Monday, February 11, 2008

New York, New York!

I mentioned awhile back (about a blog ago) that I love New York. Just thought I would share why.

Don't know what actual event triggered my on going lust for NYC. Maybe it was when I was a kid and I watched Ghostebusters (one of my favorite movies) for the first time. I loved the scene where they all are running out of the NY Public Library after they see the first ghost. Or when Rick Moranis' character is getting chased by that crazy dog thing and is trying to get let into Tavern on the Green and everyone ignored him.

Either way, from a young age I wanted to visit. It was not until fall of '06 when I got the chance to go by myself for work. I only had two nights and I knew I must take full advantage of every second I had to spare. The first night we ate at Nobu and I saw George Lucas and Claire Daines. It was a group of 7 or so and we ordered bottle after bottle of wine and dined on such great sushi. Talk about a great first night! Then in May of '07 I got another chance to go, this time staying for 5 nights! We went to the 21 Club, the Top of Rockefeller Center, walked through Berdorf's and drooled over the shoes, ate at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central and had a blast. Of course, those things were outside of our meeting time.

Then I went back in October with my mom for a girls trip. We hit up all of the tourist spots and had a blast again. Then! I went last month for work again.

As you can see I have been quite a bit within the last year and I am thrilled. I love New York. I love the smells, the food, the people everywhere, the tall buildings (so cliche), the many languages being spoken, the energy and of course the shopping.

I love just wandering around on my own, trying to fit in and act like a real New Yorker. I love the people watching. I love it all. I know why people who live there are so proud of the city they live. I would be too. I hope to be visit there soon! Maybe during Fashion Week?

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