Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Clothes Suggestions

It is either that I am super bloated or I really am starting to get a little belly. Either way, my need for comfortable clothes is imminent. It just seems so early. When I wear tops, it looks like I have a little pooch. When I wear work slacks, they are super uncomfortable because they hit higher on the waist. This has been leading me to wear jeans every day because they are still comfortable with their lovely low rises. My pants situation can continue on a big longer, but I already need some tops, but wonder if maternity tops will be way too big and gather up at my stomach?

Currently munching on Trader Joe's trail mix. It is so freaking good. It has peanuts, banana chips, dried cranberries and cashews. I love the sour cranberries.

Oh yeah. On Saturday we went to the mall for something I already forgot. Anyhoo, I wanted some candy at the Sweet Factory. I was checking out at the register while hubbs waited outside when I heard a bunch of sobbing. I looked over and noticed a little toddler who had stuck her head in between the railing posts (we were on the second floor). Her mom was trying to comfort her while 7 mall security guards walked around like they had a broom up their ass and were completely useless. Hubbs said he saw one rubbing vaseline on the babies head. Are you kidding me? Vaseline? Whatever happened to calling the fire department for them to take care of it quickly? I tell ya. Useless security guards.


Jeninacide said...

Um ok despite what I said in my last comment OLD NAVY has comfy maternity jeans that are also cute. ALSO Target- but it can be a bit dicey finding stuff...

I just bought Old Navy clothes in a size larger than usual and EMBRACED THE BUMP. Show it off.

Christy said...

I bought early maternity shirts at Target. They just looked like regular shirts, but they were made from a stretchy material that allowed my belly to expand.