Thursday, March 6, 2008

Throw Back Thursday

Back in the day (i.e. high school) I had the crappiest and cheesiest cell phone ever. It was right when cell phones were becoming more popular. Most of my friends had one but they only used them when they needed a ride some place or there was an emergency. They were black and bulky. It was way before special cases and text messaging. We only used the damn phone when we needed to just get er done.

Keeping in line with the car I was driving at the time, here, I had the ultimate Zack Morris phone. It was a Motorola, it was gray and when completely unfolded and flipped out it probably stretched about 16 inches long. No joke. It was not as bad as the phone shown, but it was bad. I think it weighed close to 8 lbs. It was not discrete and I was always told that the phone belonged in Save by the Bell or Miami Vice. So glad technology has improved since then. Also so glad my company pays for my super snazzy Blackberry. Without it I would be lost...or my life would be much simpler.


Jennifer said...

I remember having a bag phone. :)

Christy said...

I had a big, bulky cell phone in high school too. I no longer own a cell phone because a) I am too cheap b) I never leave the damn house anymore, and c) I don't really like talking on the phone.

Mojavi said...

hello.. thanks for coming to my blog.. I lost my treo a couple weeks back and nearly died!!!