Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not Enough Minutes in the Day!

Why is the Christmas season so short? We try to cram in so many things in such a little time frame. It is crazy that we put so many things on ourselves. This year is stressful. At least two nights a week I am going out shopping. I made the mistake of window shopping first to see what I wanted to buy people thinking I would go back and buy the items whe the prices were lower. Now that plan is totally backfiring as I am only 50% done with my shopping and merely a week before Christmas. I don’t really know when I will be finished. Maybe this weekend? But then I will have to compete with all the other assholes like myself who procrastinated.

Last night I witnessed a teenager get busted for shop lifting as he tried to exit Macys. At first I was all “yeah, get that punk!”, then I got all soft and figured he was shoplifting to give it as a gift since times are tough and maybe he didn’t have the money but really wanted his younger brother to have that perfect present. Probably not, but now that I am a mom at times I get soft over things that I wouldn’t normally be. Or there are times that I get way pissed over something whereas before it wouldn’t bother me. Like people opening the door for you. It is amazing to me when people don’t open a door for you when you are pushing a stroller and trying to maneuver you and an odd shaped stroller in as well. Just mind boggling.

I haven’t done any baking or watched a Christmas movie from beginning to end. I have participated in heavy amounts of eating, with all kinds of belly aches to go along with them. I have been able to frequent a couple holiday parties. But you can only go to so many of those before being burned out.

This weekend all I want to do is keep it low key, go see Christmas lights, watch some movies and maybe make a batch of cookies.

Oh, and none of my presents are wrapped. And the best thing so far this season is that our stupid cat has decided our new expensive area rug is her new clawing area. I have sprayed this vinegar/lemon juice smelling stuff all over it and she doesn’t care. Hubbs is threatening to give her away (he won’t, but he still kidds). It’s stressing me out. Does anyone have solutions for getting a cat to stop scratching something it shouldn’t?

But hey, our Christmas tree still looks darn good!
Ahhh…the holidays.


Multi-tasking Mama said...

I am in the same boat. I WILL watch Love Actually and bake cookies this weekend.

Just Jiff said...

I've been baking at least once a week just for fun. Gifts are purchased and wrapped except for a select few.

I've skipped all holiday parties except for my family ones.

As for wrapping for your daughter, just slap bows on most things and put it under the tree. She's not going to care if it's wrapped or not. I'd wrap just a few to let her unwrap but I made the mistake last year of wrapping EVERYTHING and it took me hours to wrap...then I had to unwrap it myself. She played with the paper. Sigh.

I think I'm a communist, but I don't care for Christmas movies. lol.