Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hurry Up Day....

Been up since 7 going non-stop. Prepping two lasagnes, making spinach dip, baking cookies, etc. All the while, the Hubbs is "Sick" i.e. has a cold and little Miss S has been ultra cranky. I have been non-stop getting ready for the in-laws tonight. Things we (I) still need to do:

1) Set table
2) Get drinks chilled and organized
3) Get appetizers ready
4) Vacuum
5) Clean kitchen
5) Sweep/swiffer
6) Take shower
7) Fold Laundry
8) Manage to veg on the couch for 5 minutes before I put on my best "hostess with the mostess" attitude.

I love Christmas, but hosting really makes things stressful. Good thing we will be at my parents house tomorrow. I couldn't entertain again. I think I am too much of a rookie, or something. At least my presents are all wrapped, darnit.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and I hope Santa is good to everyone.