Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Work-Life Balance

This week has been crazy. I am working on a big media event in New York City this next Tuesday. My desk looks like a bomb went off. I keep on printing things out and then printing them out again because the original copy dissapeared into a pile of paperwork, my purse, keys, spilled and dried coffee, candy wrappers, couple bottles of wine, glue stick and some crackers. Just so ready for this event to come and go. I love visiting New York, but this trip on Sunday will be stressful.

Not only am I stressed , my boss is so freaking stressed it is beyond out of control. She had to call her husband last night to tell him to put their daughter to bed because she would not be home until 2-3 a.m. NO THANK YOU. I am a firm believer in the work-life balance. These days it seems so rare for people to be happy with the balance of work time vs. family time. Besides my boss, one of my coworkers is always staying late, working from home every night and also putting in several hours each weekend. I don't know why or how she does it. It's just wine people!

I am definetly a kick ass employee, I get my projects done and still have time to chat with my friends at work about our weekends, Britney Spears, etc. and not feel like I dropped the ball. When 5 or 5:30 p.m. rolls around I am out. No matter if there are projects left undone. I am hungry, the nights are short and I want to get home to see my hubby and pets.

I am much more strict about the work-life balance now that I am pregnant. I know, that after maternity leave and back at work, each day I will be counting down the minutes until I get to see my peanut and there will be no me staying late to work on a project that is not urgent. EFF that- suckers.

I strongly believe that women can still be successful and also have kids. I have watched many women do just that, and I plan to do the same. I feel like there is such a stigma that says once a woman has kids, she is not taken seriously in the workplace. Well, I will be challenging that notion, full throttle. My personal goal is to climb the corporate ladder as quick as I can, but at the end of the day, family comes first and I will never jeapordize that.

That's enough of my rantings for today.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Too Pushy?

Recently I have heard buzz about "Push Presents". For those of you in the dark, they are gifts a man gives a woman after she just "pushed/birthed" their baby. I first heard of this concept when I was fresh out of college, I had a short stint at a local high end jewelry store which my friend manages. I was doing administrative things for them while I found a permanent job in the wine industry. On several occasions, men came in fresh from the hospital to purchase a diamond necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. to give to their wives as a "thank you" for going through the labor/c-section of their babies. My friend told me that this new form of gift giving was very common nowadays.

I thought nothing of it until my brother bought my sister in law a diamond pendant necklace with the birth of my niece. Even then, I did not think much about it, however, lately I have heard varrious rumblings on the topic. Not sure what my take on it is. In some instances, I have heard of women expecting a gift when they give birth. And in one case, women compare with eachother their gifts, like it is Show and Tell. The greatest gift is the baby. Seriously, not like that is a wild thought or anything. It is the truth. Sometimes I worry that we get so wrapped up in material things that they forget the meaning of evertyhing.

Then again, if my hubby came prancing up with not only the mandatory dozen pink or yellow roses but also some nice sparkly diamond earrings- I would not protest. If it was a necklace, I would be worried that the baby would want to yank on it. Clearly I have not thought about this at all (umm hmm). I just would hate for husbands to feel obligated to do something like that. It should not be a gesture to simply impress people, but a serious thank you for keeping the bun warm for 9 months and then getting it out. And the biggest gift, besides the baby, would be to have a hubby who is a partner and does just as much as you. But a little bling never hurts either :) Any thoughts?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My New Indulgence

Hubbs is a wrestling coach during the winter and he is off at tourneys many a weekends leaving me at home to sulk and watch chic shows and movies.

One cold Friday night, I was home alone eating take out while the hubbs was off in some exotic town, like Bakersfield or something. I started watching a little show I had heard something about. It was called Gossip Girl. There was a marathon going so I was able to watch at least four shows and quickly got sucked into the elite social circle of New York's Upper East Side. That little marathon turned into programming the TiVo to record every Gossip Girl episode here on out. When the writer's strike occurred I was devasted. What was I supposed to do for three months, read or something? Then this juicy indulgence finally came back on this week. I can not believe how much I missed that show.

I am not an Idol, Lost or Dancing With the Stars watcher.... no I pass those up to watch Gossip Girl. It is like Beverly Hills 90210, but smarter and much more rich. The writing is way too mature for high school kids, but I still love it. Maybe it is the complex relationships each character has been woven into, or the dark pasts they all try to shield from their peers, or maybe it is the lifestyle of they all live, whatever it is, I am sucked in.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Weekend of Baby Talk

This weekend, was spent with the hubbs' family. His sister, brother, and uncle's family were all in town for his grandpa's (Papa) 80th birthday. When his family comes into town, it not just a dinner and visiting, it is a marathon of endless gatherings. They try to make up for lost time by jamming in nightly dinners which go into the wee hours of the night (someone has to work around here!). Needless to say, Monday a.m., I was exhausted from the long weekend.

