Sunday, March 2, 2008

Celebrities, Where art thou?

Back from Sedona. Tired. Hubbs' luggage was lost on the way back but we finally retrieved it from the next flight. Hubbs also got the freaking flu yesterday. Go figure. Oh well. It was a great weekend, regardless.
At Friday night dinner we were at a nice restaurant with a group of about 25 and I noticed a couple and a toddler walk in. The lady was holding the todder... when I went to look at her face I noticed it was Kimberly Williams (of Father of the Bride and Life According to Jim) walking next to her man Brad Paisley! I did a quick smile like we were friends and they continued their way across the restaurant. I then brought those next to me into a close huddle and pointed them out (real smooth). Everyone did not know who she was (which I was shocked because both Father of the Bride movies are the best).

I seem to be quite the hawk eye. When I was in New York in January, Hulk Hogan walked into my hotel lobby when I was checking in. Then another time in New York I saw George Lucas and Claire Danes at Nobu (they were not together). I am on a roll and can not wait to see who I will see next. Maybe Tom Brady (so hot). Then again if I saw him I just might not be on the flight home. Just kidding.
Enough celebrity talk and lusting. I really am not that consumed. It is only when I am around them that I get excited (or randomly thinking about a Patriot quarterback).

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Jennifer said...

You lead a much more hip, cool life than me. :)