Thursday, February 28, 2008

Throw Back Thursday

Today I met one of our reps in Scottsdale who drove a black and tinted out brand new Ford Mustang. It looked just like the car on the new Night Rider show which aired a couple of weekends ago (yes, I actually watched it).

Seeing that car got me thinking back to the original Night Rider starring The Hoff, before he was The Hoff. My older brother loved that show. What kind of car was the first one, I think it was a Thunderbird? But I must say Magnum P.I. had a way better coolness factor and the car was better and the theme song was awesome. All I know is that Night Rider was up there with Love Boat in the cheese factor. If a car was really that smart, why would someone like the Hoff need to even in star in such show? Maybe for the sex appeal? Yuck, can not believe I just said that.

I do not plan on watching anymore of the new Night Rider episodes, however, I will not forget how proud that rep. was when I told him I felt like I was in that famous car today. I did apologize when I started referring to him as Hoff.

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Jennifer said...

hahahah!! I didn't watch the new Knight Rider, but I definitely watched the old one back in the day. I hear Val Kilmer is Kit's voice for the new version. I loooove Val Kilmer....