Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Weekend

Since our last post Sonya has been much better about me putting her down for a nap throughout the day. She is a sleeper at night in her bassinet, it is during the day that she sometimes is only comfortable while snuggled on me. Which I do love.

She has been starting to smile, which is all gums and pudgy cheeks. I truly melt every time she does it. Every little coo, grunt and squeal I am soaking in because I know they grow so quickly!

This weekend we went out to a local Taqueria on Friday night with her and then went to a real restaurant on Sat night with a friend. She woke up and we fed her a bottle of pumped milk there. She was perfect. We even took her out to breakfast yesterday. We had lofty plans to walk around the lake but since it never got out of the 40's we decided it was probably not the best idea, even if she was super bundled up. Here are some pics from Thanksgiving, she was wearing her first dress!

On the couch digesting after the big meal.

My cousin's daughter and Sonya. Sonya's look says "Get me out of here!"

My cousin Amy, her daughter Anna, my mom and Sonya


Jiff said...

Sonya is just beautiful. Bayley would sleep most often if snuggled up to hubby or me. It must've been the body heat and heartbeat or something. I'm not sure. She was 7 weeks early so she must've wanted back in the womb. lol.

And the smiles are the BEST, aren't they? You look incredible!!

Steph said...

You look terrific!!!! Glad that naps are getting easier. Sonya sounds like a super easy baby.

Lainey-Paney said...

Kudos to you for getting OUT!

MarvelousMOM said...

Just thinking of you! Hope you and little Sonya are doing wonderful!