Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Weekend of Baby Talk

This weekend, was spent with the hubbs' family. His sister, brother, and uncle's family were all in town for his grandpa's (Papa) 80th birthday. When his family comes into town, it not just a dinner and visiting, it is a marathon of endless gatherings. They try to make up for lost time by jamming in nightly dinners which go into the wee hours of the night (someone has to work around here!). Needless to say, Monday a.m., I was exhausted from the long weekend.

The hubbs and I are so excited about being pregnant. We really are. We have been together for 8 years (married for 2 1/2) and are so thrilled about this next chapter of our relationship. I love talking about being pregnant, but I am always concious of those around me when I talk about it. For instance, when my brother and sister in law were pregnant with my niece, I was so bored by the baby talk. I remember being bored out my mind at her baby shower, only to perk up every once and awhile to sneak a look at an uber cutesie gift. I was planning my wedding at the same time, so it took away from some of it, but it was still annoying. It just drove me nuts how everyone was obsessed about their pregnancy. Now I am totally getting it. Big time. I am eating my words.

Now that I am going through it I wonder, how can you not talk about it? My body is going through so many changes (burgeoning belly, eating like a horse, high school acne, heartburn, indegestion, you name it). It is such a phenomenal thing really. This weekend, it was all everyone could talk about. How are you feeling? How is it not drinking (you would think I was an alchoholic, and besides that delicious wine, what about not eating brie, or Caesar salad, pastrami etc., blue cheese, the list goes on of forbidden goodies). It is exciting to talk about, but I feel shy going on and on about it. I don't feel like divulging all of the details that maybe these people are really trying to get at. I don't feel like it is anybody's business to know about my constipation or my sciatica. I feel better just sugar coating the story. I am not one to announce my birthday to anyone who will listen four months before, or yell from the rooftops that I am engaged let alone tell someone I am expecting (unless these people are close friends and family). I just divulge when I need to. I simply do not broadcast nor am I comfortable with the constant attention. I know, it is something I need to get used to in the coming months as my belly becomes the size of a watermelon. I will for sure talk about it in this blog, because I know no one is judging plus I don't have to see anyone's facial expressions. And I feel better when I get things off my chest.
Wow, did this post get off subject. Oh well.


Christy said...

Being pregnant is a very special experience. It gets more fun with each passing month. You'll feel more comfortable talking about it in a few more months. I remember feeling the same way during my first pregnancy. And you'll even start talking about your constipation! Ha!

Not So Perfect said...

I was the same way. Some people I worked with didn't even know I was pregnant until about a month before I delivered. I just felt weird being all "guess what?" what? I'm pregnant!!! Uh...that and everytime I told someone I would blush because that meant I had done the deed. I was especially embarrassed telling my family. I'm weird like that.

Afterwards it sort of changed, I lost all modesty, pregnancy has a way of doing that.

Jeninacide said...

I think a lot of people steered clear of me when I was preggers because I was a GRUMP AND A HALF. I was TOTALLY HAPPY about the BABY- but I was REALLY uncomfortable from about 6 months on and I think people could tell by my face that I did NOT want to talk about my pregnancy unless I brought it up...