Thursday, December 18, 2008

Schedule Smedule

So everyone (mom's I know) have been asking me if Sonya is now on a schedule. She is barely 6 weeks old, is she supposed to be on a schedule? Anyhoo, from what I hear, apparently she is. She does have a pretty similar pattern/routine that she does each day, however it does vary. The biggest issue I am having for her is that she does not take lengthy naps during the day (at least an hour) when we are at home. She will only take long naps if I get her into the car seat carrier and go someplace. In that case she will sometimes sleep up to 4 hours!

I am reading the Baby Whisperer which has been recommended my many people. I think the premise is pretty reasonable but the no rocking before sleep and no eating before sleep rules are much tougher, especially when it seems like she will not calm down unless I rock or bounce her or feed her. I don't know. Today I have decided not to go anywhere just to see if I can start putting her down for actual nap times in her bassinet or crib. Hopefully I will be successful at least one time!

She does sleep through the night so I can't stress too much. Also, hubbs weighed her the other day. She is almost at 12 lbs.! Her 3 month sleepers are almost too short, I started buying 6 month clothes yesterday. What a little porker! I love her. Need to post pics but I can't figure out how to load photos from our new camera to the computer. Will have hubbs take care of that tonight!


MarvelousMOM said...

Sounds like things are going well. And if she is sleeping through the night like she is, maybe she doesn't need as much sleep during the day?? I don't know. I think you are doing great and I am so excited to see pictures of her.

Jiff said...

Bayley is the same way. She likes to be cozy, so I put her in her swing with blankets and that helps her sleep longer. If we go somewhere and she falls asleep in her carrier, I just bring it inside and let her sleep in it until she wakes up.

As for no rocking before sleep and no bottles, I break that rule. I've never read that book but I've heard of it. I guess I'm creating bad habits but I really don't care right now. It works for us and that's what I'm going with. :)

Good luck to you and I can't wait to see the pics!