaking reporter wasn't I? Maybe that is why Diane Sawyer is one of my heros? I would probably be really good at it. Our local paper is pathetic and is always boiling over with grammatical errors and incomplete stories, therefore in order to get anything of importance I must stray to the larger, East Coast publications.

I literally have a morning routine. It first starts out by me checking out Weather then my Glamour blogs, then New York Post then MSN, then Good Morning America , then Us Weekly. If I notice something of interest and exciting regarding the stock market or business on the NY Post page, I will automatically take a detour to Wall Street Journal or the NY Times. I don't like to be the last to know anything, and if there is news breaking I like to be able to get all of the details. Especially when it comes to the market. I like to read up on those articles because aside from being a reporter I think I should of been a stock broker, a la Working Girl. I think I could kick ass in that male dominated world. My news obsession is weird, don't you think? Granted, it is not as bad as having CNN on at all times (like in airports), but I fear that it will someday reach that level.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Birthday Update

When I got home from work on my birthday, the hubbs gave me his gift. I did not know what to expect since I had not told him what I wanted and he did not ask. After the card opening he pulled out THE box.... yes, it was robin's egg blue with a white ribbon with the words "Tiffany & Co". I did not even have to look inside, because seriously, I was good with just the box! Still not knowing what to expect, I opened up the box and then the pouch and there sat the necklace I had pined over for the past four months! It was shown here. I looked up at him and said "how did you know?", apparently Mr. Sneaky Sneaky himself has been reading my blogs regularily and got the idea from that blog I posted here. Still shocked, and then embarassed that he had been reading my ramblings for so long. Oh well, all I can say that when Christmas rolls around I will be posting what I want again-fo sho. Once I got over my excitement we darted off to dinner where we were sat in the back corner in a separate room for some reason and regularily ignored by our waiter. The restaurant was having an off night, I believe, but everything was still good. I was too stuffed to even think about dessert because I had eaten so much bread.

My Bottom Line: I love thy Hubbs!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bracket Bummer

March Madness officially started today and I am ticked off and pouting as I write this. I look forward to this time of year all year long. I usually print out my bracket, randomly look at who I need to guess on, scribble in the teams and hope that for some odd reason I win the office pool. Although I have been close in years past, I have not won.
Looking at my bracket has been on my "To Do" list for the past week however has never made my top 3. Because I waited too long, now, I sit like an outsider looking in as some of my coworkers follow the games throughout the day while glancing at their completed brackets which are tacked up on their office walls. Occasionally my concentration is broken by muffled jears as they let out their frustration or excitement of a win or loss.
Jerk offs- way to rub it in. It always gave me such an excuse to not work during the day, because, shoot... mama needs a new pair of shoes!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 26th birthday. I am at work. Acting like I am working. Most of my coworkers are out of the office or sick so we could not do a group lunch to celebrate. They did send me some exotic looking flowers though and the hubbs also sent me a large bouquet too. I instead went to grab a mini salad and a weird looking quiche from a good market nearby but was tempted to just hall ass into the Carl's Junior parking lot and get a Superstar meal. It sounded so good.... I was craving it but decided to be good since my dinner will take care of my calorie quota for the day. Not that I count, I just try to not get crazy, which it seems like I have been doing lately. I rarely eat fast food, but sometimes you just need to.
Hubbs made me breakfast in bed. Because I have been so nauseated lately it was nice to eat before I got out of bed. I wore a new shirt my mom gave me this past weekend. We are going to our favorite French restaurant for dinner. It is so good. Hopefully I will get the cherries jubilee for dessert. Ummm.... So that is basically it for my typical birthday. Oh yeah, a couple of my coworkers brought in cupcakes in serenaded me at 9 a.m. That was fun.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My St. Patty's Day

I am home sick today. Phooey. Sick to my stomach. Have been slurping down ginger ale like it's going out of style. I first tried the Safeway brand but that is clearly useless so drove all the way across town with the hubbs to go to Whole Foods and pick up real ginger ale. The kind that actually contains ginger. I took another can for the car ride home. It tasted so horrible I had to pinch my noes when I took a sip. It literally tasted like band-aids.

Day time tv stinks. After my Good Morning America and Live With Regis & Kelly watching I soon found out that between 11-3 the only things to watch was A Baby Story or Bringing Home Baby. I watched all 5 episodes and cried during all three.

