Saturday, November 28, 2009

Full of Thanks

It's post Thanksgiving. The turkey coma has worn off, I have caught up on some zzz's and that slight Prosseco buzz is fading. But it is still the holiday weekend, thus not too late for my reasons that I am thankful this year.
-My little unit of Miss S and Hubbs. We are doing mighty fine if you ask me. If there were Four Legged Races, we would win! Hubbs and I are a total team and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our Miss S is the apple of our eye. We are such proud parents, its insane.
-My mom. Because she's my best friend (after Hubbs). She gives it to me straight, is always there for me when I am happy or sad and is the worlds greatest grandma to Miss S. Seriously, without her, I would be one lost mom.
-The rest of my family. They are all great too.
-My dog and cat. Because they give us just enough grief (late night puke fests, endless gas, expensive vet bills) to keep things interesting around this joint.
-Our house, it's cozy and I like it.
-My CHI flat iron. It takes me from cowlick crazy lady to smooth operator in 10 minutes flat.
-My job. Seriously, it might give me a headache a lot, majority of the time I enjoy it and the people in it.
-Mad Men. Before I met Don Draper and Roger Sterling, I was a lifeless wallflower and roses did not smell right. Now I am a changed woman. The life of the party, am known to toss back scotch on the rocks whenever I shall please, have great fashion sense and a knack for one-liners (Okay, not all of those things are true).
Aight fools, off to sit my ass on the couch and eat some chips.

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Jill said...

I had to check this blog out because my sister told me that there was swearing on it