Monday, February 11, 2008

The Showdown: Cashmere Mafia vs. Lipstick Jungle

I am a fan of the books by Candace Bushnell (a la Sex in the City). Back in the summer, when I heard that Darren Starr (the producer of SITC) had created another similiar show for regular cable about four power women of NY, I knew I would be watching.

Fast forward to the beginning of January. Cashmere Mafia began. I instantly became addicted (cheesy one liners and all). The pilot episode was the so corny, but I quickly warmed up to each character and started rooting for them each week.

Fast forward to last Wednesday, Lipstick Jungle began. This one is put out by Candace Bushnell and follows three women (who are....wait... you guessed it... all powerful and in the top of their fields living in NY). Now I know pilot's are usually sloppy, but I was expecting more from the latter. Considering there was already a book written for it (which I read). I don't know, maybe it was something about the story lines , it just not as addicting as Cashmere Mafia. Plus the fashion is way better in Mafia. I heard the stylist on Mafia is the sameone from SITC.

Although right now I feel like Cashmere Mafia is about to win via knockout, I am still going to give Lipstick Jungle a chance just for the sheer pleasure of watching two very similiar but different shows at the same time. After this week's LJ, I should be able to get a better idea on how even the match-up will go week by week. But for now, I can not wait to watch both this week!

My bottom line: Both are like eating kentucky fried chicken, you know you should stop but it just tastes so good!


Lindz said...

I am so torn between these two as well. Well, actually I like Lipstick Jungle more... it reminds me more of Sex and the City than Cashmere Mafia, Cashmere Mafia is more of a feeble attempt to recreate sex and the city whereas Lipstick Jungle has it's own characters and storyline. That's just my opinion.

Missy Marshmallow said...

Linz, I am glad to hear you are watching both and torn too. I am sure after some epsidodes I will like one show vs. the other and vice versa the next week. I am just so glad to have some girl shows back on tv!