Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Alphabet Soup

I took this from Anth, because I don't know what to talk about today.

A- Advocate for: Anything related to animals. Nothing gets me more riled up than hearing about mistreating animals.
B - Best Feature: My eyes change colors (green to blue to gray). Although I think my best feature is my legs.
C - Could Do Without: Monster size trucks and SUV's taking up space on the road and polluting the earth.
D - Dreams & Desires: Become a freelance writer for the New Yorker, New York magazine and any other prominent publications.
E - Essential Items: Glamour, TiVo, popcorn air popper, jeans, a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc
F - Favorite Pastime: Writing, reading, and shopping.
G - Good at: Jeopardy!, swimming, and making people laugh (I am much funnier in person)
H - Have Never Tried: Scuba Diving
I - If I Had a Million Dollars: I would pay off our house, take some rediculously long vacations to Hawaii, Jamaica, Italy and Germany. I would throw in a nice shopping trip to NYC too.
J - Junkie For: The Hills, home DIY shows, chic lit books, the History Channel
K - Kindred Spirit: My grandma
L - Little Known Fact: My thumbs are double jointed and can pop out. I only bust this trick out at classy social functions.
M - Memorable Moment: Getting married to hubbs, and finding out I was storked!
N - Never Again Will I: Drink Tequila, not wear sunscreen
O - Occasional Indulgence: Doritos and sour candy
P - Profession: Marketing Genius
Q - Quote: "I have the need, the need for speed"- Maverick, Top Gun
R - Reason to Smile: I have a lovely family, a wonderfully hubby and two perfect pets!
S - Sorry About: Being a brat when I was in high school.
T - Tag Some Friends: Megan, Christy
U - Uninterested In: Raw fish, sorry sushi
V - Very Scared Of: Spiders, sometimes the dark
W - Worst Habit: Biting my fingernails
X - X Marks My Ideal Vacation Spot: A posh resort in the Bahamas. I will be sipping a drink with lots of rum, while getting a massage on the beach.
Y- You are going back in time and can meet one person, who would it be?: Eleanor Roosevelt
Z - Zodiac Sign: Pisces- I am sensitive, emotional, indecisive. I like the water.


Christy said...

Your thumbs trick sounds AWESOME. I can crack my knuckles when I make a fist, because I am cool like that.

Anth said...

I am a junkie for chick lit books too. I just read the latest Sophie Kinsella. In less than 24 hours.

Do you have a goodreads account? If not, you should get one! All the cool people do! Lol

Lindz said...

I'm starting to think we're the same person. Also... Anth, Sophie Kinsella is the best!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I loved doing this one!

I totally feel like I know you now.

Can I come with you on your vacation???