Monday, December 7, 2009

The Time of My Life

We have just entered a new phase with Sonya. Now that she is walking I feel like I have a little sidekick. We are a little duo the two of us. She follows me around. I look for her, she looks for me. It really clicked for me the other day when I was getting ready in the morning. Hubbs was “watching” her in the office and she walked right into our bedroom and was watching me getting ready. I turned around to get something and there she was! I love the sound of her feet as they go pitter patter through the house. Hide n’ seek has never been more fun for me. I am realizing how much fun this age is. She keeps me on my feet, always getting into things, constantly exploring what is in that cabinet or around that bend. But then, she will come to a rest and lay her head on us to rest for a second. I never thought she would ever get to be a cuddler. And now, with the flip of a switch, she snuggles. And I love it.

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Jeninacide said...

Just wait until you start having conversations with her! It's sooo fun! Cole is totally my little BFF.