Monday, February 21, 2011

Reasons Why I Like Spring

I think we might be done battling the last round of flu in the house and I finally have a minute to take a breather and check out what's been going on. You know it's been a crazy week when you don't have a chance to check US Weekly and learn from Hubbs that Jessica Alba is pregnant and Ashlee Simpson is getting divorced. Seriously... it's been THAT nuts.So let's talk about the season that is peeking it's head out around here. Well not the past few days (brrrrrr), but will be here before I know it.

Aside from Spring being the season of my birthday, there are a few more reasons why this season is a nice companion to Winter, Summer and Fall.. Like, fall it's an in between-er. Not yet warm, still wet, yet you can probably shed those tights and bare some leg, if you dare...especially my white legs. Here are some other reasons why I enjoy Spring.

-Cherry Blossoms, or really any blooming tree. Our new house has a blooming Tulip tree right outside our kitchen window, so while I do dishes I get to look at something pretty.

One day I will whitness the famed Cherry Blossoms in DC. Until then, I dream through pictures.

-New sunglasses. During Spring time I try to work in a new pair of shades.

These ones from Tory Burch would look fabulous with my usual Spring outfit of a trench, light pants, blousy top and canvas blazer.

-Potato Pancakes: I am so not Irish, however my mom can make a mean St. Patty's Day dinner. And the best part of that: Potato Pancakes. Seriously, I could eat my annual spud quota in one sitting. True story.
These ones below look just like the ones she makes, but taken from Food Network.

-March Madness: Last year I came THIS CLOSE to winning some sweet moola in my office pool. Really I don't follow college basketball, however, it is thrilling watching it all unfold, especially when some cash is involved.

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