Monday, March 24, 2008

My Love of Print, and I Don't Mean Clothes

I have the need, the need to read....

In the past year I have become addicted to all things news related. I love the news, scour various websites daily and am the first to know the latest to tell everyone in my office (although majority of the time I just read and absorb). It started out by reading Page Six in the NY Post to reading the entire thing. Then it went to New York Magazine (which is my favorite) then to the New Yorker, then to the Wall Street Journal then to CNN.... what is going on here? Am I really craving the outside world that much when I am at work? I was supposed to be a freaking reporter wasn't I? Maybe that is why Diane Sawyer is one of my heros? I would probably be really good at it. Our local paper is pathetic and is always boiling over with grammatical errors and incomplete stories, therefore in order to get anything of importance I must stray to the larger, East Coast publications.

I literally have a morning routine. It first starts out by me checking out Weather then my Glamour blogs, then New York Post then MSN, then Good Morning America , then Us Weekly. If I notice something of interest and exciting regarding the stock market or business on the NY Post page, I will automatically take a detour to Wall Street Journal or the NY Times. I don't like to be the last to know anything, and if there is news breaking I like to be able to get all of the details. Especially when it comes to the market. I like to read up on those articles because aside from being a reporter I think I should of been a stock broker, a la Working Girl. I think I could kick ass in that male dominated world. My news obsession is weird, don't you think? Granted, it is not as bad as having CNN on at all times (like in airports), but I fear that it will someday reach that level.

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Christy said...

I used to watch CNN every morning, but these darn kids keep bugging me to watch Sesame Street. I have no idea what is happening in the world.