Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Point

Hey Guess what? I still haven't packed much. We have 5 days until we move... my excuse is that I have to wait until Hubbs is done doing structural stuff before I deliver goods. But I did buy a new refrigerator! And a washer and dryer! And new bedding! At least the appliances will be delivered and we don't have to pack those.

However, check out these shoes that I uncovered while sorting through things that I should probably be packing. They are super old Alfani kitten heel tweed shoes, I have worn them probably less than 5 times. I used to love Alfani shoes for being so comfortable, but somewhere a long the line they changed up their quality.  More newer Alfani's tare the most uncomfortable things my tootsies touch.

Wow, how the burnt orange carpet at work really goes nicely with the shoes, dontcha think?

I don't wear pointy toed shoes much anymore. Not sure why, maybe it is my love of peep and round toes?


Ramsey said...

These are gorgeous. Carrie Bradshaw would be proud!

Kristen said...

Pointy toes can be tough to wear, but I love the tweed pattern on those shoes!

Csilla Elam said...

WOW. Now I am not big fan of pinty shoes because my toes hurt, but they look ok.