Friday, January 29, 2010

Me Linky

I got this little number last weekend. It is so light weight and perfect for Spring. And it's cute and cheap.

These were in my stocking at Christmas. Let me tell you, my have hands have been transformed. They have come from looking like I was out plowing fields all day, to dainty little smooth hands. My goal is to get my hands hang nail free by next weekend so I can finally get a manicure. And maybe have them look like this. I know, that might be wishful thinking.

I also just ordered this for Miss S in bright pink. It just arrived and it is freaking adorable. She loves to read her books in it.

Aight peeps. I am done. You couldn't get much out of me this week.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Some days are just so hectic. Today was one of them. I spent most of my day driving around to various meetings. All the while, it was dumping buckets of rain. At one point I hydroplaned which made my heart skip a beat and I think at the same time I sprouted my first gray hair. Ugh. So when I finally was able to settle back at my desk, the first thing I thought of to mellow out the stress of the day was look at this. Sometimes a little sugar is all I need to unwind.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Diary of an Escape Artist

My formal name is Patty, as in Peppermint Patty. However, through the past years I have adopted many other names thus am rarely called my formal name unless company is over. My parents (Missy Marshmallow and Hubbs) usually call me “Pussy Pickles” (like Pussy Cat) or “Kitty” but mostly just “Puss” (pronounced puuh-us).

I have recently mastered the art of escaping unnoticed for a period of time in the evening hours after that toddler has gone to bed and while my parents are cleaning the kitchen, watching their TIVO’d shows or checking their Facebook pages. The door into the garage floats open if it is not shut properly, a perfect way for me to get the heck out of dodge. Since I am an indoor feline, all I do all day is sleep or wish I was outside frolicking with other felines.
In the past week I have sneaked out about three times, and each time I was soon discovered in the backyard like a pathetic rodent not knowing where to go. As soon as they open the back door I go running back in because, hey, that’s all I know!

Though last night, I grew some balls and decided to venture a bit further. I heard my parents calling my name for a half hour. I heard them circle the block on foot and in their car with their windows down, shining their brights on houses, trying to see if their precious kitty had flipped them the bird once and for all. My mom was quite worried I could tell. I could hear her yell at the Hubbs to find a better flashlight instead of the mini-SOLAR powered Mag-Lite rip off from the Dollar Store.

I made it into the backyard behind our house when some monster sized cat looking for a good time approached me. It was at that time that my mom heard this scuffling behind the house that she located my wherabouts, hollered for Hubbs and began to climb the massive oak tree to hurdle the fence.

It was at this point I wanted to get back home. The monster cat scurried off into the bushes. I tried to climb the fence back over but my lack of outside skills kept me grounded. It started to rain. Hubbs and Missy S barked at eachother about who was going to go into the neighbor’s backyard to retrieve me and risk getting shot by the home owners. Finally, they figured things out and Hubbs came and got me, handed me to my mom who carried me back into the house. I was a drowned rat. But, I had a blast. After a quick drink of water, I curled up on top of my mom’s new pea coat and snuggled there the rest of the night. Suckers.

Sneaky McSneakerson

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Defining Moments

We have AppleTV. With it, you can see all of your pictures you have saved on your computer display in a slideshow right on your TV. Last night, while waiting for Hubbs to get off the phone so we could watch How I Met Your Mother, I sat watching all of the pictures pass by in no order at all. It was just so amazing to me to watch so many different moments of my life. It got me thinking to certain moments in my life that define who I am today. Here are some of my favorites:
-The way I felt on the first date with my now-Hubbs, full of butterflies and innocence
-A hit and run accident that left me with 40 stitches on my forehead and years of rigorous therapy
-Getting into the highly competitive college I hoped for
-Graduating in FOUR years! Unheard of nowadays.
-Getting engaged to my now Hubbs
-Walking into our first house the night after moving in, inhaling the smell of fresh paint and new carpet.
-Getting hammered at my Bachelorette wine tasting party and barfing all over the limo in front of family and friends.
-Marrying Hubbs
-My three grandparents passing away within three months. When they left, it felt like a piece of my childhood left with them.
-My small procedure which indicated I had endometriosis
-The positive sign
-Four family members being killed in a horrible accident while I was four months pregnant. I think I matured beyond my years the day that happened.
-The birth of Miss S
-Learning to be a mommy.
-Becoming a tight unit of a family. The best defining moment ever.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Little Gas

