Friday, April 11, 2008

Tasty Indulgence No More?

I got word yesterday that Starbuck's is bringing their roots back and eliminating their breakfast sandwich's. They want to focus more on coffee or something. I am seriously devastated. The ham, egg and cheese sandwich has helped me through many a days. It is always my back up whenever I could not squeeze breakfast in at home. Plus they are so much more satisfying than a piece of coffee cake. I looked up the nutritional info, and they really are not that bad. Much better than the baked goodies and 1,000 times better than an Egg McMuffin. The Starbuck's breakfast sandwich's always come in clutch. Especially when I am traveling and don't feel like eating typical airport food (i.e. Pizza Hut for breakfast).

I told the hubbs this breaking news and he was equally disappointed. We both don't eat them often, but appreciate them greatly when we do. He pondered writing this new Mr. Starbuck's CEO and letting him know what a jerk off he is being, but then The Office came on and we both got side tracked.

My Bottom Line: Knowing that they are vanishing very soon, I made a stop by the Starbuck's near my office and picked one up and savored every last freaking bite.


Christy said...

I heard about this a month or two ago on CNN. Apparently, the sandwiches were overpowering the coffee aroma.

Marni Tiani Self said...

That sucks! I still miss Jack in the Box's Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. :(

Lindz said...

Flippin lame! I love those too. What is up with Starbucks taking away the goodness?

Jeninacide said...