Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Love the Smell of Dreft

Seriously, I do. At first it smelled weird to me, but now it smells so clean. Taking a look around the house here is where we stand...
Number of loads of laundry which need to be folded: 4
Height in feet of the dirty laundry in our closet: 3
Stacks of maternity clothes which need to be boxed up and put away: 5
Dishwasher waiting to be emptied: 1
Pounds of chili which needs to be eaten in the refrigerator or else I just wasted a crap load of food: 2
Number of dogs which need to be walked: 1
Thank you cards that are awaiting to be sent: 4
Christmas presents that are waiting to be put away: Too many to count
Number of garbage's to be emptied: 3
Bathrooms that need cleaning: 3
You get the picture. And in protest of doing anything house related we will be celebrating the New Year tonight with friends while I drink my first glass of bubbly in....well, about a year!

Happy New Year!


MarvelousMOM said...

Don't stress about all the needs to be done. It will be there tomorrow or the next day. However, today I was looking around at all my piles and wanted to cry!

I hope you had a great New Years!!!

Jiff said...

I've learned about laundry: it never ends, there is always a pile and always things to do around the house. So sometimes you have to just give the idea of a perfect house with no laundry, empty garbage cans, and the picture perfect house.

What you ARE doing very well and perfectly: is raising your sweet, beautiful daughter! :)