Monday, March 17, 2008

My St. Patty's Day

I am home sick today. Phooey. Sick to my stomach. Have been slurping down ginger ale like it's going out of style. I first tried the Safeway brand but that is clearly useless so drove all the way across town with the hubbs to go to Whole Foods and pick up real ginger ale. The kind that actually contains ginger. I took another can for the car ride home. It tasted so horrible I had to pinch my noes when I took a sip. It literally tasted like band-aids.

Day time tv stinks. After my Good Morning America and Live With Regis & Kelly watching I soon found out that between 11-3 the only things to watch was A Baby Story or Bringing Home Baby. I watched all 5 episodes and cried during all three.

There was no food in our house so I got myself off the couch and brought my lazy & sick ass to Safeway to get food which sounded good (Hubbs is at work so I can't have him pick things up). Every shopper there was wearing their green shirts in spirit with the holiday. I was coicidentally wearing a green sweatshirt with bleach marks. By the time I came home all I could think about was putting something in my stomach. I made a whole wheat grilled cheese with Kraft Singles! We never had Kraft Singles growing up (along with sugary cereals and Kool-Aid) but I think they are truly the tastiest things to use for a grilled cheese. That is the only time I like them. It was such a good sandwhich. I contemplated making another one, but decided I needed to drink more water instead.

My mom made the traditional Irish dinner on Saturday night (we are not Irish) and I ate so much food. Now thinking about it makes me almost dry heave.

So excited, my favorite show "How I Met Your Mother" is finally airing all new episodoes starting tonight! Whoo Hoo!


Jennifer said...

Sorry your St Patty's day was spent being sick.

Never had "real" Ginger Ale with real ginger in it. Not sure I could stomach something that tasted like bandaids when I'm already sick. Eew.

Hope you get to feeling better!

Christy said...

TV during the day really does suck. Fortunately, Porgie will not let me watch TV anyways. If the TV is on, we must watch Barney or Blue's Clues.