The hubbs and I are so excited about being pregnant. We really are. We have been together for 8 years (married for 2 1/2) and are so thrilled about this next chapter of our relationship. I love talking about being pregnant, but I am always concious of those around me when I talk about it. For instance, when my brother and sister in law were pregnant with my niece, I was so bored by the baby talk. I remember being bored out my mind at her baby shower, only to perk up every once and awhile to sneak a look at an uber cutesie gift. I was planning my wedding at the same time, so it took away from some of it, but it was still annoying. It just drove me nuts how everyone was obsessed about their pregnancy. Now I am totally getting it. Big time. I am eating my words.

Now that I am going through it I wonder, how can you not talk about it? My body is going through so many changes (burgeoning belly, eating like a horse, high school acne, heartburn, indegestion, you name it). It is such a phenomenal thing really. This weekend, it was all everyone could talk about. How are you feeling? How is it not drinking (you would think I was an alchoholic, and besides that delicious wine, what about not eating brie, or Caesar salad, pastrami etc., blue cheese, the list goes on of forbidden goodies). It is exciting to talk about, but I feel shy going on and on about it. I don't feel like divulging all of the details that maybe these people are really trying to get at. I don't feel like it is anybody's business to know about my constipation or my sciatica. I feel better just sugar coating the story. I am not one to announce my birthday to anyone who will listen four months before, or yell from the rooftops that I am engaged let alone tell someone I am expecting (unless these people are close friends and family). I just divulge when I need to. I simply do not broadcast nor am I comfortable with the constant attention. I know, it is something I need to get used to in the coming months as my belly becomes the size of a watermelon. I will for sure talk about it in this blog, because I know no one is judging plus I don't have to see anyone's facial expressions. And I feel better when I get things off my chest.
Wow, did this post get off subject. Oh well.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Madness

I have decided that if I don't go grocery shopping on the weekends, my Monday is determined to be chaotic. For instance, I hate not having much food in the house. I always like selections. So if I wake up on a Monday morning and there is nothing for lunch except an extremely ripe banana and some peanut butter, than my day will for sure be crazy.

If there is food in the cupboards, we are all good. When I bring my super healthy lunches, I feel put together (even though I usually don't look it) and know that I won't have to panic at the first stomach rumblings of the day. Like today, I had no lunch. It was my plan to go home and make something out of my peanut butter and banana, but got caught up at my desk and ended up hurrying over to a nearby market to pick up some bland soup and not so filling mini green salad. I still waisted about 20 minutes and the lunch did not even hold me long. So now I sit here at 4:00 p.m. and famished. I will be going grocery shopping after work to stock up, my little list is waiting for me next to my pencil jar.

Just shows, how important it is to stick to the weekend grocery shopping schedule. Okay, really boring post, I know. But I am fired up about it and with nothing to eat!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby, Baby, Baby

Just got back from the first trimester screen. Got to see the baby up close and personal on the super duper ultra sound machine. The baby was kicking, dancing and reclining! The hubbs and I looked at the screen with raised eyebrows and then looked back at eachother. I could not believe how clear this ultrasound was. Then we heard the heart beating and I think we both got a bit misty, although the hubbs would chalk that up to allergies.

It was so exciting. So full of emotions!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wandering Mind

It seems to be harder and harder to focus at work. I find myself daydreaming more and more even if I have a huge workload. Maybe its the pregnancy brain, or just putting off the tasks I don't want to do. I recently read an article in the latest issue of Self magazine about "Homing at Work". It discusses how often people take care of personal matters (paying bills, surfing the net, planning parties, e-mailing friends, shopping) while on the job and then end up working late because they have to play catch up for the lost time. I can truly relate and I feel like reading that article is a wake up call to change things up a bit.

Instead of not taking lunch breaks because I roll into work late, I vow to get to work at 8 a.m. on the dot, take a full lunch break (even if it means running errands or just strolling around the pond next door), the bottom line is that I think that not getting out of the office during the day is driving me into procrastination. Staying inside is leaving me stir crazy. I used to be so good about getting out, now I am just a bump on the log, eating my pb and banana sandwich alone in my office. I can not be acting like this when I have a baby! I will need to be getting in on time so I can leave at a decent hour.

