Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wrestle Mania- Puss vs. Lucy

WrestleMania broke out in our house several weeks ago involving our dog (Lucy) and our cat (Patty Pickles) who we usually call Puss. She likes to sneak attack Lucy. She hides behind chairs or around the corner of a room and waits until Lucy is right next to her and runs out and does a pat, pat, pat on Lucy's back legs. Puss never gets tired of sneak attacking. She does it to me and does it to hubbs all the time. She is so not sneaky because she has become so predictable. We expect to see her waiting for us around the corner. As soon as I run up the stairs, I know she will be right behind me trying to do the pat, pat, pat.

On the other hand, Lucy has been chasing Puss all over the place. It is a constant Tom & Jerry zone up in our house. I will be on the phone and have to put the phone down to break up the wrestling match which has broken out on my living room floor. They only play, Puss provokes Lucy and Lucy chases her. It is an equal match despite the size difference. I would say Lucy is like Andre the Giant and Puss more like a Hulk Hogan, although they were different sizes, it was always a good match (I have an older brother so needless to say I watched many episodes of Saturday morning WWF growing up, not to mention I was also caught up in a couple of headlocks which he liked to bust out when I was telling on him). Despite their constant chaos, they still love eachother.
Here are some pics of my crazies when they are not busting out WWF moves.


Jennifer said...

Awww. I love animals. I have 3 dogs and they are so much fun. They'd eat a cat, though. ha.

Lindz said...

Perfect! Our cat Charley is so snobby he bitch-slaps Rico everytime that he walks by and by bitch-slap, I mean he swats him hard repeatedly on both sides of the face. It entertains me beyond belief because the dog stays and stares in disbelief.