Friday, October 17, 2008

I Got it at Ross!

We bought a new bed last weekend. No more squishing into a Queen size any longer, nope we will now be sleeping peacefully and comfortably in our new Euro King size bed. Anyhoo, with buying a new bed comes the buying of the new bedding. Feeling like a bargain shopper I set out to Ross where I found a mattress pad, down comforter and hotel collection sheet set for a grand total of $107.00! Then at Macy's I found a duvet cover on sale and seriously discounted for $30! Now I just need to find a bed skirt and some shams. Unfortunately, everything is available in Cal King, not Euro King so that has been making things a bit more difficult. Oh well, at least I am saving money!

Oh yeah, I have two weeks (2) until my due date. Cra-zeee!!!!


Marni's Organized Mess said...

How exciting. Isn't Euro King the same as Cal King? I mean, just the extra inches on the side right?

I don't actually know, but that's what I (stupidly?) assumed...?

Steph said...

Check my latest post, I awarded you.

GoteeMan said...

oh, I LOVE our ultra-plush euro pillowtop king.... I don't sleep that well anywhere else..
CONGRATS!, on that and on the award!

J/ (

Jiff said...

Yay!!! I love bargains! And I would LOOOOVE to have a king size bed. Queen size was just enough for me while prego. Now that I'm not prego anymore, hubby has rejoined me...and I kick, pull covers, etc. It's too hard!