Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I Never Realized I Can Do Onehanded….

…While carrying a 25 lb. 1 year old

1) Empty the dishwasher
2) Feed the dog
3) Feed the cat
4) Make my bed
5) Cook dinner
6) Eat dinner
7) Make a pot of coffee
8) Make cup of coffee
9) Put my jacket on
10) Put my shoes on
11) Type an e-mail
12) Look for the cat under the bed
13) Bring cat in from outside after she escapes
14) Open a bottle of wine
15) Start a load of laundry
16) Bring in groceries from the car

Really, I don’t hold her THAT much, but of course there are just times where you have to multi task. She would rather be walking instead of be held (most the time). She actually has become quite the cuddler these days. Which I am ELATED about, I might add.

Last weekend Miss S starting patting her ear. I shrugged it off as more freaking teeth coming in (there are) since for the most part she was in an okay mood. On Monday morning she was super fussy with no fever and the same with that night. Tuesday morning, fussy again but over the top fussy with no fever. I took her to daycare and drove to work with a feeling in my gut that she had an ear infection, despite her lack of fever. Got her in that evening with the doctor. She had a 102 temp and ear infection. She has been on some antibiotics and keeping her on the Tylenol when needed and she is getting better very slowly. Of course this all went down while Hubbs’ was away on a short business trip. Last week was stressful, to say the least.

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Just Jiff said...

I'm right there with ya on this one.

Hope Miss S is feeling better. We just finished a round of antibiotics for a double ear infection. Bleh.