Sunday, February 10, 2008

Skanky Navy

Yesterday was a fabulous day. It reached about 72 degrees. Yes! 72! We usually get a warm spell some time in February only to get crushed when the rain returns for another three months. Anyways, the parks were full in our neighborhood. People had dusted off their summer shorts and were showing off some extremely white legs. I however, still through on my winter clothes knowing this was only a tease and not to get comfortable.

I decided to do what is typical for a nice day, go shopping. Actually, it was a regular run to Target and Trader Joe's with a quick stop by Old Navy. I had the intention on picking on some basic tees. Walked around and found my way in the back of the store where the pajamas are located. then I noticed all of the lacy panties on one table circa Victoria's Secret angel line. I did a double take and thought to myself "since when did Old Navy get into the lingerie business?" I then noticed on the same table a bunch of bottles of massage oil. Massage oil at Old Navy? The land of perfomance fleece, polos and flip flops? I was widely confused and decided I would only be buying those kind of things (which I don't) from a respected massage oil retailer, are there even any?

Just a random thought.

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Lindz said...

I noticed the same thing when I went to Old Navy this weekend.... it's so odd. What are cheap lingerie stores like Sparticus going to do?