Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Niece

My niece arrived on Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. Her name is Ava Elizabeth. It was just Sunday that hubbs was telling Lisa to get ready for the baby because she was coming soon! Sure enough, she came 12 days early. She is such a doll. Lisa was great during the labor and delivery. I visited her yesterday right when they were introducing my other niece Leah to her new little sister. It was soo freaking cute. All she wanted to do was to just hold her "new baby sister!".

Being pregnant with my sister in law was really fun. She is only 2 weeks ahead of me so knowing that she has already given birth brings the reality that labor for me is just around the corner. Seeing the baby that was just in her tummy and that we talked about and shared stories about for the past 9 months hit me very strong. I am so excited for our baby to get here.

Meanwhile, I have been attempting to pack our hospital bag while shopping for a curtain rod for the cute nursery window valance, stocking up on any last minute baby necessities, purchased some post partum "comfy clothes" and two nursing bras, and gotten a facial. Next on the list, clean out my car and install infant car seat, put together pack n' play, bouncer, and monitor, shelves on nursery wall and clean the bathrooms. I imagine I will be completely done with my "to do" by the end of this weekend which will mean I will be prepared if our little one wants to come early too!


Steph said...

Oh yay!!!! How exciting. I love little babies. Good thing I am having one of my own finally!! :) Wow, that really had to hit home that you are just around the corner. I just noticed your ticker saying 22 days left. That is so crazy. What an insane feeling that must me. I am giddy with excitement for you!!!! Sounds like you have things running pretty smooth and are organized. I am so happy for you!

Jeninacide said...

Ahh so exciting! Seriously! Having a baby is the best! It's not even traumatizing at ALL! I totally thought it would be (seeing as the only births I have ever seen were the ones with women screaming on TV and that one really gross one from health class in high school). Anyway- yay! You are so much less complainy than I was when I was 37 weeks pregnant! I was DYING!

Jiff said...

Yes, get it all done! I didn't have a hospital bag packed or anything...and Bayley came 7 weeks early!