Monday, March 10, 2008

Savings.... shmavings...

They call it Daylight Savings time... but I am not saving anything, especially sleep. How is it that my body is so out of whack by just an hour? I don't get it. I have already been tired enough as it is and we had to go ahead and move things forward a week earlier than normal? Ugh. I've got the Monday blues. Weekends are too short. I have been way too tired to get anything done, although yesterday I did wash my car since it was filthy from sitting at the airport.

Our neighbors were having their 7,458 party of the year yesterday. Cars were driving up and people were piling out in droves. For all the people, I actually could not hear them that much, which was nice. I saw them carrying in cases of Heineken. I think that is their favorite drink of choice because whenever their garage door is open they have cases and cases stacked up. Never do I see them mix in Corona, Newcastle, Fosters or anything else. You can tell I am not familiar with beer. I don't drink it, simply hate it. The only one I think is tolerable (but not enjoyable) is a Corona with a lime. Beer makes me feel so bloated plus it tastes so rank to me. I drink wine or champagne, period. Maybe an occasional bellini. Very picky when it comes to alchoholic beverages.

I started getting sick last week and started feeling better yesterday. Woke up this a.m. and I felt like crap-ola all over again. Going to get my priorities taken care of today at work and then head home around lunch time. Enough Monday ramblings for me.


Christy said...

Daylight saving time sucks ass. I was soooooo tired this morning.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Jennifer said...

I agree. DST totally sucks ass.

And I hate beer too.

Tis the season for everyone to get sick. Hope you get better soon.

Lindz said...

Daylight saving sucks booty. I love the extra day light but dang this week is kicking my butt, I'm so tired. I felt like a lame-ass last night when I went to bed at 9:30, then I realized it is technically 10:30.