Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Long Does it Take to Decorate a Tree?

Yesterday was crazy. Sonya did not want to sleep at all. She would fall asleep after nursing and I would transfer her to either her crib, the bouncer, the swing or pack n'play and within two minutes she woke up. Each time she fell asleep I raced into the living room to try and put up at least a couple more ornaments on our tree. At this rate the tree might be finished by Christmas (actually I finished it last night, two days after getting it).

She loves to sleep on me or the hubbs. Last night Hubbs busted out the Baby Bjorn which she loved. He folded laundry as she just chilled in the little seat.

Today we are going to Target to do some Christmas shopping and spend money on the usual things. I also will be picking up our holiday photo cards. They are adorable. It is a picture of three of us on Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it already feels like it was ages ago. I ate as much as a horse with the excuse I am burning 500 extra calories due to breast feeding. Either way, that second piece of apple pie which I opted not to endulge in, probably would of been a bad idea. We visited both of our families that day. Always a bit crazy when we try to do that. Next year we are going to one or the other.

I have not read my regular blogs in ages. Still learning how to multi-task with a newborn. Did I mention I love being a mommy? I love being with our little pumpkin. She is the apple of our eyes!


Steph said...

I can't wait to experience juggling an infant along with everything else that needs to be done. Sounds like you are doing a great job of it all. I would love to see the picture you got for the cards. I bet its adorable.

Jiff said...

Bayley loved to sleep on our chests, too. Docs say to NEVER sleep with your baby, because you could roll over and crush her... but with a newborn who wants to sleep on you, and you haven't had ANY sleep... you finally just do it and let them sleep on your chest with you in the middle of the bed. I woke up every time she moved, and not once did I fall so hard asleep that I smothered her. So do what's best for YOU.

Um... maybe you didn't ask that? Heh. Could be that my household is sick and I can't think straight.

Yes, juggling normal stuff with a newborn is an art. Sounds like you are getting the hang of it just fine. :)

Post more pics!!

Mojavi said...

i am an ap momma. anyhoo... try a mai tie... kena loves it. we co-sleep and breastfeed and well i am not sleep deprived and kena never cries at night, during the day i wear her in the mai tie

Christy said...

I think all newborns go through the "in arms" phase, where they want to constantly be touching you. Savor it while you can!

Lainey-Paney said...

oh, multi-tasking with a newborn is so hard.
Getting Gage to sleep alone was not too bad for us, it was the getting him used to not being held for every waking moment was hard.

bouncy seat & swing saved our lives!

just remember, if she's not too hot or too cold, not dirty/wet, and not hungry---she's okay to cry for a few minutes. it doesn't make you a bad mom if she cries & learns to soothe herself for a few minutes througout the day. don't lose your mind trying to keep her happy!
(I know, easier said than done...I just want you to know that gal, I've been there!)