Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hurricane Holiday

Hurricane Holiday 2009 swept through the house starting on 12/23 when I began frantically cramming all of my "to-dos" into a 48 hour window. Once all items were tackled (Christmas night), I looked around to see what the storm left in its wake:

Crumpled wrapping paper sat under the couch and just out of reach even with the help of the back scratcher, multiple hairballs the Swiffer missed swirled around by the air of the floor vents like tumbleweeds on the highway between Tucson and Phoenix, pine needles were scattered out further and further into the living room, there was a never ending supply of crumbs grazing the counter tops from the late night cookie munching Hubbs, a dried up poinsettia I neglected before I even brought it home begrudgingly as a favor from a party sat glaring at me on top of a cabinet, a sweater for Hubbs that already had a snag in it rested on top of the couch waiting to be tried on and lastly, a ripped apart Leap Frog drum box which had required a Swiss Army knife and Wustof scissors to break into in order to satisfy an excited toddler.

Despite the Category 4 Hurricane Holiday, we made it out safe. It was memorable, people. Now, I can get back to eating 1,800 calories a day, only wear my sunglasses at night and drinking just one glass of Chardonnay with dinner and not another while wrapping presents, and then another when fixing the lopsided star on the tree. My digestive tract is very thankful for this.
Now, a little bit of proof of the damage around these parts.

I like Cheese. Anything, with Cheese- I like.

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