Thursday, February 28, 2008

Greetings from Sedona

Arrived in Sedona this afternoon. Fell asleep in the car while the hubs drove the two hour drive from Scottsdale. The scenery up here is fricking amazing. There is supposed to be something about a vortex? I can not figure it out. Anyhoo, already taken some cool pics but for some reason my lap top is not allowing me to transfer photos so I will have to download them when I return on Sunday.

There are tons of little souvenir shops, I keep trying to convince hubs to buy a cowboy hat but he is not going for it. He is not exactly the cowboy looking type. My hair smells like smoke from the various bbq joints around town. It is so gross. I smell like you do after a weekend in Vegas. Hopefully we will get to a movie tomorrow. I am scouting for any celebrities, however they are probably still nursing their hangovers from the Oscars.

More news tomorrow...


Not So Perfect said...

I agree the desert is beautiful!

Glad to hear you guys are having a good time.

Do you have plans to hit up a spa?

Lindz said...

OK, I was all stoked about the vortex too, but then I found out that there are a bunch of them and all it means it that its some spiritual place good for meditating. I was hoping for something more sci-fi. I do suggest you drive around and find all of the cool rocks that look like things: the teapot, the chapel... etc