Friday, April 4, 2008


I just noshed on a tuna sandwhich for lunch. I can not remember the last time I ate one. My doctor said I am allowed two per week, but I think I will limit it to one to be safe? Did anyone else eat tuna when preggers? Did you ever break any of the dietary guidelines/restrictions pregnant women must adhere to?


Jeninacide said...

I don't think I ever ate tuna while I was pregnant- not something I found particularly appetizing I guess...

I never "broke" the dietary rules but I sure did find ways around them. I remember scouring the cheese section in the grocery store trying to find PASTEURIZED FETA. It does exist!

I also used to go to sushi and get tempura rolls and other cooked sushi that my doctor OK'd. Couldn't go 9 months without!

Anth said...

I don't think you need to limit yourself to one tuna sandwich a week. I'm pretty sure the guidelines are pretty conservative.

I haven't found the limitations to be very...limiting. I'm not so big on brie and I've never had sushi. The dietary guideline I HAVE had trouble with is the whole prenatal vitamin thing. I get a lecture at EVERY doctor's appointment!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I ate it a lot with my kids.

Tuna's really the lower end of worries.... :)

But I kind of always liked to read all the thoughts out there and then make my own judgements. Tomorrow the rules may change anyways, so do your research and feel confident in what you like.

It depends which tuna you're eating (albacore or the other).

Did you hear the latest that you can't eat sandwich meat? Yeah, I heard that when I was prego with my daughter. But that's the new no no!