Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Tickets to Paradise

Finally! The hubs and I are taking a trip together! The last time we both flew anywhere together was two years ago to Jacksonville, FL for his brother's college graduation, not exactly romantic or exotic. We have done a lot of work travel separately so this is much needed.

On Wednesday night we are flying to Phoenix where we are going to stay in Scottsdale for a night. I have to do some work for a couple hours in the morning and then we will drive up to Sedona on Thursday afternoon. One of our wineries is the wine sponsor for the Sedona Film Festival so we get to stay at a super nice resort for three nights, host a bunch of guests at dinners and get all access passes to the film festival. I have never been to Sedona but have been to Scottsdale and Tucson many times. I heard that Sedona, which the locals call "Red Rock Country", is breathtaking.

"gonna go pack my bags because we are leaving in 'two' nights"... I love Eddie Money even when I edit the lyrics.


Jennifer said...

Good gob. Can I be you for a week?? Or even a day??

My life is SO not glamorous and I just read a few of your posts...and you look like Melissa Joan Hart without the eye thingie!

I'm shocked you read my boring blog. :)

Lindz said...

I was just looking for tickets to Phoenix/Scottsdale for spring break, I am dying for some sun.

I went to Sedona last year in Jan, it was beautiful. Pack for all kinds of weather because I hear it isn't too warm right now.

Oh and have fun, drink lots of vino.

Christy said...

I hope you have a blast. I am a little jealous.