My boss gets in around 9 ish and does not leave until 6:30 ish each day (she then drives 30 minutes to get home). She also has a husband and 14 month old. I wonder, when the heck do they see her? Especially the baby who goes to bed pretty soon after she gets home. That is definitely not the route I will be taking, that is for sure. Hopefully if I change up my pattern now, I will be completely in a routine by the time I come back to work from maternity leave.
My Bottom Line: Operation On Time and Productive starts tomorrow, I promise hubbs.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Fever

This weekend the weather was out of control warm. I believe it got to be almost 90 degrees! Mind you the normal is about 70 at this time of year. People were dusting off their kiddy pools and turning on their AC's like it was freaking July. BBQ's were aplenty in our neighborhood. We lucked out and got tickets to the Giants game on Saturday. I was thinking it would be about 75 in SF because it is typically at least 10 degrees cooler next to the bay. Our tickets were 8 rows behind 1st base and right in the sun. It was so warm with no breeze. Everytime I got up my jeans stuck to my butt from my butt sweat.
Despite the heat, I did not let it stop me from eating a fat cheesburger, nachos, tasting some way too garlicky garlic fries and downing a 16 oz. Sprite. Yup, I love Giants games.

Yesterday we spent the day chilling at my brother and sister- in- law's house and eventually cruised on over to our club where we sat at the pool for about 45 minutes. The pool was complete mayhem. Unsupervised kids were running amuck everywhere. We jumped in for a minute but realized it was pretty dangerous, with kids doing cannon balls right and left.

We passed out on the couch at about 8 with all of the windows open. I could hear dogs barking in the neigborhood with the sound of a train in the far distance. Such a lovely weekend.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tasty Indulgence No More?

I got word yesterday that Starbuck's is bringing their roots back and eliminating their breakfast sandwich's. They want to focus more on coffee or something. I am seriously devastated. The ham, egg and cheese sandwich has helped me through many a days. It is always my back up whenever I could not squeeze breakfast in at home. Plus they are so much more satisfying than a piece of coffee cake. I looked up the nutritional info, and they really are not that bad. Much better than the baked goodies and 1,000 times better than an Egg McMuffin. The Starbuck's breakfast sandwich's always come in clutch. Especially when I am traveling and don't feel like eating typical airport food (i.e. Pizza Hut for breakfast).

I told the hubbs this breaking news and he was equally disappointed. We both don't eat them often, but appreciate them greatly when we do. He pondered writing this new Mr. Starbuck's CEO and letting him know what a jerk off he is being, but then The Office came on and we both got side tracked.

My Bottom Line: Knowing that they are vanishing very soon, I made a stop by the Starbuck's near my office and picked one up and savored every last freaking bite.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Alphabet Soup

I took this from Anth, because I don't know what to talk about today.

A- Advocate for: Anything related to animals. Nothing gets me more riled up than hearing about mistreating animals.
B - Best Feature: My eyes change colors (green to blue to gray). Although I think my best feature is my legs.
C - Could Do Without: Monster size trucks and SUV's taking up space on the road and polluting the earth.
D - Dreams & Desires: Become a freelance writer for the New Yorker, New York magazine and any other prominent publications.
E - Essential Items: Glamour, TiVo, popcorn air popper, jeans, a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc
F - Favorite Pastime: Writing, reading, and shopping.
G - Good at: Jeopardy!, swimming, and making people laugh (I am much funnier in person)
H - Have Never Tried: Scuba Diving
I - If I Had a Million Dollars: I would pay off our house, take some rediculously long vacations to Hawaii, Jamaica, Italy and Germany. I would throw in a nice shopping trip to NYC too.
J - Junkie For: The Hills, home DIY shows, chic lit books, the History Channel
K - Kindred Spirit: My grandma
L - Little Known Fact: My thumbs are double jointed and can pop out. I only bust this trick out at classy social functions.
M - Memorable Moment: Getting married to hubbs, and finding out I was storked!
N - Never Again Will I: Drink Tequila, not wear sunscreen
O - Occasional Indulgence: Doritos and sour candy
P - Profession: Marketing Genius
Q - Quote: "I have the need, the need for speed"- Maverick, Top Gun
R - Reason to Smile: I have a lovely family, a wonderfully hubby and two perfect pets!
S - Sorry About: Being a brat when I was in high school.
T - Tag Some Friends: Megan, Christy
U - Uninterested In: Raw fish, sorry sushi
V - Very Scared Of: Spiders, sometimes the dark
W - Worst Habit: Biting my fingernails
X - X Marks My Ideal Vacation Spot: A posh resort in the Bahamas. I will be sipping a drink with lots of rum, while getting a massage on the beach.
Y- You are going back in time and can meet one person, who would it be?: Eleanor Roosevelt
Z - Zodiac Sign: Pisces- I am sensitive, emotional, indecisive. I like the water.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sinus Plunger, Anyone?

Allergies are bad this season folks. I had never had them until about last year, I got them, just a stuffy nose, but not too bad. Yesterday I woke up with such a conjested shnozz. I then realized that my left nostril was extremely sore. Like way far up. And I have been sneezing my rumpshaker off. Allergies I can handle, but a sore shnozz? Weird. This isn't just sinus pressure, it feels like there is something no likey.

