Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Penny the Pimple

Today was a good outfit day. My hair was looking frizz less, make up looking somewhat alright. A little after lunch time I went to the bathroom at work and noticed a fatty pimple creeping up out of no where on my chin. WTF? When did this happen? Shouldn't I not be getting zits anymore? When will this stop? I am lucky by the fact that I have not suffered from bad acne except for an occasional volcano around that time of the month.

This today was just weird? Then again, I have been craving a lot of sweets lately too. I typically go straight to the salt (popcorn, goldfishies, etc). Now I am raiding our cupboards of anything sweet. Maybe that has something to do with Penny the Pimple on my chin this afternoon? Needless to say, I continued my day as though nothing happened. I did pop it (I know, exactly what you are NOT supposed to do, but what am I do? Sit in meetings with a near white head on my face?) I can just hear the remarks I would get... "Hey Stefanie, going to get your learner's permit soon?" or "One more year before you can see a rated R movie".

My co-workers are not that icy, but I am sure that is what they would be thinking. Oh well. Since when did I care anyways. Time for me to get some shut eye , first I must wash my face.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To Caf or Not to Caf... that is the question

Right before the holidays I gave up caffeine. I was finding myself loading up my coffee cup throughout the day and ending up so wired I was cleaning my keyboard, refiling papers, running to the printer without printing anything and sending e-mails in which I referred to coworkers as illiterate and resembling animals. I figured, I needed this job and it might not be a grand idea to piss others off around me.

So I ripped the band aid off called caffeine. First week, I had an annoying headache. Then it vanished and I have been fine since. It has been kind of scary I must say... now I am wondering what I was doing drinking so much coffee when I am doing better without it. Now I just drink decaf coffee every morning. I know, you are saying....what is the point? Isn't that like drinking O'Doul's? Why don't you drink tea? The point is, is that I actually enjoy the taste of coffee...I add my coffeemate and I am good to go. On Fridays, I swing by the ol' Starbuck's as my end of work week treat. Unfortunately, with this whole no caffeine thing, I am starting to sound like one of those people at the coffee shops we all ditest... yes... I am one of those "non-fat, decaf, sugar free, no foam, cinnamon, dolce, latte" kind of person. I could sound more annoying if I through in a "soy" and "double shot"... but I have got to move into the whole annoying category gradually.

Oh well... we only live once, might as well have our coffee made for us the right way... they would not give us all of those options if we weren't supposed to pick one (or all) right?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cheers to blogging!

My name is Missy Marshmellow (a nickname my grandma gave me when I was a tot) also known as Stefanie in the professional and normal world. I live in the California wine country. Yes, I am lucky to have great weather. I work in the wine industry. I am lucky to work in the alchoholic beverage world. I have lived in Sonoma County my entire life, except for a brief departure (four years) for college. I am 25 (almost 26), live with my hubs, dog and cat. Hubs and I have been together for almost 8 years, married for almost 3. You might hear about him sometimes... he is hot and normal..... He is currently asleep while I hijack our computer to start up my own page.

Sometimes I am funny....or at least I think so. I got my hair done today and my hairstylist said I was funny then, so I must be right? Especially when you think about all of the people she sees. Enough about me for now, I must pace myself. Plus, I am fresh from my 2 year old niece's birthday party, have had a little too much cake to eat and some times the sugar makes me get a little squirrely.

That's it for now. Here, here to my blog!