Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wandering Mind

It seems to be harder and harder to focus at work. I find myself daydreaming more and more even if I have a huge workload. Maybe its the pregnancy brain, or just putting off the tasks I don't want to do. I recently read an article in the latest issue of Self magazine about "Homing at Work". It discusses how often people take care of personal matters (paying bills, surfing the net, planning parties, e-mailing friends, shopping) while on the job and then end up working late because they have to play catch up for the lost time. I can truly relate and I feel like reading that article is a wake up call to change things up a bit.

Instead of not taking lunch breaks because I roll into work late, I vow to get to work at 8 a.m. on the dot, take a full lunch break (even if it means running errands or just strolling around the pond next door), the bottom line is that I think that not getting out of the office during the day is driving me into procrastination. Staying inside is leaving me stir crazy. I used to be so good about getting out, now I am just a bump on the log, eating my pb and banana sandwich alone in my office. I can not be acting like this when I have a baby! I will need to be getting in on time so I can leave at a decent hour.

My boss gets in around 9 ish and does not leave until 6:30 ish each day (she then drives 30 minutes to get home). She also has a husband and 14 month old. I wonder, when the heck do they see her? Especially the baby who goes to bed pretty soon after she gets home. That is definitely not the route I will be taking, that is for sure. Hopefully if I change up my pattern now, I will be completely in a routine by the time I come back to work from maternity leave.
My Bottom Line: Operation On Time and Productive starts tomorrow, I promise hubbs.


Christy said...

Good for you! I hope the new routine sticks.

Jeninacide said...

I couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING at work while I was pregnant. I am still fixing crap that I did during the last month before I had my baby. My mind was on OTHER THINGS..

Luckily everyone has been really understanding about that...