Monday, March 31, 2008


Things I Was Doing at Work While I Was Supposedly "Working"

1) Signed up at Fit Pregnancy online to receive the regular newsletters

2) Signed up at Baby Center online to receive the regular newsletter

3) Thought about what I was going to eat for lunch

4) Remembered I had brought left over pesto pasta and sighed happily

5) Thought about dinner with my mom tonight at our favorite Chinese restaurant

6) Browsed Gap maternity for some clothes to actually let me freaking breath

7) Searched for a good Swedish meatball recipe

8) Walked to the break room 4,000 times and acted like I was refilling my coffee mug, but in reality I just wanted to read the paper

9) Checked out the weather four times

10) Imagined myself on the elliptical machine and vowed that tomorrow I would be back in the gym.


Christy said...

Sounds like tough day.

Just wondering - are staying home with the new baby or are you going to continue working?

Missy Marshmallow said...

My goal is to continue working, however, maybe negotiate working from home, shorter weeks, etc. I have to play it by ear.

Jeninacide said...

Why am I just now figuring out that there is a GAP MATERNITY. FOOK! I walked around in HIDEOUS Old Navy my entire pregnancy WTF?