There was no food in our house so I got myself off the couch and brought my lazy & sick ass to Safeway to get food which sounded good (Hubbs is at work so I can't have him pick things up). Every shopper there was wearing their green shirts in spirit with the holiday. I was coicidentally wearing a green sweatshirt with bleach marks. By the time I came home all I could think about was putting something in my stomach. I made a whole wheat grilled cheese with Kraft Singles! We never had Kraft Singles growing up (along with sugary cereals and Kool-Aid) but I think they are truly the tastiest things to use for a grilled cheese. That is the only time I like them. It was such a good sandwhich. I contemplated making another one, but decided I needed to drink more water instead.

My mom made the traditional Irish dinner on Saturday night (we are not Irish) and I ate so much food. Now thinking about it makes me almost dry heave.

So excited, my favorite show "How I Met Your Mother" is finally airing all new episodoes starting tonight! Whoo Hoo!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flying First Class

Yesterday I took a field trip down to one of our wineries three hours south. Instead of piling into my car, we were able to take one of our company planes down making the trip into a 45 minute rendezevous. It makes life so simpler. I wish everyone could just take planes everywhere, we could get places so much faster.

It is when I am up in a private plane flying above San Francisco that I think how lucky I am to be doing what I am doing. Then I land, the wind is blowing 65 mph, dust tornadoes are everywhere with dirt flying into my mouth I decide that maybe my job is a bit over rated. I grew up out in the country and have no fear of getting down and dirty (yeah, we even raised pigs). However, when I have gritty teeth and a headache from hurricane force winds I just want to say "peace out" and throw in the towel. Maybe it was because I was somewhat nautious from the bumpy plane ride, or maybe because I was just in a fowl mood yesterday. I don't know, I am still cranky thinking about it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wrestle Mania- Puss vs. Lucy

WrestleMania broke out in our house several weeks ago involving our dog (Lucy) and our cat (Patty Pickles) who we usually call Puss. She likes to sneak attack Lucy. She hides behind chairs or around the corner of a room and waits until Lucy is right next to her and runs out and does a pat, pat, pat on Lucy's back legs. Puss never gets tired of sneak attacking. She does it to me and does it to hubbs all the time. She is so not sneaky because she has become so predictable. We expect to see her waiting for us around the corner. As soon as I run up the stairs, I know she will be right behind me trying to do the pat, pat, pat.

On the other hand, Lucy has been chasing Puss all over the place. It is a constant Tom & Jerry zone up in our house. I will be on the phone and have to put the phone down to break up the wrestling match which has broken out on my living room floor. They only play, Puss provokes Lucy and Lucy chases her. It is an equal match despite the size difference. I would say Lucy is like Andre the Giant and Puss more like a Hulk Hogan, although they were different sizes, it was always a good match (I have an older brother so needless to say I watched many episodes of Saturday morning WWF growing up, not to mention I was also caught up in a couple of headlocks which he liked to bust out when I was telling on him). Despite their constant chaos, they still love eachother.
Here are some pics of my crazies when they are not busting out WWF moves.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Savings.... shmavings...

They call it Daylight Savings time... but I am not saving anything, especially sleep. How is it that my body is so out of whack by just an hour? I don't get it. I have already been tired enough as it is and we had to go ahead and move things forward a week earlier than normal? Ugh. I've got the Monday blues. Weekends are too short. I have been way too tired to get anything done, although yesterday I did wash my car since it was filthy from sitting at the airport.

Our neighbors were having their 7,458 party of the year yesterday. Cars were driving up and people were piling out in droves. For all the people, I actually could not hear them that much, which was nice. I saw them carrying in cases of Heineken. I think that is their favorite drink of choice because whenever their garage door is open they have cases and cases stacked up. Never do I see them mix in Corona, Newcastle, Fosters or anything else. You can tell I am not familiar with beer. I don't drink it, simply hate it. The only one I think is tolerable (but not enjoyable) is a Corona with a lime. Beer makes me feel so bloated plus it tastes so rank to me. I drink wine or champagne, period. Maybe an occasional bellini. Very picky when it comes to alchoholic beverages.