On to more uplifting things, my back still feels horrendous and is getting so bad that I actually yelped out in pain as I reached to hang up my office phone yesterday. I am sure my co-workers are wondering what the heck is going on.
Time for me to log on to webmd and self diagnose now. If only I could find some sort of sinus plunger to relieve this annoying pain.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring is in the Air

I love winter. I love stormy days followed by cozy nights nestled up on the couch drinking hot cocoa and popcorn. We had a mild winter here in wine country. I am dissapointed. However, with the thought that summer is just around the corner, I am happy. I don't like heat waves but I do like summer clothes. It is so much simpler and I always feel like I have way more options. The past couple of weekends I have been so lazy and have not accomplished anything. This weekend I finally did. I had a long list of things to do, in which I took care of about 50%, better than nothing like in weekends past.

On Saturday I went to water aerobics with my sister in law. We had a blast and it really was a good work out, especially since I look like I swallowed a whole cantelope. Yesterday, the hubbs and I went to the best breakfast place ever. It was so freaking good and worth the extra 10 minutes it took to get there. We then followed up with a 3 mile brisk walk (with Lucy) around a huge park in our town. It has three lakes, tons of bike and walking trails, playgrounds, etc. Then we came home and both took 2 hour naps on the couch. When I got up my back hurt so ffing bad, it was out of control. My sister in law says I probably have sciatica. Whatever it is, it is horrible. The more it progresses, the more it feels like it is in my nerves.

To finish off the weekend, here are some belly shots.

The day I got the positive test- about 4 weeks

10 weeks

Friday, April 4, 2008


I just noshed on a tuna sandwhich for lunch. I can not remember the last time I ate one. My doctor said I am allowed two per week, but I think I will limit it to one to be safe? Did anyone else eat tuna when preggers? Did you ever break any of the dietary guidelines/restrictions pregnant women must adhere to?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meet Ralph

I am currently munching on left over meatballs and rice. My mom came over last night to make us dinner where she made me drink a glass a milk. I felt like I was 7. Oh well, it made her happy. The dinner was great and it made me think of all of the fabulous and down home meals she made for us growing up, even while working full time as a teacher and with two obnoxious kids. I hope to be half as great of a mom she is.

Anyhoo, I brought the leftovers with me to work today. I was excited. Then I started eating them and I started to get grossed out. I had just been saying how I am already not feeling sick anymore. The last time I felt like tossing my cookies was on Saturday. It must be karma, because even as I am forcing myself to eat the food, my stomach is starting to turn. Like I need to Ralph. How come my nausea is reappearing? Oh well.

To make things worse, there is a lady in my office who is determined to shower herself with stinky perfume every morning. It smells like ass. It's that kind of sweet and heavy perfume that usually elderly women are drawn to. And another reason I feel like ralphing.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Clothes Suggestions

It is either that I am super bloated or I really am starting to get a little belly. Either way, my need for comfortable clothes is imminent. It just seems so early. When I wear tops, it looks like I have a little pooch. When I wear work slacks, they are super uncomfortable because they hit higher on the waist. This has been leading me to wear jeans every day because they are still comfortable with their lovely low rises. My pants situation can continue on a big longer, but I already need some tops, but wonder if maternity tops will be way too big and gather up at my stomach?

Currently munching on Trader Joe's trail mix. It is so freaking good. It has peanuts, banana chips, dried cranberries and cashews. I love the sour cranberries.

Oh yeah. On Saturday we went to the mall for something I already forgot. Anyhoo, I wanted some candy at the Sweet Factory. I was checking out at the register while hubbs waited outside when I heard a bunch of sobbing. I looked over and noticed a little toddler who had stuck her head in between the railing posts (we were on the second floor). Her mom was trying to comfort her while 7 mall security guards walked around like they had a broom up their ass and were completely useless. Hubbs said he saw one rubbing vaseline on the babies head. Are you kidding me? Vaseline? Whatever happened to calling the fire department for them to take care of it quickly? I tell ya. Useless security guards.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Lately my lower back has been hurting like heck. It typically is on one side and really low down by my tail bone. It seems to hurt TONS more when I get up from laying on any couch, but not our bed. I can not figure it out and it is getting worse and worse. I am wondering if it has to do with being pregnant? I heard something about the nerves getting all messed up, but this feels like more in the bone. I don't know.

Today I had lofty plans on fooling my coworkers since it is April Fool's. I was going to tell them that I just ran into the main cheese in the hallway and that a fat project was due tomorrow morning. Real original, I know. Then I realized that this actual project really could be sprung on us at any time and decided it maybe would not be so funny.

Puss is currently stalking some sort of bug and literally jumping 19 feet off the ground to catch said bug. It is pretty funny, especially when Lucy tries to get chase Puss after the bug chasing.