Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Tad Late

For this pregnancy I am way behind with my nesting. I haven't taken one belly shot and I am 26 weeks! I haven't done a thing to the nursery for little man. In fact, the room is still a disaster zone housing piles of laundry, random boxes, dissassembled crib and changing table.

We have a lot of work to do. But it isn't a weekend of working hard can't do! I do know what I want to do for the design. I found this sports theme nursery on Pottery Barn Kids. We already have bedding but it isn't so theme'y, just navy and blue plaid with stars on the sheets.

I will be having a shower with this pregnancy which is pretty cool. I didn't really expect one but my party planning sister in law offered to host one since I would still need some things so of course I couldn't turn her down!

I am also contemplating doing a maternity photography session in the next several weeks. I took tons of belly shots with Miss S but didn't have maternity shots taken and think I might as well this time around because it is going to be my last one!

Am I way behind or is this normal with Baby #2?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Compress This- Need Fashion Advice

As I mentioned in my last post, this pregnancy has been rough. One of the most embarassing issues so far is the fact that my right ankle is now home to a combo of vericose and spider veins. I also have smaller patches throughout the same leg. I am mortified as my legs are one of my better assets. I am self concious about it when I wear shoes that don't cover my feet, which aside from boots, is everything! I don't know what I am going to do during the summer. Just grin and bear it, wear an ace bandage or a maxi skirt every day.

My docs say that it should get better after the baby is born however, I already plan on marching down to the nearest laser center within a few months of delivery to get them zapped. I am normally not that vain (no pun intended) or superficial but since people can see them with normal shoes, it is making me obsessed.

At my last check up, my OBGYN recommended wearing compression stockings to help things not get worse. So of course, being desparate I ran to the surgical supply place and threw down $80 on a custom pair. I now wear them all day long which still doesn't help with the shoe problem. In fact, stockings poking out of my shoes are actually a lot more obvious than the situation itself. Needless to say, if I wear tights or boots, there is no problem. However, I don't know if I can physically wear dresses or boots every day until May 3rd.... I love me some flats and heels... and is it even appropriate to wear boots so much?
Just call me Blanche.
 Meanwhile, I have started exercising more to help with circulation and been drinking a lot more water. However, I am terrified to see what they look like in another 16 weeks. I just need some suggestions as these mofos are driving me mad!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pregnancy Must Haves

This pregnancy is ROUGH! Second time around is not easy. I have had so many ailments that I feel like an old lady! But, there still isn't anything better than feeling your baby kick all day long! Now that I have dug out from the holidays and finally wrapped up being sick and being kicked in the butt by the stomach flu I feel like things are coming together. I got to thinking about things that I have to have this pregnancy, some are craving related... some are just a requirement to have in the house. So without further ado:

1) Pineapple: Whether fresh or canned, I love pineapple. Something about the acidity and sweetness that makes me feel like I am having dessert at the end of the day without eating too many calories.

2) Oatmeal: This was a morning staple when pregnant with Miss S and has proudly made it's comeback. I like it plain, no sugar: just cinnamon, raisons and bananas.

3) Donuts: I love donuts preggo or not preggo, but this time it is all I can think about. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water and I need to find a glazed old fashioned now! I am trying to cut back on my sweet intake after the holidays, but this recent craving is hard to battle. So far I have only indulged in 2 donuts since being pregnant. That is how much self control I have.

4) Pretzels: Again, I wanted them with Miss S too. I prefer the Safeway brand the best. They taste fresher than Rold Gold and are more salty, which is nice.

5) Cereal: I am typically not much of a cereal eater, but I think because I crave sweets so much right now that having a bowl of Cheerios or Kix is kind of a way to satisfy my sweet tooth. We'll see how long I fool myself.

6) Apples and peanut butter: Seriously my favorite snack that always fills me up. I regularly bust this out around 3 p.m. at work when I need something to curb me over.

7) Fruity Mentos Gum: Again, this is a band-aid to help solve my sweet tooth, but I only start popping another piece into my mouth so I don't know how much of a fix it is.

8) Lemon Water: I got into this before being pregnant. I prefer it luke warm so I can drink it faster. I love it, it's so refreshing.

9) Craisins: Love them and just tried the Pomegranate Craisins and they were very tasty too.

10) Apple Chips: I just picked up a giant bag from Costco on Saturday and am already half way through. Love that they aren't full of calories and good for you too!

So that sums up what is in my pantry/refrigerator at all times. I was originally going to go with things other than food, but I guess we'll save that for another post.