Since the stomach flu dominated our house this past weekend, I still am not quiet back to normal in the digestive tract. So today, I had to make a quick talk to a room full of sales executives in my company and while I was waiting around to go on I realized I was getting all gassy from my freaking coffee. My stomach apparently was not agreeing with it and wanted to get all crazy on me. It was so hard for me to keep it in. I literally thought I was going to make it to the front of the room, go to give my presentation and rip a fat fart in front of all of them. I was even thinking about witty things to say if something so mortifying actually did happen. I shifted and moved around in my seat and eventually that feeling passed (not literally) and I was ready to give my talk without blowing everyone out of the room. Can you imagine? I guess at least it would be guaranteed that they would remember my presentation!
I know.....gross. But my stomach has been on the fritz all week so I had to vent somewhere.

Monday, January 11, 2010

We Be Illin'

My swell weekend kicked off with a nice start when I got the stomach flu on Friday. Followed by Miss S, again, my mom who was staying with us while hubbs was away and then lastly, hubbs when he returned Friday evening. Let me just say, there were a lot of loads of laundry, bowls of soup consumed, glasses of water refilled and Baby Einstein movies watched.

I didn’t leave the house until yesterday night when I decided I should get some groceries that weren’t just of the liquid form. Despite feeling like ass all weekend long, I did get some serious snuggle time in with my girl. That is always nice.

I can’t believe I made it back to work today. That in itself is a miracle.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Barf Bonanza

Home with a sick little girl today. She woke up gagging and I brushed it off as some phlem in her throaght. I got her all dressed and loaded into the car and as soon as we pulled up to daycare she ralphed all over herself and the carseat. Good thing we have leather seats! Poor thing. I turned right around and headed home. I had three meetings to cancel. A little stressful, especially since Hubbs is gone on business. Now she is sleeping after ralphing some more at home. I have been able to catch up on some work, probably more than if I was stuck in meetings!

So hopefully she can keep something down. I might need to go get her some Pedialyte if she doesn't get better.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hurricane Holiday

Hurricane Holiday 2009 swept through the house starting on 12/23 when I began frantically cramming all of my "to-dos" into a 48 hour window. Once all items were tackled (Christmas night), I looked around to see what the storm left in its wake:

Crumpled wrapping paper sat under the couch and just out of reach even with the help of the back scratcher, multiple hairballs the Swiffer missed swirled around by the air of the floor vents like tumbleweeds on the highway between Tucson and Phoenix, pine needles were scattered out further and further into the living room, there was a never ending supply of crumbs grazing the counter tops from the late night cookie munching Hubbs, a dried up poinsettia I neglected before I even brought it home begrudgingly as a favor from a party sat glaring at me on top of a cabinet, a sweater for Hubbs that already had a snag in it rested on top of the couch waiting to be tried on and lastly, a ripped apart Leap Frog drum box which had required a Swiss Army knife and Wustof scissors to break into in order to satisfy an excited toddler.

Despite the Category 4 Hurricane Holiday, we made it out safe. It was memorable, people. Now, I can get back to eating 1,800 calories a day, only wear my sunglasses at night and drinking just one glass of Chardonnay with dinner and not another while wrapping presents, and then another when fixing the lopsided star on the tree. My digestive tract is very thankful for this.
Now, a little bit of proof of the damage around these parts.

I like Cheese. Anything, with Cheese- I like.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little Martha Stewart in Me.

If anyone is wondering how to get rid of an infestation of fruit flies, leave out an expensive bottle of Champagne overnight open and on the counter. You will wake up to find the fruit fly possie drowned inside..... Who knew there were more uses for Champagne than just drinking it.