Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Fever

This weekend the weather was out of control warm. I believe it got to be almost 90 degrees! Mind you the normal is about 70 at this time of year. People were dusting off their kiddy pools and turning on their AC's like it was freaking July. BBQ's were aplenty in our neighborhood. We lucked out and got tickets to the Giants game on Saturday. I was thinking it would be about 75 in SF because it is typically at least 10 degrees cooler next to the bay. Our tickets were 8 rows behind 1st base and right in the sun. It was so warm with no breeze. Everytime I got up my jeans stuck to my butt from my butt sweat.
Despite the heat, I did not let it stop me from eating a fat cheesburger, nachos, tasting some way too garlicky garlic fries and downing a 16 oz. Sprite. Yup, I love Giants games.

Yesterday we spent the day chilling at my brother and sister- in- law's house and eventually cruised on over to our club where we sat at the pool for about 45 minutes. The pool was complete mayhem. Unsupervised kids were running amuck everywhere. We jumped in for a minute but realized it was pretty dangerous, with kids doing cannon balls right and left.

We passed out on the couch at about 8 with all of the windows open. I could hear dogs barking in the neigborhood with the sound of a train in the far distance. Such a lovely weekend.


Marni Tiani Self said...

I didn't even realize how close we were! We're going to a Giants game for my hubby's birthday later in the month. :)

Christy said...

Wow! Sounds lovely.