I started getting sick last week and started feeling better yesterday. Woke up this a.m. and I felt like crap-ola all over again. Going to get my priorities taken care of today at work and then head home around lunch time. Enough Monday ramblings for me.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Throw Back Thursday

Back in the day (i.e. high school) I had the crappiest and cheesiest cell phone ever. It was right when cell phones were becoming more popular. Most of my friends had one but they only used them when they needed a ride some place or there was an emergency. They were black and bulky. It was way before special cases and text messaging. We only used the damn phone when we needed to just get er done.

Keeping in line with the car I was driving at the time, here, I had the ultimate Zack Morris phone. It was a Motorola, it was gray and when completely unfolded and flipped out it probably stretched about 16 inches long. No joke. It was not as bad as the phone shown, but it was bad. I think it weighed close to 8 lbs. It was not discrete and I was always told that the phone belonged in Save by the Bell or Miami Vice. So glad technology has improved since then. Also so glad my company pays for my super snazzy Blackberry. Without it I would be lost...or my life would be much simpler.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Since the hubbs was sick on Saturday in Sedona we have only sparse pictures and a brief clip of DJ Diamond at REDS singing to "Baby Got Back". Needless to say, I did get some good photos of the lovely scenery and some ducks. Oh yeah, I did have enough time to back our rental car into a an invisble post in the freaking parking lot. It would not have been a successful trip unless I did something completely useless. Good thing it was a business trip!

Awesome view, but still clutching my Blackberry

Striking a pose at the creek behind our hotel.

Some ducks

I'm Bringing Cooking Back

I am running out of ideas for dinner recipes. I usually am on top of my game by preparing my weekly meal list on the weekend when I do my grocery shopping. Now my planning is nonexistent mostly from the lack of recipes I am finding. I have been scouring Food Network, Epicurious, etc. and nothing sounds good or sounds like too much of pain in the ass. I get home around 5:30-6 and the last thing I want to do is make a grand feast. I want to just grab a hunk of cheese and a loaf of bread go to bed and call it a night. Hey, at least I am getting two food groups.

I need suggestions. I am in a rut and keep making the same things or just simply making sandwhiches. Hubbs is not complaining (who by the way He will eat anything and does not care if it is gourmet or healthy. I care about the healthy part.

My Bottom Line: I am tired of strolling through Safeway with a blank look on my face.

Monday, March 3, 2008


My mom stayed at our house while were gone in AZ (to watch our kitty and pooch). When I walked in last night our house was spotless (mopped floors and everything), she had bought me more sponges, made me deviled eggs, cleaned my grapes, did my ironing, cleaned out the kitty litter box (I know), bought me kleenex boxes for pretty much every room (I have never have kleenex, and it drives her nuts). The carpet was vacuumed and she even got out my Easter decorations and bought us Easter candy! I keep the house pretty clean (she taught me well) but I should of known that when she sees an unorganized linen closet, it was down hill from there!

She also left us a brand new scale which was waiting for us in our master bathroom. Is that a hint, mom? The last one we had was circa 1985 from grandparent's home and was always 10 lbs. too heavy. Needless to say, I said she could stay at our house whenever she wanted to, even when we were there. So relieved I don't have to clean the house when I get home tonight. I am so lucky.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Celebrities, Where art thou?

Back from Sedona. Tired. Hubbs' luggage was lost on the way back but we finally retrieved it from the next flight. Hubbs also got the freaking flu yesterday. Go figure. Oh well. It was a great weekend, regardless.
At Friday night dinner we were at a nice restaurant with a group of about 25 and I noticed a couple and a toddler walk in. The lady was holding the todder... when I went to look at her face I noticed it was Kimberly Williams (of Father of the Bride and Life According to Jim) walking next to her man Brad Paisley! I did a quick smile like we were friends and they continued their way across the restaurant. I then brought those next to me into a close huddle and pointed them out (real smooth). Everyone did not know who she was (which I was shocked because both Father of the Bride movies are the best).

I seem to be quite the hawk eye. When I was in New York in January, Hulk Hogan walked into my hotel lobby when I was checking in. Then another time in New York I saw George Lucas and Claire Danes at Nobu (they were not together). I am on a roll and can not wait to see who I will see next. Maybe Tom Brady (so hot). Then again if I saw him I just might not be on the flight home. Just kidding.
Enough celebrity talk and lusting. I really am not that consumed. It is only when I am around them that I get excited (or randomly thinking about a Patriot quarterback).