Friday, February 12, 2010

A Rekindled Love Affair

When I was 24 I began a love affair. For the last (almost four years!) this affair as been off an on. But the passion has always been present. There has been the typical lust, excitement, newness, change, disagreements and obsession through the course of the relationship. Unlike many fleeting affairs, this affair has stood the test of time. And the Hubbs is okay with it.

It started back when I was naïve at 24. I was taken advantage of by the smell, the emotion, the freeness that is…. New York. Yup. My affair is with a city, not a man.

This past weekend, I introduced my hubby to my secret. He finally understood what I have been feeling these past four years. He got why certain songs make may bring me to tears: “New York, New York”, “Empire State of Mind”, and “Glamorous”. He recognized why I must watch movies such as “Ghostbusters”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “BIG” and “Home Alone 2” over and over again.

He gets it. For when I am New York I experience utter awe. I love the energy on the streets, how life is so much different than where I live. There are so many options on things to do and places to see. However, I run into some guilt (as with most affairs) over the money I spend shopping, or sometimes I feel guilty over the things I was not able to get to in time. Business brought me back to my Secret Lover on Saturday. It just so happened that business brought the Hubbs there too so we made it a mini-vacation. Miss S stayed with my parents and we were off. The weather was clear and freezing with an intense windchill. I made the mistake of not having a hat the first night as we wandered around Times Square. The next day I spend too much money at the street vendors for ear muffs, gloves and school boy sweater hats. But they so made the difference.

It was great to be reacquainted with my lover again. We picked up right where we left off and I am already planning our next meet up.

Anyone else have secret obsessions?