Monday, February 28, 2011

The Plague

I think it was a week ago that I might of bragged about no one in the house being sick anymore. Karma is a bitch.  Because not even 24 hours later I was hit with the nastiest flu. It is now in my lungs and I sound like a tired sealion on the docks of the SF Bay.

So, my outfits have been lame, my hair a mess from the fever sweating, and through it all I have taken my ass to work. I know, I'm such a moran. But today, I am going  home early. Because something has to give.... and it can't be my sanity.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Reasons Why I Like Spring

I think we might be done battling the last round of flu in the house and I finally have a minute to take a breather and check out what's been going on. You know it's been a crazy week when you don't have a chance to check US Weekly and learn from Hubbs that Jessica Alba is pregnant and Ashlee Simpson is getting divorced. Seriously... it's been THAT nuts.So let's talk about the season that is peeking it's head out around here. Well not the past few days (brrrrrr), but will be here before I know it.

Aside from Spring being the season of my birthday, there are a few more reasons why this season is a nice companion to Winter, Summer and Fall.. Like, fall it's an in between-er. Not yet warm, still wet, yet you can probably shed those tights and bare some leg, if you dare...especially my white legs. Here are some other reasons why I enjoy Spring.

-Cherry Blossoms, or really any blooming tree. Our new house has a blooming Tulip tree right outside our kitchen window, so while I do dishes I get to look at something pretty.

One day I will whitness the famed Cherry Blossoms in DC. Until then, I dream through pictures.

-New sunglasses. During Spring time I try to work in a new pair of shades.

These ones from Tory Burch would look fabulous with my usual Spring outfit of a trench, light pants, blousy top and canvas blazer.

-Potato Pancakes: I am so not Irish, however my mom can make a mean St. Patty's Day dinner. And the best part of that: Potato Pancakes. Seriously, I could eat my annual spud quota in one sitting. True story.
These ones below look just like the ones she makes, but taken from Food Network.

-March Madness: Last year I came THIS CLOSE to winning some sweet moola in my office pool. Really I don't follow college basketball, however, it is thrilling watching it all unfold, especially when some cash is involved.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Going Casual

We have been having some gorgeous weather lately. Very Spring Like. So of course, this means wearing lighter colors . Here is a little number I wore this past Friday. Perfect for a casual day in the office. Don't mind the blurry shot. Not sure what happened there.

 Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: GAP
Scarf: GAP
Jeans: GAP
Knee Socks: Charter Club
Belt: Who knows
Boots: Etienne Aigner

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to Me

I think this would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift, dontcha think? Normally I am not a red car kind of girl-but this one... this one I can do. I have a serious obsession with Volvos. I am on my first and see myself owning one from here on out. This could be a trade up? Um... wait back to reality....Just bought a house, remember?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saddle Up to the Bar

I mentioned here that our new house has a wet bar in the living room. While some people, those that may be civilized, would remove it, this bad boy ain't going nowhere. Because how many people can say they have a bar in their living room....? That's right. You can bet your fenced in trampolines that on any given Sunday during football season, any evening in Summer during baseball season, or heck, maybe just because, I will be fixing a cocktail or pouring a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Because I can. In the living room.

Again with the fame whore cat trying to sneak in a shot.

Cardigan: Old Navy
Plaid Blouse: GAP Outlet
Belt: Macy's
Skinny Pants: GAP
Ballet Flats: GAP
Necklace: F21

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is what Sick Looks Like

People. I am in the trenches of Flu-Ville. I have never been this permanently cranky from being sick. Today I was home with little one. My patience was thin, the garage door got stuck going down, the internet and cable decided to call it a day at noon, then when emptying the dishwasher, I dropped one of my Riedel "O" glasses which led to millions of little pieces of glass scattered all over the place. At Target the bed skirt I went to get, was out. Go figure. What I did do a lot of? Watch the squirrels in our backyard tease our dog and cat inside the house. Oh, and watch footage of that big ass storm hitting the Mid West. That alone, is keeping things in perspective.

This is Lucy who is currently sitting at my side waiting for me to drop some popcorn.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sick as a Dog

We moved! People, we moved! We. Are. In.  I made a first real meal and it feels like home! There is still so much unpacking to do. I just don't have the energy... been a bit under the weather. In fact, I feel like crap, but still drug myself to work today. I've been downing Emergen-C for the past few days, but it doesn't seem to be working. To keep my moving forward, I envision that I have a bouquet of flowers, similar to these sitting on my desk to look at.